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MTC October - Public vote!08-Nov-2019
Posted By:   FT»eyebo 
We're trying out a public voting system for the Monthly Track Contest. We'd love to hear from you! Check this post for more info about voting in the October edition. Deadline is Sunday November 17th.
Stay updated with the TrackMania Report!26-Aug-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Hello TMNF-Community!

If you want to know what is going on in the world of TrackMania every week, you should make sure to follow the recently introduced TrackMania Report. Every week, a pdf-document is being shared that provides you with all the information necessary to follow the community and the game.

You can read it here:
ARC 2019 - Final Results11-Apr-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
ARC 2019 - Final Results

It has been almost three months since I announced the return of the AllRound Champion, and today this competition found its worthy winner! The final participants battled themselves through four elimination rounds before facing the best amongst one another in the final round of the competition. But in the end, one driver stood above everyone else! It was:

1. Place - KarjeN - 354 Points

2. Place - Mudda - 346 Points

3. Place - Marius89 - 344 Points

You can see the full results here.
ARC Final27-Mar-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
________The ARC Final is here! ________

You can find the maps here or right below:

"ARC2019 - FS"
"ARC2019 - wormi [T]"
"ARC2019 - Sky [RPG]"
"ARC2019 - igezo [ST]"
"ARC2019 - grobec [D]"
"ARC2019 - Agent [MFS]"

You can hunt the maps offline or online, on the official ARC 2019 server, hosted by jumper: tmtp://#join=arc_2019
ARC Round 410-Mar-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Round 3 of the ARC ended with excitingly close results:

1. PLACE Harry - 348 points
2. Place KarjeN - 345 points
3. Place Mudda - 344 points

That means that the competition is down to 20 players that now fight for a place in the prestigious Top 10 in Round 4. The deadline for that round is the 23rd of March, 23:59 GMT. More info here.

New Maps:

"ARC2019 - wormi [D]"
"ARC2019 - Dule [FS]"
"ARC2019 - adrijk [RPG]"
"ARC2019 - Sky [ST]"
"ARC2019 - Switch [MFS]"
"ARC2019 - Wally [T]"

Duo Track Contest #822-Feb-2019
Posted By:   shortz.esu 

Do you want to creat some cool duo tracks and win some coppers? Find yourself a partner and show us some new creative tracks! For more information just follow me here.

ARC 2019 Update11-Feb-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
The first round of the ARC ended with racehans taking the top position of the first step:

racehans - 335 pts
Mudda - 323 pts
KarjeN - 315 pts

You can find the full ranking here

Also, round 2 started! Check it out here.

The deadline to submit replays is Saturday, 23rd of February, 23:59 GMT.
TMX PlayPal Online06-Feb-2019
Posted By:   FT»eyebo 

We're happy to announce that PlayPal Online servers for both United and Nations Forever are back up and running! Find out more about PlayPal Online service here or just join the server!

ARC 2019 - Round 126-Jan-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
________ The first round of the ARC is live! ________

You can find the maps here

You can hunt the maps offline or online, on the official ARC 2019 server, hosted by jumper: tmtp://#join=arc_2019

If you did not register yet, do not forget to do so here.


I created a discord server for all the important information on the competition, join it here:

Good luck to everyone and have fun hunting!
TMX User Choice Awards 201815-Jan-2019
Posted By:   shortz.esu 
TMX User Choice Award are now live!

Nominees have been selected, now its your turn to vote for your favourites right here.
ARC 2019 - Registrations are open!13-Jan-2019
Posted By:   Sky.esu 

The registrations for the ARC 2019 are open! Register in the forums and be part of the drivers that fight for the title Allround Champion 2019

Let's Go, TMX!
MTC January 201902-Jan-2019
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 
Happy New Year!

2019 has finally started, and what a better way to start it other than to build a map - Fancy a challenge?

Check out the newest edition of the Monthly Track Contest here.
TMX User Choice Awards 201829-Dec-2018
Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
The official TMX User Choice Award is back for a new edition

The nomination phase is beginning now! Make sure to vote for your favourites before Sunday, 13th of January 2019.

Little reminder for those who still don't know what's the UCA, it's the moment where you can honor the work of the best, most beautiful, awesome and lovely users of the community. To nominate your favorite users in the different categories click on the following link: HERE
The TMX ARC is back! - Mapsearch09-Dec-2018
Posted By:   Sky.esu 

The TMX AllRound Competition goes into a new round in early 2019

We are looking for maps!

Who will make it this year? Will racehans be able to keep his title? Will Mudda or Marius89 return? And what about the likes of wally, Switch or Ghost?

Submission Deadline for maps is the 15th of January. Afterwards driver registrations will open

Let's Go !
Christmas Calendar Project '1801-Dec-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 


I hope you're ready because the CHRISTMAS CALENDAR PROJECT is now underway!

From behalf of the TMX crew,
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

TM turns 15!23-Nov-2018
Posted By:   FT»eyebo 

A very happy 15th TM anniversary to everyone!!!
Thanks for all the years of cool and crazy creations and for making what it is!
You're the best!

Christmas Calendar Project '1811-Nov-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 
Hello !

This year's edition of the Christmas Calendar Project is going to be hosted by me! If you would like a spot in our beautiful tradition, see the link above, it will lead you to the original post so that you can sign up and be part of something big this christmas

All spots taken, the CCP will start soon!
Christmas Calendar Project09-Nov-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 
I would like you all to take a Strawpoll for christmas calendar project, i'm able to host the CCP but i need to know how many of you would participate. If you would participate, just leave "yes" as the answer in the strawpoll.
MTC November is out!03-Nov-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 

You can see the newest edition of the MTC HERE.

I am looking for 1 more judge to help me out with MTC October as I can't judge the maps anymore due to laptop issues. If you want to volunteer as a judge, send me a PM @  apX.Magik :3.
MTC August and September Results!25-Oct-2018
Posted By:   apX.Magik :3 
Better late than never? MTC August and MTC September results are out now!

Click here for MTC August.

Click here for MTC September.

Congrats to the winners and a big thanks to the judges!
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