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What is TMX 2.0?
What is TMX 2.0?2:52 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
TMNF Exchange Coder

What's New?

TMX still has the same, familiar layout it always did. There are a few notable exceptions:

# New menu bar
# GIF icons have been replaced by a vector-based font called Font Awesome
# Darker background
# Font size increased to 13px Arial
# Overall site width increased
# Page loading time has been decreased due to web optimized images
# Forum posts made by the TMX crew will now include the logo under their name
# Also, forum posts made by Nadeo employees will include a Nadeo logo under their name

Why a new menu bar?

There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, the goal was to decrease page loading time as much as possible. The old menu had 35 GIF images. Image loading is considered by many to be a bottleneck when it comes to page speed. The other reason is expansion. With the old menu, it wasn't possible to add any new menu items without creating two images. One image was normal, and the other image contained a red line when you pointed at it. With the new menu, it is possible to add menu items extremely quickly.

Why a larger font and wider site?

With the advances in computer display technology, including high resolution and Full HD monitors, the existing sites have become hard to read without zooming in the page or using a custom stylesheet. The larger font increases readability without being overly huge.

What's in the future?

TMX 2.1 will include page backgrounds. There will be an option to turn off page backgrounds as well. There are also plans to change the track pages to include a section that details if an add-on modification, such as TMUnlimiter, is required.

Unfortunately, TMX will not be able to support TM2: Stadium maps, as we lack the functionality to deal with the format.


Feel free to add your own questions, but please keep it civil.
4:33 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

lol when the site re-opened i though I was in united-x because of the banner ^^

good work so far guys, nice to see something fresh arround here
4:36 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

First little bug found :
On the main page, screens on 10 Latest Awards
, 10 Newest Tracks and Best of week aren't visible.
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   »Flo.F®
4:39 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
TMNF Exchange Coder

Originally posted by »Flo.F® ...
First little bug found :
On the main page, screens on 10 Latest Awards
or 10 Newest Tracks aren't visible.

They are visible for me. Make sure you do a total refresh on your browser (typically Shift + Refresh or Ctrl + Refresh).
4:42 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

i also noticed something wrong with the text on the account section where it shows the awards received and given
the text looks kinda messed
4:44 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
TMNF Exchange Coder

Originally posted by fabio_m ...
i also noticed something wrong with the text on the account section where it shows the awards received and given
the text looks kinda messed

Whoops! I'll be fixing that tonight!

Before anyone posts anything, I'm aware the post history on replies is messed up. I'm currently trying to find a fix.
  AR »Down.
5:03 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

looks good so far, best thing is the fast loading time!
BUT there's 1 thing that should be changed imo... in "my records" i can't really tell apart between my WR replays and non-WR replays because the width-difference of the text is way too low.
  AR »Cybernetic
6:19 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

I was just about to say that
6:19 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Originally posted by [ATP]Joanna ...
I'm currently trying to find a fix.

Update the threadhistory control.
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   fastforza
7:26 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
TMNF Exchange Coder

Fixed. It was CSS causing the issue.
7:53 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

Got quite surprised when i opened up tmx!
Don't feel 100% comfortable with the site yet, but i guess i'll soon get used to it!

edit: something i'm not happy with is that everything looks so dark and grey on the new site

edit 2: I'm missing the download fast download button, where i don't have to open track pages to download the track.
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   Sundive
8:34 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Everything is nice and pretty :3 This forum size is perfect, because it fits on my phone perfectly, and if you as me, there's no need for a phone version of the site. I haven't noticed any problems, keep it up
9:02 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

This looks great, well done. Everything looks great this far. The site is really fast to use, but for me the site have always been really fast. For the most of the time I'm on a mobile broadband, EDGE, and tmx have been the fastest sites on it, about 4x faster to load than facebook. So now it's even faster, yeah! Great job, I'll search around the site and is if i can find something
9:37 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

hmm, as i didn't get a reply on the united post i did and there's a multitude of replies here, just thought i'd copy/paste ^^

Here's my 1st findings:

Header images:
a few headers aren't sliced properly (or have shadow which should've been turned off b4 slicing the image):
tmnforever: main one.. United: 6.png, 7.png,
resulting in this small antenna on the left of the rounded corner:

Menu transparency:
you might want to set the menu rollout opacity to a less transparent one. kinda gets blurry on mouseover due to the blue links in the breadcrumbs

On the Users page, you might want to set the width of the cell for username to a slightly larger one

Dedimania recs output window on trackpages misses an indent on the left.
Quicksearch mouseover (white part) has an indent it shouldn't have.
On the Account page: there's not enough room for Awards Received.. it enters next line b4 the 1st ":"
there's several spacing/indent parts of the forms that need some fixing, will add later in a new reply

there's still full page refreshes going on after every click, would've expected an ajax-like solution by only refreshing content rather than the entire site.

don't forget to also alter ^^
  |PT| CakeyFA
9:41 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

scrolling the pages is terribly laggy atm..
also, what Down said: "i can't really tell apart between my WR replays and non-WR replays because the width-difference of the text is way too low."
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   |PT| CakeyFA
9:45 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

Little css miss in
My Tracks & Find Tracks > Quick Search (right side of the list)

AND maybe add a button in the roll-over Account (My Tracks, My Favorite Authors, My Records, My Downloads)
would be awesome <3
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   Sami
11:00 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

It's similar to mania xchange which is a bit of a bad point, because i kinda lose the old tm feeling. I like the old version better imo. Can you guys maybe make an altertative option? We can choose which version we want?
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   Hitchy
11:01 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

+1 down about wr and not wr replays

And if its possible,I always had one idea:
For example I commented any track and I can't see the tracks I commented.Is it possible to remake it?And also would be nice to have push-messages that someone wrote you,It would look like @Nick:...(something like in twitter)
I don't know if it's possible but it would be really great,hope you take my advice,thx

E:to be honest I didn't like new font size,imo is too big
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   Ravenwest
11:16 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

@Hitchy: at first i felt the same. Ctrl+Num- one time (zoom at 90%) and it will look almost the same (;
by the way when you zoom- the Blog button from the menu bar return to the left side.
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   Sami
11:29 AM 08-Feb-13 : Quote : Report : #

i like the changes, but the layout isn`t my style, I liked the oldd layout much more... so colourful now, reminds me to Mx (don`t like that layout either). And for the guys who think that the font size is to big, I always zoom out to 90% (:
Nice work so far!

e/: the old site loadet faster than the new one
Last edited 08-Feb-2013 by   der-bozz.esu
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