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Welcome to passion AccOunt page.

Information about me :

Age : I am almost 22 years old.
Country : I live in israel all my life.
City : Netanya or Natanya you think how to understand.
Share Language : Hebraw & English, Other's maybe a bit.


The Important achieve in my life is DIGNITY (Honor) its my only rule to understand and respect people I really care about, the people who used to bother is a very annoying Person, I Mean in one word Excavation, I don't like this attitude at all period.

Lovely Pepole :

Its really have been passed alot of time since my best friends here were leaving, but they still in my heart and i can still remember them untill today, to the people who i really love and remember them...

Benbe : Buddy for your lovely friendship you will be always number one in my heart. I love you my friend and i will never forget you neverrr, I miss you alot and I wish one day you will get back to TMNF-X because I can't without you.

Kappa : Also you gone away from TMNF-X And i don't know why you did it, I remember when you and me started to make tracks here in tmx, Until today i think about you and i can't get you out of my head, plz comeback i can't regret if yo leave tmx because of you or not, plz I need you comeback to us and for me, you'r so missing here.

Snicker : My buddy your so missing to me and you left tmx because of any bad news or you just can't play anymore, I really miss you my friend and i can't without you plz comeback here I miss you very much your so deficient here, tmx isn't worth without you.

Pedro : I Don't what to do another one of my best friends were leaving for some reason's you can't explain before you leave or you can't tell me, I really miss you my friend and i can't without you, you'r missing for me so much and i will be very happy if you'l comeback cause i just can't withouttt you.

Favorite Tracks :

"[FS] » creative m!nd.." : My Best Fullspeed track that i love very much.
"'XanaDu.«" : This one is Goddness, Beautiful one, thx to DN.
[bad track link] : Your tracks are so beautiful Snicker i miss you so much.
"White Bullet" : This one is so coool, ESL Is your legendery building style Miss you.
". For PasSioN ~" : I Don't know what to say this was the biggest surprise in my life here.
"2 Years With You!" : Your track has pleased me, I miss you already for 2 years my friend.

My Best Tracks :

"Pain in my heart" : My Best track in the world with 73 's so far, thx all.
"[FS] » creative m!nd.." : My Best Fullspeed track with alot of creative parts, Underrated.
"eXigHen" : One of my best fullspeed tracks with high activity awarding with 44 's
"DecemBer" : My Best month track for all of the year until now, it's the best i have ever made
"«Min! Morn!ngº3" : This is my best mini from all the Morning mini tracks, the Third with 34

Favorite Authors :


Thanks For reading everything...

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