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- THE SUMMER CHALLENGER [tSC] - Results out! -
- THE SUMMER CHALLENGER [tSC] - Results out! -4:21 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

(Banner by nixx)


A combined work of   SapphiroN and   cranberries


Hello fellow TMX'ers! We are proud to present you a new type of mapping contest that has been in progress for quite some while now. It borrows some ideas from here and there, but overall, you have never seen anything quite like it in TMX. It combines strategic planning, good building skills and of course creativity. Here's how it works:

- IDEA -

This contest is inspired by online gaming achievement-systems, such as Steam-achievements, Xbox-achievements and PS3-trophies, and tries to bring the competitive scene of achievement-hunting into the world of TMX.

You can see a huge list of Achievements at the post below. These Achievements include a task that you should complete in your track to earn Achievement Points [AP]. Each Achievement is worth Achievement Points from 1 to 5, according to their difficulty. Your mission is to earn as many Achievement Points as you can, while building a good track. Now, you can choose multiple Achievements, but there is a single limitation: You may choose maximum of 3 Achievements from a single category.

Once you have finished your track, you should post a full list of Achievements you have completed, do this in your entry post. We will check ONLY for these Achievements you have mentioned, so if you accidentally completed an Achievement you didn't notice, we will probably miss it too. So be extra careful when sending the list! If you haven't met an Achievement you have mentioned, we will simply exclude it from your list.


Alongside these Achievement Points, you will earn classic Judge Points [JP] for your track. We will have a jury rating your track after certain criteria. These include:

- Design (how well are the Challenges implemented in your track) / 10 Points
- Fun (if your track is fun to drive instead of a sadistic experiment) / 10 Points
- Creativity (your ability to build something unusual and really striking) / 10 Points
- Scenery (it's all about aesthetics here: how pleasing is your track to the eyes) / 5 Points
- Mediatracker (release your inner Michael Bay: well made cinematics can make a difference) / 5 Points

The balance between Achievement Points and Judging Points is around 35/65 to 50/50, depending on how many Achievement Points you have received.. Basically with this balance we want to encourage you to build great tracks alongside completing these Achievements, so it won't turn into exploiting the AP-system.

(NOTE: We are recruiting judges! Please pm SapphiroN if you are interested.)


The prizes of this competition:

: A copy of Bastion to be activated on Steam, and 20,000 coppers!
: 10,000 coppers!
: 5,000 coppers!

(Would you like to contribute on this great prize pot? PM SapphiroN and tell him what kind of donation would you like to do. You will be credited here!)


Post your track before Wednesday the 22nd of August 23:59.


- You may submit 2 tracks, and make 1 post in this topic for each track
put a FULL size link of the released track that you're submitting in this contest (also remember to post the full list of the Achievements you have completed)
- ANY kind of block-mixing is NOT allowed (here are included every kind of outside/inside the editor additional programs
as well as editor bugs - such as ctrl+click functions and block-bugs)
- Maximum length of your track should be 1 min and 15 seconds (AT)
- Name your track: "(tSC) TrackName", for example, '(tSC) Sunshine'


Please go ahead and ask some questions if something left you in confusion. We understand this because it is a new kind of competition, so it's really one big experiment. ^^ That's why we have included a FAQ-post (Frequently Asked Questions), so you can check if your question has already been asked. We are updating the list of questions as fast as they keep coming.
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Total TMX Nutter!


Here you can see the complete list of Challenges you can choose from. Your only restriction is not to use more than three Challenges from each category. Have fun picking your collection!

The number and alphabetic codes are there to help us point out a certain challenge, so it's nothing you should be worried about!

A) 'Jumpy' - Use a jump/drop at least every 5 seconds (all 4 wheels off the ground) / 3 POINTS
B) 'Danger Zero' - Don't use any jumps/drops / 3 POINTS
C) 'Dirty Jumper' - Include 7 different dirt jumps in your track (use different blocks to create the jump) / 5 POINTS
D) 'A Second Start' - Reuse the multilap start, but place the finish line somewhere else / 4 POINTS
E) 'Easy Going' - The track is completely respawnable / 3 POINTS
F) 'Explorer' -Build in a style you usually don't do (based on your track history, maximum of 33% allowed) / 4 POINTS

A) 'Split road' - Build two independent routes that share same checkpoints (symmetric routes don't count) / 5 POINTS
B) 'Symmetric' - Build a symmetric track / 3 POINTS
C) 'Boxed' - Build your track within an area of 8x8 / 4 POINTS
D) 'Expanded' - The track owns the width of the entire stadium (32 blocks) / 3 POINTS
E) 'Large' - Your track touches all the 4 sides of the editor / 3 points
F) 'Supernatural' - The track owns the height of the entire stadium (32 blocks) / 4 POINTS
G) 'Flatland' - Build a flat track (one block/tile high driving space allowed) / 4 POINTS
H) 'ZigZag' - No two turns to the same direction in a row (left-right-left-right...) / 3 POINTS

A) 'Resourceful' - Include all the major surfaces / 4 POINTS
B) 'One surface only' - Your track uses only one surface / 4 POINTS
C) 'Concrete Anarchy' - Build at least 7 platform sections (1 section = approx 3 seconds) / 3 POINTS
D) 'Nostalgic' - Use only blocks from the original TMN ESWC / 3 POINTS
E) 'Slippery' - Build at least 7 offroad sections (no blocks - grass and/or dirt only) / 4 POINTS
F) 'Look Mom, No Roads!' - Don't use any road blocks (folder 2,3 and 4 ... excluding the start and the finish) / 3 POINTS
G) 'King of the Hill' - Use 4 vertical dirt levels / 4 POINTS

A) 'I Do My Own Stunts' - Force the car to do a back or front flip in the air / 4 POINTS
B) 'Dizzy' - Make a 270 degree section / 3 POINTS
C) 'Dizzier' - Make a 360 degree section (doesn't stack up with 'Dizzy') / 4 POINTS
D) 'Big Air' - Execute a jump that lasts for at least 3 seconds / 3 POINTS
E) 'Bigger air' - Include a jump that lasts for at least 6 seconds / 4 POINTS
F) 'Jumping combo' - Execute at least 5 jumps/drops within 10 seconds / 3 POINTS
G) 'Rolling' - The car has to make a vertical flip / 2 POINTS

A) 'Déjà Vu' - Driving over a single tile (editor block) three times / 4 POINS
B) 'Ring, Ring!' - Use two horizontal ring checkpoints / 4 POINTS
C) 'Mexican' - The car goes through cacti twice / 3 POINTS
D) 'Tropical' -The car goes through palm trees twice / 4 POINTS
E) 'Ancient Platform' - Use 8-8-5 (inflatable) as a driving surface at least 3 times / 3 POINTS
F) 'Precision' - Use 8-7-2 or 8-7-4 as a driving surface, twice (the block itself, not the blue surface) / 4 POINTS

A) 'Simplicity' - Entire scenery made of single blocks, no horizontal connections between them / 4 POINTS
B) 'Sculptural' - Having scenery moments along the track, without continuity between them / 3 POINTS
C) 'Overwhelming' - The scenery should be continuous all the way along the entire track / 3 POINTS
D) 'Inflatable connection' - Use the inflatable conectors (8-8-6) at least 5 times / 3 POINTS
E) 'Fake roads' - Use roads from the folders 2,3 and 4 as scenery / 2 POINTS
F) 'Satellite' - Have a big scenery structure totally separated from the track (15 or more blocks) / 4 POINTS

A) 'Custom view' - Use different camera angles to your advantage (loopcam not included) / 2 POINTS
B) 'DaVinci' - Hide an easter egg in your track using mediatracker / 3 POINTS
C) 'Foggy' - Use the MT fog effect in some parts of the track (not the entire race) / 3 POINTS
D) 'Picture perfect' - Use custom images to your advantage in the intro MT / 3 POINTS
F) 'Ghost riders' - Use multiple ghost replays in the intro, outro and/or GPS/CP-respawn / 3 POINTS

A) 'Absolutist' - Don't use any bonuses / 45 POINTS
B) 'Madman' - Use at least 2 bonuses from each category / 5 POINTS

(Thank you cranberries and   wormi for helping with these Challenges!)
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Total TMX Nutter!

- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) -

This will we updated once your questions start flowing.


Q: I want to build a duo with my friend. Is that allowed?
A: Yes, you can build duos. Just keep in mind that it consumes one entry ticket from you both, and you have two entry tickets in total.

Q: Are 256³-bases allowed?
A: Sorry, no. It is included in the ban of any sort of blockmixing or external program use.


Q: What do you mean with "all the major surfaces" at 'Resourceful'?
A: Road, platform, grass, dirt, blue offroad, rooftop (from TMN ESWC), white platform and inflatable roof.

Q: Well what do you exactly mean with "white platform", "rooftop" and "inflatable roof" there?
A: The white platform is the 8-8-1, could be referred as a platform and it resembles the normal concrete platforms also
but the white surface (carpet - or whatever it is) is the white part of the following blocks: 8-7-1/2/3/4/5 + 8-8-1/2.
The top of the inflatable is the roof, and inflatable is what we call the 8-8-5 block and rooftop (in TM) is the top surface of these blocks: 8-6-1/3/4/5/6.
(Check the editor here to get the numeral references)

Q: What is the full list of TMN ESWC exclusive blocks for the achievement 'Nostalgic'?
A: See this picture.

Q: In "split road", should all of the map be separate in 2 or is a 5-second section enough?
A: You can have two independent routes for the entire map (this might force you to use no CPs or very few, since you'd have to use them in another order or some other way, so that you don't reuse the same part), or you can make small parts with two different ways (left and right) and the routes can come together after a few seconds, and split up again later. It's all about giving the possibility for the player to drive in 2 ways, either the entire track, or parts of the track.

Q: In "Dizzy" and "Dizzier", should the car turn 270/360° or should the turn itself be x°?
A: This will be achieved if the player is holding the acceleration and continuously steering through that section, the degrees are dictated by the entry point and exit point of the blocks used to create that turn. The case of wall rides is simple, but for tech or dirt this will be a bit more trickier, but not impossible. In tech it will be the drift/turn which will count, and for dirt it's the continuous and uninterrupted motion of the slide. But I will mention this: a start section in which you put the player to drive around the start about 270 or a full 360 immediately after the GO!, will NOT be considered a "dizzy" or "dizzier" ... that's way to easy to get out of this achievement.

Q: Would a track built on dirt base obtain the "Extended" achievement? (I mean, even if the actual route isn't 32x32 wide)
A: The actual route has to touch the sides, so the dirt base can be used, but sections of the track have to go over the sides and actually use the outer limit of the editor

Q: Could you explain a little bit what the achievement "Sculptural" is about? What's exactly a "scenery moment"? Is it enough to build scenery-nonscenery sections and that's it?
A: That's exactly what it means, the scenery is either broken (no continuity) or alternating sides of the track, but in addition to that, the actual scenery moments have to be similar with "satellite" achievement, only right next to the track ... in other words, a scenery moment is a composition of many different blocks right near the track, a clear group of scenery blocks and the moments are clearly separated from each other, but well spread over the entire track.

Q: As for the "Dirty Jumper" achievement: how do you define a dirt jump? For instance, if I use 2-3-8 to jump and 7-4-1 to land, would that count as a dirt jump? (consider the general situation non-dirt ramp to dirt landing and viceversa)
A: It's one of the few achievements that get 5 points, and that's because you have to use dirt blocks to launch the car in the air (completely separate the car from the road, all 4 wheels of the ground for more than 1 sec) ... The use of other blocks than dirt is not considered a dirt jump, even if you land on a dirt block.
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Total TMX Nutter!

In case I need one more post..

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Beyond Help!

omg o_O
4:29 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Looks great! But hard
by the way, this
Quote ...
C) 'Foggy' - Use the MT fog effect in some parts of the track (not the entire race) / 3 POINTS

You can't doit with low graphics can you? (if you can : how ?? ) if it's the case, it seems unfair for people with not so powerfull computers ...
4:34 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

sounds nice,but no bm :<
4:45 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Sleep, we really did wanted to include BM, but since there are many achievements that are designed to be executed without BM, this had to be done. But on the other hand, I don't think this competition needs it, as there is a lot to achieve without BM.

Calum, it is enough that fog actually exists. You may tweek up your settings while you do the MT, since doing MT doesn't require a high FPS.
4:46 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Interesting competition. Hope I'll find some time to participate

Originally posted by SapphiroN ...

A) 'Resourceful' - Include all the major surfaces / 4 POINTS

Road, Platform, ... and?
4:47 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

^Road, platform, grass, dirt, blue offroad, rooftop (from TMN ESWC), white platform and inflatable roof.
4:49 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

That's a lot o.O

4:51 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Originally posted by SapphiroN ...
Calum, it is enough that fog actually exists. You may tweek up your settings while you do the MT, since doing MT doesn't require a high FPS.

No, you don't get it! I can't put my computer on high enough settings to have any FX whatsoever :/ It sux too much ^^ I play on PC0 and it still isn't fluid, so I can't use fog ... :/
5:03 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

freakin sick competetion in !
5:07 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

5:14 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

i think im in
5:34 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

Don't really understand it, but I'm in.


Quote ...
D) 'Nostalgic' - Use only blocks from the original TMN ESWC / 3 POINTS

Can anyone give me a full list?
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5:53 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

get tmn eswc and u can build it there, and just copy the track u did there in ur tmnf tracks folder
easiest way to not miss anything^^
5:54 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

this is just sick oO
awesome compo guys <3
I'll definitely find some time for this one
about the last challenge
Quote ...
A) 'Absolutist' - Don't use any bonuses / 45 POINTS

That means to not use any of the challenges above it or?

/srry for double
6:14 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Originally posted by nevermind.ft ...

That means to not use any of the challenges above it or?

/srry for double

Correct. You can't even accidentally use any. Actually, you must avoid them at all cost.
6:23 PM 14-Jul-12 : Quote : Report : #

Originally posted by nevermind.ft ...
get tmn eswc and u can build it there, and just copy the track u did there in ur tmnf tracks folder
easiest way to not miss anything^^

But... where can I get it?

P.S. I know what are these blocks, but I don't know the full list, because I didn't ever have TMN ESWC...
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