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The Official TMX User Choice Awards 2013 -RESULTS-
The Official TMX User Choice Awards 2013 -RESULTS-3:24 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

-- thanks to Ornaiim for editing the banner --

Hi there everyone,

as I think that most of you guys are very curious to check the results, I won't write way too much since that would probably bore you anyway

Because this was the first year to me to organize this (with help of Petey), I didn't know how much work it is, I really underestimated how time-consuming it is. Anyways, I'm happy that we've had the nomination phase again since it definitely takes some work away. As this worked out pretty well this year again it will most likely happen like that next year as well.

Last year we had 57 voters, but seriously, who thought we could even beat this number with a definitely drecreased number of active users this year?! Thanks to all 61 users who voted this year!

All this said, I can only wish you a lot of fun going through the results. Don't forget to check the full lists that has been added at the bottom from every post.

For any serious questions, please make a post or have a chat with me in PM.
If you can't take it seriously, please don't comment at all.

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3:46 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging


o Best technical builder:
  Quat -13-
discodoom -6-
shortz & Sapphiron -5-

o Best fullspeed builder:
  Kumpelblase &   pascow.esu -9-
v.neck -8-
simo_900 -6-

o Best dirt builder:
  cranberries -11-
matto -8-
wormi -6-

o Best RPG/trial builder:
  Igntul -14-
Kristján -6-
nomnom -5-

o Best overall builder:
  pascow.esu -25-
simo_900 -10-
cranberries -4-

o Best creative mapper:
  simo_900 -19-
Flyps -17-
Joost -8-

o Rookie (beginner) from the year:
  Crashtestdummy -13-
Vixen -10-
Dom -6-

o Most underrated author:
  Sàmµel. -12-
Agidd -4-
Dom & Matix & cidoZ -3-

o Best track series:
Semester Hunt by   uetzer|R4a & Hunting Sickness by   Fristyle.esu -9-
Perjantai by wormi -8-
*mpc* by discodoom & very short by pro2type -5-

o Best duo track builder:
  pascow.esu -9-
nevermind -7-
xaeron_igntul -6-

o Coolest trackname:
"Zombies Ate My Neighbours" -17-
Oh baby it's hard -10-
Zachodniopomorskie!!! -6-

The complete list with all the results? You can check it by clicking here
3:53 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging


o Best technical driver:
KarjeN -22-
Carl Jr -9-
Rxt -7-

o Best fullspeed driver:
NGTT -15-
Harry -12-
Rockz -8-

o Best dirt driver:
gswe81 -14-
cranberries -8-
der-bozz -3-

o Best RPG/trial driver:
Tortugo -15-
Kilburn -11-
Reahx -5-

o Best overall driver:
EpiK -15-
Karjen -12-
Flyps, Kumpelblase, pascow -3-

o Best nadeo driver:
Racehans -15-
JaV -11-
EpiK -7-

The complete list with all the results? You can check it by clicking here
3:57 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging


o Best screenshot maker:
  .dreamy -12-
Rowie & GOW -9-
Ornaiim -6-

o Best mediatracker maker:
  fab'm PT <3 -14-
Dule -8-
Chadox -4-

o Best video producer:
Shortz -27-
Frostbeule -4-
Darkpuddle, VomAdminEditiert -3-

o Best scenery maker:
  SapphiroN -13-
v.neck -10-
Raffi -5-

o Best Techtrack of the year:
"Earthshine" by   SapphiroN -13-
Dat should be tech?! by Flyps -9-
Leave the past where it belongs by nixx -6-

o Best Fullspeedtrack of the year:
"falling to Pieces" by   Kumpelblase -12-
Narrow Minded by simo_900 -10-
Uneven Structure by v.neck -8-

o Best Dirttrack of the year:
"Any Colour You Like" by   matto -11-
Dirt.Butterfly by cranberries -9-
BUMBLEDIRT by trax -2-

o Best RPG/Trial of the year:
"Terra Incognita RPG" by   fab'm PT <3 -14-
The Seaport by Golo -4-
pavor nocturnus by nomnom & Crusader by simo_900 -3-

The complete list with all the results? You can check it by clicking here
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4:10 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging


o Project of the year:
Individual Building Challenge hosted by   Sky.esu -19-
ARC 2013 hosted by Peteypablo7 -11-
Superduper Compos hosted by SapphiroN & Mr.Zogger -3-

o Trackmania legend award:
  cranberries -7-
SapphiroN -6-
Hitchy & pascow -5-

o Epic track award:
"[PF] Principium finis by   Flyps" -16-
Principal Focus by simo_900 -10-
Terra Incognita by Kristján -9-

o Friendliest face on TMX:
  pascow.esu -17-
Sky & Peteypablo7 -10-
cranberries -3-

o Most active user:
  dan!el -22-
pascow -14-

o Most annoying user:
  Undertaker GT -15-
moe! -9-
kadaz & dan!el -7-

o Funniest TMX user:
  AR »tk! -9-
Zogger & Infector -4-
dan!el & GOW -3-

o Mr. Trackmania:
  FT»eyebo &   pascow.esu -9-
wormi & SapphiroN -4-
Flyps -3-

o TMX's helping hand:
  pascow.esu -13-
Joost -9-
dan!el -8-

o TMX lifetime achievement:
  MrA -10-
Zogger -9-
dan!el & Hitchy & Joost -3-

o TMX crew member from the year:
  pascow.esu -17-
Sky -10-
eyebo -4-

The complete list with all the results? You can check it by clicking here
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4:37 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

gg me, gg pascow, gg warrior ^^
4:48 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

I'd like to thank everyone for all the votes you've been sending to us.
I'm pretty sure that we'll be back again next year for a new edition
Congratz to everyone!
4:55 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #

I've got one vote! Thanks for that one person and also congrats all!
5:15 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

imo RPG Terra Incognita only got good mediatracker, the way is very bad so for me that rlly isn't the best rpg map ( srry Kristjan )
but just about that congratz all
and to warriorfast you rlly deserve that award ^^
Last edited 09-Dec-2013 by   Reahx
5:16 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

forgot to vote xD but nvm I agree with most results
and dan!el is a mod?
5:30 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #

Joost and him are mods since a few hours, and congratz to all the winners
Last edited 09-Dec-2013 by   Switch
5:34 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

I became a mod less than an hour ago ^^
  AR »Trian
5:35 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

4 votes
it's a pity I can't be nominated for rookie of the year 2014
I'd say I started making my "quality" tracks quite late, my first FS that I'm satisfied with the result is from August 2013

btw I knew NGTT would be the best FS driver
5:42 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #

yey most creative mapper :3
congrats all!
warriorfast must be very happy now... spam coming
  iMap // gone O...
6:40 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #

congratz all.
Last edited 09-Dec-2013 by   Sky.esu
6:41 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Dammit, two silver medals. Stupid nooby huntmaps! Thanks for voters though, I'm surprised how man votes I actually got!

Can't agree with some awards, like best techmap (sry Sapph, it's ofc cool but not even close ot bests), best dirt builder etc but well my favorites weren't even in top 3 there ^^
Last edited 09-Dec-2013 by   Sky.esu
7:42 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

didn't expect to win
thanks to all for voting and congratz all!
  Erizel (brutal)
7:47 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #

Congratz to all the winners! Also big thanks to Pascow and pp7 for organizing (:
7:53 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

dan!el as a new mod is not the topic to be discussed here.
People confuse insults with serious criticism way to often and this is not the place for both of it. This is the place where we talk about the UCA's.
So if you want to leave your criticism in a appropriate way, you can write a PM to the moderators. If you want to continue insulting other people here, you have to deal with the consequences from our side.

Congrats to the winners.
7:55 PM 09-Dec-13 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Silver in MediaTracker
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