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Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
The Christmas Calendar Project is back !

/ ! \ Sign-up will begin in few minutes
So let's start refreshing your forum page

Sign up has begun HERE

All spots taken !
Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
The Christmas Calendar Project is back !

Sign-up for the event will begin next week on Saturday,14th !
So make sure you will be there to have your spot

Further informations and discussion HERE
Posted By:   Zipperke 
We are currently looking for nice players that don't mind playing a variety of tracks and give them points.

/!\ If you want to volunteer as a judge for the September MTC, send a PM to   Zipperke

Your help will be much appreciated

Posted By:   Zipperke 
Hey guys

The results of the August MTC are out.

Check them out in the MTC forum.

There are 12h left to build a track for the september MTC..

The task is very easy: Build a track in night mood with exactly 1001cc
Steam Summer Sales!23-Jun-2017
Posted By:   FT»eyebo 
If you don't own all the environments yet, now's the time to get them!
The Steam Summer Sales are upon us!

Until July 5, 2017
50% discounts on Canyon, Valley, Stadium, ShootMania, and TMUF+3 TM2 environments.

€ 4,99 - Stadium
€ 9,99 - Canyon
€ 9,99 - Valley
€ 9,99 - Shootmania

Or get the TrackManias bundled:
€ 29,99 - TMUF + Canyon+Valley+Stadium

Not on sale, but worth buying:
€ 19.99 - Lagoon
Classic records on YouTube05-Jun-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
  Hyker ///HOT is uploading all the classic records on youtube for you to watch!

Check it out here!

New classic tracks21-May-2017
Posted By:   .Ornaiim 
Some legendary tracks from the past two years have been added to the classic prestigious list. These tracks have been chosen for their stunning aspects such as innovative sections, great hunt and addictive factors, and, of course, for their fame.

Do you want to know if your favorite tracks became classic?
Take a look at the latest addition in the classic list topic here.

None of the latest classic tracks suit you? Don't worry some other tracks will be added in the next weeks
SR Hunting Tournament - 2nd edition15-Apr-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
Originally posted by SR.noobi (less active) ...
Good evening TMNF community,

Maybe some of you remember the Shark Racing scrim we made last year in may. We had a lot of fun so why not doing it again? We, Shark Racing, proudly announce the second edition of the (maybe) biggest fullspeed tournament in TMNF this year and we invite you all! Join in and have some fun

Style: Fullspeed

When: 2nd June 8pm CEST until 18th June 10pm CEST

for whom: Teams, solo players and builders.

Read more HERE!
100 tracks to hunt.... GOGO!09-Apr-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
Nicklander is hosting a competition with 100 tracks and some very nice pricez!

Quote ...
1) 1. (steam/origin/...) game of your choice ! (Max. €50) + 15'000 Coppers
2) 1. (steam/origin/...) game of your choice ! (Max. €25) + 10'000 Coppers
3) 1. (steam/origin/...) game of your choice ! (Max. €10) + 7'500 Coppers

Read more HERE!
Panic Tech Cup11-Mar-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
Announcement of the Panic tech cup!

This cup will take place from the 12th of march till the 9th of april. It is played on Tmnf (no united needed)

Cup wil start tonight at 00:00 and end 9th april on 20:00

**NO SIGN UP NEEDED** (just join the server)
Link from the server:
Maps: 33 (30-45sec)
Style: tech
mode: Time attack ( 10 minutes per round)

Read more about it HERE!
TMX User Choice Awards 2016 - Results01-Feb-2017
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
The community voted for their 2016 favorites in numerous categories and the results are published! Check them here: Results

Congratulations to the winners, the runner-ups and the whole community! Thanks for voting, mapping & participating
TMX User Choice Awards 2016 - LAST DAY TO VOTE31-Jan-2017
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Last Voting Day!

Vote for other users who they think should deserve an for their talent, work or person. Nominations are done, it's time to conclude it. Consult the list of names and get all the informations => here!

Deadline: TODAY, Tuesday 31st of January @ 23:59 CET
Good news!22-Jan-2017
Posted By:   HardDance 
Thanks to   TGYoshi, PlayPal Online is finally back up again!
We hope to see many of you online again

Click to join!

TM Unlimiter Contest21-Jan-2017
Posted By:   Sparco 

Your task is to build a map using the TMUnlimiter 1.1. It's a versatile tool that allows to break the limitations of the official TrackMania releases, allowing to create and drive tracks with features you have never even dreamed of - but now it's time to fill your dreams with track content. all details here

Deadline: 5th of February

Video tutorials:
How to Install Instructions
Rotate/Move Blocks
Changing Booster Properties
How to change the Gravitation
Portal Checkpoint
TMX User Choice Awards 2016 - final vote20-Jan-2017
Posted By:   Sparco 
Vote for other users who they think should deserve an for their talent, work or person. Nominations are done, it's time to conclude it. Consult the list of names and get all the informations => here!

Deadline: Tuesday 31st of January @ 23:59 CET
2017 is on its way!02-Jan-2017
Posted By:   Sparco 
The Crew would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!
We're looking forward to see you and your new tracks in 2017

Thanks for all the tracks, replays, awards, comments, forum discussions and your general activity.
You make TMX as great as it is!

This year starts with two events, a new one and another yearly:

  Tmx Driving Academy - 1st of January - 1st of March 2017 - trailer by shortz

It's an online event a bit like a Nadeo campaign on 5 styles (Tech, Speed-Tech, FS, Dirt and RPG).
There will be 5 side events winners, one for each style. Infos about servers and more here!
Current prizepool: 489 000 coppers

TMX User Choice Awards 2016: nomination phase - until the Sunday, 15th of January 2017

This yearly project is about rewarding and highlighting users in differents and various categories
that I let you discover by yourself here!

Posted By:   aiden.KraL' 
Regarding the new TMUnlimiter update: Please remember that envimixed tracks are still not allowed on this site.
Quote ...
Since TMNF only supports the stadium environment, only tracks with that environment are allowed on the site. Since people have to own TMUF or need a TMUF key for environment-mixed tracks, we won't accept them here on the site. If you want to share such tracks, please do so at the TMUF-X site.
Merry Christmas TMX - Tomek has a gift for you!25-Dec-2016
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Merry Christmas community!

It's 2016 and we are delighted that so many of you are still around and our community is still creating, developing and spreading joy amongst each other. We hope that every single one of you has peaceful days with their loved ones and with their loved game Trackmania. Happy Holidays!

One member of our community,   Tomek0055, decided to share a great present with all of us this christmas:

TMUnlimiter 1.1 is here!

You can now put blocks in every location, including putting several blocks in one (blockmixing), expand the building space to 2048 blocks in every direction, change parameters of the car or use the parts of terraforming freely. In the newest update you're also able to rotate blocks, move them by a smaller gap than previously possible and even add custom ones!

Thanks a lot to him and his companions, who supported him creating this amazing tool. We hope to see many nice tracks that make intelligent use of the new possibilities.

A big <3 for all of you. Merry Christmas.

Your -Crew
Christmas Calendar Project 201602-Dec-2016
Posted By:   Sky.esu 
Christmas Calendar Project

The project started! Prepare yourself for epic maps, which you will all find in this thread
Another 90 minutes competition is on its way!21-Nov-2016
Posted By:   pascow.esu 

As the title says,   Razo.'R |R4a will host another competition on
November 25th 07:00 PM time

To read the rules or anything else concerning this topic, head to the thread in the forums.

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