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Team Announcement18-Jul-2016
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
  uetzer|R4a is the newest addition to your beloved -crew! Welcome At the same time we say goodbye to two other moderators:   peteypablo7 and   Bucky. Earlier this month   eyebo already stepped down from his positions. All three of them shaped TMX over the years, Peteypablo as a site leader here on TMNF-X, eyebo as the site leader of TMUF-X and Bucky also helped developing Mania Exchange. Due to inactivity and other focuses in life, it is time to wish them farewell. Thanks for the time and passion you put into our community in all these years.
Individual Building Challenge III15-Jul-2016
Posted By:   Sparco 
The concept of this competition is to give every participant a different individual challenge and you don't know the conditions when you sign up for building a track. 2 challenges you will be proposed, just pick the one you prefer. You can even have your own building challenge by asking on the forum. More informations HERE
Deadline: 10th of August
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MTC Winner's Choice!11-Jul-2016
  Ocean Grave!Author :   meNtality
Record 0:37.84  by   Life.Ayato 11
  meNtality won last months MTC and he is using this opportunity to promote one of his tracks. That guy just came back this March from a 5-year-break, so show him some love and test his first creation after his comeback.
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10 Newest Tracks
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
[RPG] Black Widow  ZYLAGONRPGLong        
Shop at Anime Castle  belleepoqueNormal1m 30s        
Niee! Na lewo!  danvv1LOL15s        
BatMan///  eda..1988Normal15s        
?U? ?F S??D?U?[256³]  kostarasMaze1m 30s     
tRØLL.05  zuluLOL15s        
»» Pika's Hideout ««  pwetty_lassLaps1m 15s        
#102 Hard lol  XxPr.ManicxXLOL15s        
Estrafalaria tecnic  pepe_ruizLOL15s     
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10 Latest Awards
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
Meanwhile in Antar...  CvRkTech45s 2   
Together Alone  wormiOffroad45s 15
ArtOfTheForger[RPG]  popgunRPGLong 17
Creepy  MkayNormal45s 25
Bamboo  malaoNormal30s 25
Shatter  vgrTech45s 25
Boneless  FrostyFreezeNormal45s 25
Melody!  .Henk«Tech30s 25
[PL] I am Czech  _JannPressForward30s 8
MTC - The Vibe  Sky.esuSpeedTech45s 30
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Best Of The Week
Track NameAuthorStyleLengthAw.Etc
MTC - The Vibe  Sky.esuSpeedTech45s 30
M t c ¬ C l o u d ...  apX.Magik :3 #...FullSpeed45s 18
Together Alone  wormiOffroad45s 15
[PR] Pleasant Run  Sparco 2PressForward1m 12
Somewhere over the...  Uetzer & SparcoSpeedTech1m 12
summertime sadness...  meNtalityFullSpeed45s 9
un peu de la musiq...  NOT RaµLTech30s 8
Green shock  Ili (Sam)FullSpeed45s 8
[Trial] 6 Years La...  zuluTrialLong 7
...grrr...  !k7Offroad30s 7
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