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Name: Download Blind Faith
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   jstc
Version: 21-Mar-2011
TMX id: 3736816
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 86,493
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:41.43   AR »Down.+ 0:00.0086,493
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0:41.66   pascow.esu+ 0:00.2383,612
0:41.69   AR »Rockz.+ 0:00.2683,236
0:41.71   eSU.shox+ 0:00.2882,985
0:41.73   canje|off+ 0:00.3082,735
0:41.74   AR »Liszt.+ 0:00.3182,610
0:41.76   MaC « psycho+ 0:00.3382,359
0:41.79   Precario.esu+ 0:00.3681,984
0:41.83   Kumpel | gone+ 0:00.4081,483
0:41.84   eckmeck+ 0:00.4181,357
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Author Comments

21st March 2011 - TMNF - TMX - Germany

Again A New Release From justice !

Blind Faith :

A pretty strong expression imo. What do you expect from these 2 words? Honesty? Love? Is it based on reciprocity? I don't know. I just know that i can trust my friends. Friends are people you need in life otherwise you cant do any progresses. well thats enough talking, lets get to the real Stuff. The Reason why ive chosen that name is pretty simple. I like Chase & Status, and i do like their song Blind Faith, and thats the Reason, why this map is called like that song. !

Details :

Totally Different to my other maps. Got some Weird but well flowing and smooth Transitions in it. More Dirt-Parts than you usually expect in a Fullspeeder, and ye. Just not the normal jstc style. With a length of about 42 Seconds you got some walls loops stickys drops and jumps. So everything is in here. MT is also kept quite simple. simple colors, simple cams, simple text effects, since i didn't want to do anything extraordinary.
Ehm yep, thats quite it about the Details so...

Special Thanks

Again i got one certain guy, who does the Screen for the big projects i make. it is   Psymax. He is the Perfect Guy for that. im just into his work. i really appreciate that you took your time to do that for me. Next Thanks goes to all of my BetaTesters, and ye, thats quite a lot : Tha-Gun , Skyline [Jordy] , _-Spooky-_ , Didi|R4a , psycho_devil // Mà©« , W!cked.xT , ANE.Emil , eSU|Mattnac. , V.neck , >pascow.'P.H.C« , Mastermind , Pat , Fly.Bubble' , ND.shox <3 , armi111 , Guik'Zz , Roomie¬ . Thats it. That's all about my Special Thanks, now i just need the showcase for those guys.


» iN.ceNtive. by   Psymax

Hunting Affect #1 by   pascow.esu

256³ - escape the fog by   eSU.shox

Now Guys, Thats it. Again i wanna thank you in advance for all the feedback / already gotten feedback (;
GrtZ jstc <3

User Comments
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  JoFo. 22-Mar-2011
ok, the first drop blows, 1 of 10 times i get it "good". with a bad start you have no chance getting a good time here, and when you finally get a good start, the last jump ruins the run instead.

happy now?
  jstc 22-Mar-2011
happy now (;
  JakeRay 22-Mar-2011
That name
Had in mind of using it for one of my future projects, but seems like you got there first
  Flyps 22-Mar-2011
Originally posted by SapphiroN ...
I prefer Dream Theater's Blind Faith.

+1 =)
  ZoggeR|'P.H.C« 23-Mar-2011
Psymax was the first one who came up with that dirt-road transition, just for your information
  jstc 23-Mar-2011
+1 zogger x)
  eSU.shox 24-Mar-2011
and i was the second one with the transition!
  jstc 24-Mar-2011
insane ! and im lucky #3
  Zenit 24-Mar-2011
ok then i want to delete my award! lol no psymax my good
  .Buddha 24-Mar-2011
dislike the end very much... actually my pb is 42.11 and i got so much -0.15-0.30 cps after that big jump and then... drifted and fucked up... nanana... but up to there it's great^^
  AR »Down. 26-Mar-2011
Ok i tried to do the end non-fs, and i did .43 on my 1st try...
.2x is possible like that, and if u are somehow able to do the end fs, .1x might be possible too
  jstc 26-Mar-2011
i built a map, which is non fs faster oO
god i am noob oO
  Psymax 27-Mar-2011
Originally posted by Mr. Zogger ...
Psymax was the first one who came up with that dirt-road transition, just for your information

Thanks for referring to me and the track in which i used the transition is also used as showcase here
And I also knew that a transition like that would be used from some other authors because it's an elegant way to get from dirt to road
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User Awards
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User Award   kibbi 22-Mar-2011
this is retardedly awesome.... KEEP IT UP, I want more justice in this world. (get it?(korny....))
User Award   Zenit 22-Mar-2011
nice track ...

BUT !!! WTF I TRIED SO MUCH TO DO A 1:1 dirt road transition ... but your idea WTF !!!! NO WORDS genius! i only award this track cuz i really love the idea <3 wo.ot thx ... !

User Award   Flyps 22-Mar-2011
cool ideas/transitions and great smoothness
User Award   Raffi 22-Mar-2011
i n s a n e

User Award   v.neck 24-Mar-2011
finally you released this one,
love; but no love for the scenery this time ..
User Award   °°Dino°° 25-Mar-2011
Hooooooly shiiiiit was was that
Really, at first i hated the last big jump,
but after a while it was nice.
I hunted this for 45 minutes or so,
and each part is so challenging, and there are
some little blockmixes i havent seen before

Perfect flow atleast until the big jump,
and this is the first hard track where i managed to speedslide,
it just happened and i was shocked how fast you can get

User Award   AR »Down. 26-Mar-2011
Bad end but still worth this
User Award   armi111 26-Mar-2011
its pretty awesome!!
User Award   The Chosen One 26-Mar-2011

Amazing track! This is now the second best fullspeed ever!!!!!!!! (in my opinion , btw my fav is "Hands of eternity")

This track deserves a lot more awards tbh

User Award   gexo 26-Mar-2011
Good one xD
User Award   PN`Qwerty 27-Mar-2011

More words will follow
I'm going to sleep now
User Award   Psymax 27-Mar-2011
damn i'm sorry m8...
i really forgot to award this track, because i'm quite not very active here..

but this is really awesome!
thought it was very hard for me, it was fun to drive it!

User Award   [WRT] gibs :P 27-Mar-2011
User Award   Joko|R4a 28-Mar-2011
User Award   noobtuber | less active 10-Jul-2011
really nice hunter

Well done .: :.
User Award   uetzer|R4a 19-Feb-2013
very cool map!
User Award   .nixx - adios tmx 15-Jun-2013
User Award   hw .One <~ 08-Feb-2014
User Award   AR »Liszt. 26-Nov-2014
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