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Build a Stage Competition 2014
Build a Stage Competition 20144:36 PM 09-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

--banner by dan!el--

The BASCO (Build a Stage Competition) is a project where you compete through multiple stages to try and get your part in the track.

It will be run from now until 1st of March. What happens is 'the track so far' will be uploaded to a special TMX user. Then we invite anyone to download the track, delete the finish line and build 12-15 seconds of additional track, validate, and upload to TMX.
This year there will be 3 styles of track again; 1 Fullspeed track, 1 Tech track, and 1 Dirt track. I was about to kick the dirttrack out as it wasn't completed last year, though some good guys made me leave it in

Taking part requires you to do the following:

1. Download the latest version of 'the track so far' (a link is provided each week).
"S1-Fullspeed-Ad!key by   BASCO2014"
"S1-Tech-Quat by   BASCO2014"
"S1-Dirt-der-bozz by   BASCO2014"

2. Delete the finish piece (and if necessary, a piece of road that only existed to make laying the finish possible). But do not delete or change any other part of the track. You can modify landscape/scenery as necessary in order to build your part, just don’t change the driving line of a previous stage.

3. Build your idea for the next stage of the track (including scenery), adding 12-15 seconds to the validation time.

4. Validate and save your track with the style you are building and your tmx login on the end, eg. S1-Style-YourTMXLogin (example: S1-Fullspeed-pascow).

5. Upload the track to TMX using the   BASCO2014 account. Password = basco
You cannot edit or remove your track after upload (if you need to please post here).

6. Post a link to your submission in the submissions thread for that stage. (A new thread will open each stage)

7. You may submit one track for each style per stage.

Note: Blockmixing is NOT allowed.

That's all there is to do. After the stage is over we will lock the submissions thread and during the next days we (me+other judges) rate the submissions, while the highest rated will be used further. The process then begins again, a thread for submissions for the next stage will open.

Can you submit an entry if you won a stage already?
No, once you win a stage, you have to sit back and let others compete for the remaining stages. (That counts for every style)

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4:46 PM 09-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

Detailed Schedule:

The TMX BASCO 2014 will consist of three FOUR stage tracks with the focus of the track being on creating a fun race without too many tricks so that the track will be fun to for many skill levels and we hope also good for online play.

Thursday 9th January:
BASCO opens with this rules page and invitation to build (from a blank map).

Tuesday 14th January:
Submission window for stage 1 is closed.

by Sunday 19th January:
The track for the building of stage 2 to be made downloadable.
Submission window for stage 2 parts opens.

Friday 24th January:
Submission window for stage 2 is closed.

by Wednesday 29th January:
The track for the building of stage 3 to be made downloadable.
Submission window for stage 3 parts opens.

Friday 7th February:
Submission window for stage 3 is closed.

by Saturday 15th February:
The track for the building of stage 4 to be made downloadable.
Submission window for stage 4 parts opens.

Thursday 20th February:
Submission window for stage 4 is closed.

by Friday 28th February:
The track for the mediatracker and screenshot competition to be made downloadable.
Submission window for stage 5 (mediatracker and screenshot competition) opens.

Friday 7th March
Submission window for stage 5 (mediatracker and screenshot competition) is closed.

Sunday 9th March:
Tracks will be showcased

Feel free to post any questions concerning the contest! Have fun and good luck!

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5:35 PM 09-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

Submissions for stage 1:

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8:23 AM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

I would love to join Basco, I read all the rules. Some people posted there fs 12-15 sec. what do I do next if I want to build tech or dirt? Can I pick one of them and continue?
8:30 AM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

The goal is to build 3 tracks. One dirttrack, one techtrack and one speedtrack. You see, there are already submissions for both tech and speed. The winning submissions of each style will be the start of the whole track, what means in stage 2 you have to build further on the winning submissions of stage 1.

If you want to build tech or dirt, just build a start of 12-15 seconds including scenery, upload it on the given acc in the first post, and post it in the submissions thread.

Hope it got clear, if not, ask
Last edited 10-Jan-2014 by   pascow.esu
8:31 AM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

It's clear now thanks ,
4:00 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Btw for fs i would cut every new part about 2 secs shorter since the later parts are getting increasingly longer due to the speedgain
  AR »Trian
4:05 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

yea, with 800+ speed 15 secs would need quite a long piece of route

btw great idea (this project )
Last edited 10-Jan-2014 by   AR »Trian
4:13 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

It says 12-15 seconds, so not necessary to build 15
  AR »Trian
4:29 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

12 isn't a short time either
5:31 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Another question, After you've made your tracks/stages. If you haven't won, can you use the first part (for example) for a new track?
5:38 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

9:45 PM 10-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I need to erase a few blocks to prevent a cut from my entry. Could i do that boss?
5:55 PM 11-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

It's okay in that case, don't affect the trackroute though, just avoid the cut
7:47 AM 15-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

Submission stage 1 is closed!
Thanks for your entries, didn't expect that many

I'll reveal the winners on Sunday, judging time now!
Results Stage 1!1:56 PM 19-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

Thanks again for all your entries guys. In the Speed- and Dirtcategory I could gather 5 judges each, so the best and the worst scores got erased. In the Techsection there were 4 judges, so no erased scores. I asked my judges to rank the tracks, depending on how many entries there were per style. Means 1-14 for tech, 1-10 for speed and 1-7 for dirt. The highest number is the best track for each judge. Maximum points for speed would be 30, for dirt 21 (because of the erased scores) and 56 for tech.

Thanks a lot to dan!el, devo, wormi, razor, joost and cranberries for judging!

Results Speed:

"S1-Fullspeed-Ad!key by   BASCO2014" - 28 points
S1-Speed-Worm - 23 points
S1-Speed-dan!el - 21 points
S1-Speed-Twister - 21 points

Full Results + Judging

Results Tech:

"S1-Tech-Quat by   BASCO2014" - 55 points
S1-Tech-Zengo - 51 points
S1-Tech-Link - 46 points

Full Results + Judging

Results Dirt:

"S1-Dirt-der-bozz by   BASCO2014" - 20 points
S1-Dirt-nair - 19 points
S1-Dirt-Therese Johaug - 12 points

Full Results + Judging

The three winning submissions are the tracks you have to continue with, post your submissions here.

2:22 PM 19-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #

Good luck for stage 2 everyone and congratz to the stage 1 winners!
If anyone wants my feedback on your part, particularly if you scored low in my list, feel free to send me a (friendly) PM!
2:31 PM 19-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

One question, if i think scenery of a winning part is too light for my style, can i add some? Or i can modify scenery only if i want to build my driving route on that scenery block?
2:36 PM 19-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

only if you want to build your driving route on that scenery block.
2:53 PM 19-Jan-14 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

That also disturbs me a bit on quat's part, but his start was the best. No scenery editing
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