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Name: Download E05 Endurance
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Nadeo
Version: 13-Apr-2008
TMX id: 2455
LB Rating: Nadeo Leaderboard Track 10,000
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
53:58.29   eSuba.tween+ 0:00.0010,000
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
54:00.47   Wave.Ðemon+ 0:02.189,959
54:11.98   Saw`Cap+ 0:13.699,746
54:17.80   Sativa+ 0:19.519,638
54:24.44   »RtA«Blizz+ 0:26.159,515
54:31.61   JaV+ 0:33.329,382
54:41.45   Panda!+ 0:43.169,200
54:44.88   Koopa+ 0:46.599,136
54:45.46   »RtA«mc.joey²+ 0:47.179,126
54:47.62   Flyps+ 0:49.339,086
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
LB The replay is contributing to the user's leaderboard standing.
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Author Comments

Nadeo's E05 Endurance

User Comments
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  JaV 06-May-2013
53.45?! wuuut?
or are you talking about one lap?
  darky. 06-May-2013
I broke down tween's replay into this, not sure if it's really interesting but it took some time so I'm posting it

First Lap: 57.93
Best Lap: 53.57 (lap 2)
Worst Lap: 55.59 (lap 60)
Average: 53.971
Laps > 55 : 3
Laps 54-54.99 : 7
Laps 53.80-53.99 : 22
Laps < 53.80 : 28

edit: did it for Demon too:
First Lap: 57.61
Best Lap: 53.61 (lap 5)
Worst Lap: 55.65 (lap 11)
Average: 54.008
Laps > 55 : 3
Laps 54-54.99 : 10
Laps 53.80-53.99 : 35
Laps < 53.80 : 12
  Steingrim 06-May-2013
Without the first lap, the average is 53.90. Without the last lap (crash), it is 53.87

  JaV 06-May-2013
cool, thx darky, thats interesting
  crankshaft 07-May-2013
thank you very much darky!
  Wave.Ðemon 07-May-2013
nice stats
  eSuba.tween 07-May-2013
wow, massively interesting stats indeed. I'm quite surprised by the number of <53,80 laps in that run.
Also, my best lap ever is 53,31. There is no way I'm ever gonna get close to that time
  Saw`Cap 07-May-2013
The second part was so hard for me^^
I can drive this world record but without fail in the 40 first lap at least because after one mistake of only one second I lost my concentration
  darky. 07-May-2013
Glad you liked that As a bonus, Cap's stats (I won't do anymore now unless there's a new wr maybe)

First Lap: 57.86
Best Lap: 53.76 (lap 6)
Worst Lap: 55.97 (lap 42)
Average: 54.200
Laps > 55 : 3
Laps 54-54.99 : 30
Laps 53.80-53.99 : 25
Laps < 53.80 : 2
  Saw`Cap 08-May-2013
Thank you Darky
xD, I've played it in * mod
So bad times xDD. Without his times it's hard to have a high rythm, I'll try it tomorrow without * mod
  newera. Peter 15-Jun-2013
  Kristján 17-Jun-2013
no questions asked
for me this is the best track ever made by nadeo
100 awards for this beast are more than deserved
  Jakub Krcma 14-Aug-2013
Excellent work - both the WR setter and Darky!
  ¬Lubømir 12-Nov-2013
Hardly,but nice music Doo.He maked a track.60 laps,Really long...
  R4aI|rodeo 28-Feb-2014
Who made this music
Really hats off to him. this music seems like we are going to hell
  |PT| CakeyFA 01-Mar-2014
hell must be really relaxing then
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User Awards
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User Award   »RtA«Blizz 11-Aug-2011
User Award   Stheblindd 21-Aug-2011
54 min of race
I Love map
User Award   j@ff@c£k$i 28-Aug-2011
I finally got this track unlocked, and i was stunned about SIXTY LAPS, but what made it feel great is how it has that "end boss" style. That epic music, that expert ghost, that long track. All in one, and one hell of a race.

Award for that, Nadeo
User Award   Katarina 18-Oct-2011
Long but very funny
User Award   Luca il magnifico 21-Oct-2011
User Award   Maccron 11-Feb-2012
User Award   »RtA«Katic 16-Mar-2012
User Award   nationsunited 07-Apr-2012
FANTASTIC Track This.Thanks Nadeo.
User Award   HaoZ 10-Jul-2012
User Award   [DFF]Tatu 28-Oct-2012
User Award   ChadoX 07-Nov-2012
54 minutes of race
User Award   CrashDay 16-Nov-2012
Fantastic. A track that lasts an hour. Only you, the ghost of Nadeo and your fingers. Total immersion in this awesome game <3

User Award   BlueRay 19-Mar-2013
i remember i crashed once in lap 59
User Award   Pato7forever! 20-Mar-2013
Fantastic I've not other words
User Award   Panos 06-Sep-2013
Great Job Nadeo!
User Award   alx.vap! 03-Jan-2014
Very nice track, but sure, it's hard, too xD. My time is 59:11.20, i'm not such a pro like tween or demon^^. But the music is also excellent . Just play this track with music turned maximum up, it's EPIC :DDD
User Award   ThunderShock! 03-Jan-2014
It deserves more awards! It's the best nadeo's track
User Award   mic95 06-Jan-2014

55:31:76 for me on my 1st official go... must say It the ultimate test of endurance, nice for hunting under 55mins but that 53 + 54.low... sic times
User Award   R4aI|rodeo 28-Feb-2014
User Award   lapoueze 16-May-2014
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