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TMX Classics - the list
TMX Classics - the list12:56 PM 06-Apr-12 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

With this topic, we want to keep track from all tracks that do become classic during the year. Obviously, we do have a tab on the top of the site that redirects you to a complete list from classic tracks. However, it's not always easy to find out which track became classic recently. Since some users are active on the classic leaderboard, we thought it may come handy for them and also for other users to know which track became classic within the last 'classic wave'.
For sure, we can't tell you the dates from the past classics, but from now on, we'll update this list as soon as tracks became classic. Everytime a tracks or more tracks became classic, we'll make a new post and delete the old post. All classic tracks from now on will be listed below with the corresponding dates at which they became a classic track here on the site.

• 22.02.2012
"The Storm! by   uetzer|R4a"
"(MTC) F l a r e by   Ivi » gone!"
"Silent minute by   Ivi » gone!"
"Messerschmidt's Reaver by   vneck"
"Ho.oliday Hunt. by   .dreamy"
"Blum. by   master94ga|On MX"
"Old feelings. by   »burT!"

• 10.04.2012
"MONTEZUMAS TREASURE [RPG/Story] by   TStarGermany"
"Sobékite by   Kryw"
"Leave it behind by   Hitchy"
"ESL-Hockolicious by   Hock"
"Somewhere I belong by   TimeBreaker"
"End of Time by   KarjeN"
".d.i.r.t. by   cranberries"
"ESL Coalminer's Dirt by   sol666"

• 12.05.2012
"EtniEs. by   Pat"
"Hustle by   W!cked"
".natural by   Speedy'"
"»Frozen Energy by   C4 Freak"
"MTC»fragile. by   Nex'"
"Crystal Canyon by   C4 Freak"
"°Fläshback by   .nixx"
"Flowing Rage by   GoW|R4a"
"ARC2 - Pat by   Pat"

• 25.05.2012
"[SF]Take your time by   »Flo.F®"
"- SwiftMini .5 by   LJ|mp"
"unLeash. by   Benbe.xT"
"Make a Wish by   »Flo.F®"
"Natural Smoothness by   Tha-Gun / (in)active"

• 04.06.2012
"BreaK the rulezZ by   Mastermind"
"The Strength to go on by   Mastermind"
"F!nal R!de by   Tha-Gun / (in)active"
"Wasp by   Kakashi"
"Motion by   JoFo."

• 17.10.2012
"Iron Maiden by   Torress"
"Dirty Holiday by   Optimusje"
"Boiling engines by   DeFacer"
"Il nome della rosa [RPG] by   fish"
"African Rhythm. by   Dutchy!"

• 21.11.2012
"Beats of Congo by   Griff. (giz)"
"homecomin' by   mr.hubby"
"Dirt is an accident by   Kendal"
"tmCry [RPG] by   fish"
"CameLot by   Kryw"
"RPG - Puzzletime by   stromek"

• 29/01/2013
"Little Blue Mailbox by   Kendal"
"A Postman In The Dark by   Bajs"
"The Pit by   NLChr!s"
"For KarsO 2.0 by   The4thDuke"
"Lubaantun by   Kryw"
"Mansion of madness [RPG] by   fish"
"[FS] As cold as Ice by   Cheater | own ManiaLink!"
"All in good Time by   Phyter"

• 13/02/2013
"°°°Fullspeeed hunter #7 by   .nixx"
"nOw by   alchemY"
"Crash~Hunter 7 by   uetzer|R4a"

• 27/02/2013
"Crash~Hunter 8 by   uetzer|R4a"
"Smells like summer by   Bajs"
"New World by   NLpwf"
"An' The Game Will Go On... by   kwyk"

• 17/03/2013
"Lost in Speed by   DeFacer"
"Mini`No Reputation by   kwyk"
"Natural Fusion by   HawkGer"
"Allstars Forever#1 by   Hitchy"

• 15/04/2013
"°°°Fullspeeed hunter #6 by   .nixx"
"Crash~Hunter 9 by   uetzer|R4a"
"blue feelings. by   alchemY"
"¬Déja-vu by   Insight. Myself"

• 05/06/2013
"No Superman by   uetzer|R4a"
"overcome. by   alchemY"
"s!umber » by   «PasSion™"
"Dreamer. by   SideribusInlustris"
"A New Religion ! by   Dutchy!"
"Tears of the past by   rocKz0r'"
"Q1Tech by   Quat"
"Tron [RPG] by   Igntul"

• 11/07/2013
"The Labyrinth part II (RPG) by   eie"
"oBsErvaNce by   Ivi » gone!"
"Awesome is Awesome by   makonen.nwt"
"Avatar by   Sharky^"

• 24/09/2013
"Squared by   Zenit"
"fuel the comedy (: (mtc.) by   Razo.'R |R4a"
"ESL - Quebec³ by   »RtA«wally"
"Goodbye TM by   Triple.shoot"
"Witness. by   .nixx"
"M o.o n s t e r by   MnM | Revii"

• 19/11/2013
"exCeed °°° my Tech by   cranberries"
"Standortfaktor by   GSA|DieAxt"
"Nothing 2 Lose by   craxx - gone"
"[FS] turnitUP by   comedY_xT."
"» QUBE ' by   dadm"
"»Wicked HunT by   Erizel (brutal)"
"Haunting by   MnM|nevermind'"
"Fytrimatic. by   ZoggeR"
"Brace Yourself by   Joost»LT"
"Gerudo valley by   RaµL"

• 12/12/2013
"Catch The Clouds by   RX Pascal"
"bumaye. by   5teasy.esu"
"°°°Fullspeeed hunter #8 by   .nixx"
"Athix« by   Vixen.«"
"Dream On... by   Psymax"
"The Noose by   Bajs"
"Flying Dutchman by   Khone"
"Competo 24h IV HaNno A night by   Hanno"

• 21/01/2014
"[RPG]Refreshing Adventure by   MaskedMan(Less Active)"
"KabaL [RPG] by   Igntul"
"Chicken Invaders mtc by   fab'm PT <3"
"'Eventual? by   Baston"
"ESL - Milano Star by   shortz.esu"
"City Vibes by   °°Dino°°"

• 28/04/2014
"Mini >Zero< by   Cheater | own ManiaLink!"
"CCP #14 - Tundra by   matto"
"o x y g e n e ° by   .dreamy"
"Co.Ollapse by   ~dynamic."
"A Link to the Past by   Bajs"
"Forword. by   Pat"
"Devil S Den by   'nwt' ®ocket"

• 01/07/2014
"Black Velvet FE by   GR."
"Sunburst by   Natzke"
"somewhere in Dirt by   nair"
"subtropica by   pantseri"
"[RPG] Connector by   sebik1992"
"French Vibes by   vladish.F®"
"End of the Earth by   Zipperke"
"Ghost town by   Captain Jack Sparrow"
"When You Call My Name! by   t00bstAr"
"falling to Pieces by   Kumpelblase"
"proximity infatuation by   cranberries"

• 04/07/2014
"Dirtbound by   pantseri"
"CoCo.NuTs~ by   NLpwf"
"All Alone by   Zhuckar"
"V ø i d by   darkpuddle"
"Dazzel by   HardDance"
"Romanian Style by   vladish.F®"

• 07/07/2014
"ESL - pascow ! by   pascow.esu"
"ESL-Lemon by   @!ceman"
"ESL Motocross Mayhem by   matto"
"eXtreme Gravity! by   SPN'«"
"Sweet Morning #8 by   Sampi.Kappa"
"Detroit [RPG] by   Igntul"

• 11/07/2014
"Time 2 Shine by   SweOtto"
"It's My Life DoubleS by   Sharky^"
"EM 2008 by   T-hunderbird"
"Twilight Impact by   Junavara"
"MTC - Tropic Thunder by   NLpwf"
"L!fe Goes On. by   PagH .xT"
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• 22/07/2014
"RPG - project Kitchen by   stromek"
"A Christmas carol by   Zipperke"
"Eclipse by   SapphiroN"
"FireLine by   KarjeN"
"Speak in Silence by   Benbe.xT"
"Freeze My fire by   Zhuckar"
".Begin To Wonder~ (MTC) by   NLpwf"
"one Vision by   DeFacer"

• 28/07/2014
"Asphalt by   Firwarre.F® - Inactive"
"Straight Life by   Junavara"
"T-junction by   GR."
"Turn on the nGines.! by   DenSu | nGine"
"Infinity by   HardDance"
"Morning after Dark! by   .Dotchy «"
"...before it´s over! by   pantseri"
"[RPG] Ex Gehenna 2 by   Enai Siaion"

• 22/08/2014
"Skyscrapers [FS] by   °°Dino°°"
"Stereo by   Socius"
"~X~change (TMX5A) by   uetzer|R4a"
"Never Lose by   Cheater | own ManiaLink!"
"The Harmony of Tech by   bazz"
"At Dream's End by   Djsisi78"
"RPG - The boat by   stromek"
"NoAir Tribute.- by   mr.hubby"
"in Memory of Dirt by   nair"

• 04/09/2014
"White Light by   Joost»LT"
"Fullspeed*1 by   acura_rsx/ broken hand >.<"
"Red December by   Bajs"
"Mustard by   Bajs"
"Sphere by   SapphiroN"
"Lux by   Metal_Snake"

• 16/10/2014
"Crazy Dirt by   ~*HuGo*~"
"Waiting For The Sun by   pantseri"
"MTC - Infected Strawberry by   igntul&sleep"
"Tenochtitlan [RPG] by   fish"
"T_robots [RPG] by   fish"
"Heartless. by   craxx - gone"
"TmT - Stupid Banana by   »RtA«wally"
"Dotchy´s Hunt°4 by   .Dotchy «"
"This is Life. by   GSA|Cheet"
"[Interlink] by   Socius"
"°Opus. by   Baston"
"Psychedelic. by   pascow&shox"

• 29/10/2014
"»shining Dirt by   nair"
"[RPG] » Miner's Ghost by   Psymax"
"Parallel Universe [RPG] by   Igntul"
"Complicated by   Hitchy"
"Spooky Halloween by   KarjeN"
"Pre Run. by   Rowie."
"Summer Nights by   Sebi.nGine | off"
"Smooth Criminal by   uetzer|R4a"
"Tequila Sunset by   NLpwf"

• 13/11/2014
"Rock Solid by   dan!el"
"Global collapse. by   inf."
"A trip to the hills(RPG) by   eie"
"Speedslide Paradise by   arti"
"... for the love of Tech by   cranberries"
"Clash With Reality by   Benbe.xT"
"ESL- Poetry of Emotions by   »!&3fast'aa"
"Freedom of Thought by   Flyps"

• 11/01/2015
"Beyond your Limits by   jazzy"
"Evening Drift by   bazz"
"Nation Tech by   ICEMD"
"[RPG] Camateraz by   Erizel (brutal)"
"» Free by   Flyps"
"Forever Mini '04 by   Swensen"

• 30/01/2015
"Uneven Structure by   vneck"
"Cor Coriolis by   Junavara"
"mighty RED by   Cw*FaHoFF.xT"
"Colorfull Minds by   HardDance"
"A Rush Of Adrenaline by   Dutchy!"
"MiniDance #1 by   HardDance"
"Operation Alaska 2 by   fab'm PT <3"
"FinnishDreams by   DDR.Buddha"

• 20/05/2015
"I l l usion by   de.point / off"
"R e f r e s h 2 by   C4 Freak"
"Till i Cøllapze « by   AR »Rockz."
"Digital World by   Hitchy"
"iStyle by   sj@tmn"
"sundial by   pantseri"
"Transcendent. by   'Infi"

• 17/06/2015
"iZone by   NLpwf"
"Midnight Skillz by   GSA|dynamYte"
"Back on the Road by   DeFacer"
"ImaGine. by   venóM"
"plasticworld by   matto"
"Loss of Innocence by   Griff. (giz)"
"brown dust by   nair"
"[RPG] Mahâdevî's Gardens by   nunni"

• 05/07/2015
"C o d e x by   .Dotchy «"
"Flaming Phoenix by   SapphiroN"
"Still Loving You by   SweSebbe"
"Fascination by   DeFacer"
"Euphoria. by   PagH .xT"
"Limitless by   kimbro"
"Symphony of Dirt [WBM] by   der-bozz.esu"

• 27/09/2015
"Terrified Cupcakes « by   Erizel (brutal)"
"The Tower of Flame by   vneck"
"Fascination by   devo."
"IBC // Revealed Reality by   shortz.esu"
"maybe GREEN by   Cw*FaHoFF.xT"
"C l o s e R by   moe - offline!"
"ForeveR by   darkpuddle"

• 30/12/2015
"Biosphere. by   nixx&switch"
"Semester Hunter #001 by   uetzer|R4a"
"Between the hills by   Kadzio"
"Dark Star by   Kumpelblase"
"C o l i b r i by   Sky.esu"
"Discovery by   'Twister"

• 19/06/2016
"CCP#02 - shivery hearts° by   pascow.esu"
"CCP#18 - my december. by   Sky.esu"
"DTC3 - Fertile Grounds by   Joost & Kadzio"
"Hometown Glory by   ZoggeR"
"xsc - windy morning. by   AR »Trian"
"hear no evil by   stalker3334"
"MiNiature by   DenSu | nGine"

• 30/01/2017
"About a Dirt Revolution by   fish"
"Another Perfect Dusk (MTC) by   pantseri"
"Kheops : the TM mecanism [RPG] by   fish"
"Pain in my heart by   «PasSion™"
"A Dirty Little Secret by   HardDance"
"Melodic Art by   Defacer-NLpwf-Firwarre-CraxX"

• 04/02/2017
"Structural Strength by   simo_900"
"Exquisite by   AR »Trian"
"Mind Vortex by   Joost»LT"
"xsc»pushed to the ledge by   pascow.esu"
"Soulja by   Crashtestdummy"
"Scientific Reality | ABC by   aiden.KraL'"
"ibc - levitate by   ben3847"
"CCP#13 - theHOOK by   cranberries"

• 15/02/2017
"o.3. Mini by   Fitty | Standby"
"Dotchy´s Hunt°3 by   .Dotchy «"
"Weekly Short Hunt 1 by   NMD"
"Tropical Mini :) by   darkpuddle"
"Summer Short #2 by   Placket.ft"
"Forever Mini '01 by   Swensen"
"Mini for beginners #4 by   T-hunderbird"

• 21/05/2017
"aiden.KraL' by   dow|.Dave."
"MTC - Snow way! by   AR »Trian"
"Avaritia by   Kadzio"
"CCP#14 - Knik River, Alaska by   Zenit"
"Cloudbreak by   Craxx & Handbetrieb"
"CCP#16 - sparkling hopes° by   pascow.esu"
"[MTC] - Broken Arrows by   HardDance"
"CCP#18 - Snowfall at Dawn by   Hitchy"
"90 by   Sparco"
"CCP#12 - Winter Bliss (FS/dirt) by   fab'm PT <3"
"ARC 2015 - cranberries - Dirt by   cranberries"

• 06/06/2017
"NitroGuy by   NitroGuy!"
"[MTC] See you at the marketplace by   Trian & Simo"
"CCP#25 - Everglow by   pat & v.neck"
"Polyscape by   .Ornaiim"
"JunaGrad by   Junavara"
"Like a dog chasing Cars by   Quat"
"CCP #24. Snow AnGeL by   HardDance & Aiden"
"Fallen Heroes by   Sky.esu"
"Drifting In Sunset by   Hitchy"
"Tribute to Frostbeule by   Sparco"
"Still The Beginning by   matto"
"ARC2016 - Dule [D] by   ARC2016"

• 11/11/2017
"tbc.GraVity! by   iHq/fredair.esu"
"xsc - eunoia by   ben3847"
"Anemone Nemorosa by   apX. agent"
"Solaris by   SapphiroN"
"Area 51 [RPG] by   fish"
"Lucid Dreams [RPG] by   shortz.esu"
"the Day after [RPG] by   RPG community"
"kuhkaff of no return II by   Sky.esu"
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