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TMNF Servers closed for four days23-May-2018
Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
Nadeo just announced it, TMNF online servers will be down from Thursday 24th (tomorrow) to May 28th, certainly for maintenance reasons. So don't be worried if you can't connect to the game during that time. In the meantime, they encourage TMF players to try out TM2 with a "special operation". In any cases, TMX websites will still be opened, so don't hesitate to discuss in our Forums or Discord server

Originally posted by Cerovan ...
Hello everyone,

This weekend we are doing a special operation to make you discover Maniaplanet, Trackmania² titles and players’ creations.

From Thursday May 24th to Monday evening May 28th (6PM CET), Trackmania Nations Forever online servers will be closed. We are very sorry for the inconvenience, yet we hope you’ll take this as an opportunity to discover Trackmania² games and the great content created by players and creators.

Feel free to join the Trackmania Channel, invite your friends and try the really fun experiences created by the Maniaplanet community. Of course all titles are accessible from the Channel without any time limit (and no freezone!), so enjoy it when you want as long as you want and don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us!

Join us, have fun, laugh a lot and burn the tires o/

Looking for volunteers in judging22-May-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 


I am also currently looking for 3 judges for the MTC April.

If you would like to volunteer for help in the MTC please PM me @  apX.Magik :3

Thank you!
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BALU LOL ( 20 )  GADERONLOL30s     
Benson  eda..1988Tech15s     
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worthless map #018  VelociraptorczLOL45s        
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Crapmap 6  ramasenNormal15s 1    
DTC7 - Scr!bbles.  Trex.MagikFullSpeed1m 1
DTC7 - Losing You.  DisGo_MaGiKSpeedTech1m 2
Per aspera ad astra!  FixedRPGLong 8    
lolsport G116  lolsportLOL15s 1    
[RPG] Roman Legion...  lasseeeRPGLong 4    
DTC7 - To Hell and...  Mastermind & D...FullSpeed45s 6
NotSoHard #23  Sax ShadowLOL15s 1
[MTC]Origami  grobecFullSpeed45s 16
.mtc.memenamenotfu...  Transcendentny...FullSpeed45s 11    
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DTC7 - Suffocation  meNtality ft. ...FullSpeed1m 13
DTC7 - Sysma  shadOw-sir_bOffroad1m 15s 13
DTC7 Ghost riders ...  Ctd_grobecOffroad1m 45s 10
on the bridge  elaus43LOL15s 7
DTC7 - To Hell and...  Mastermind & D...FullSpeed45s 6
Mad brain  !k7Offroad45s 5
Nakt  grobecOffroad1m 15s 5
DTC7 - Late Night  Arien & RonneyTech1m 4
Hoofdpijn  elaus43Offroad30s 3
Life Roads  elaus43Normal30s 3
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