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TMX Allround Champion 2015 - Registration Phase
TMX Allround Champion 2015 - Registration Phase3:56 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

I know it will take you some time, but I'd appreciate it if you read everything really carefully. If you have questions after reading through, please go ahead. I just want to avoid questions that are answered in the text.

thanks to   dan!el for the banner


the TMX Allround Champion starts into the 5th edition! Last held in 2013, this tournament demands the skills of the player in six different styles.
The styles are: Mini-Fullspeed, Tech, SpeedTech, Dirt, Fullspeed and RPG (~5-7 minutes)
We are really happy that this competition is back after a two year long break. Every edition until now was filled with lots of fun and thrilled hunts from the first round until the end and we've seen hundreds of drivers trying their best. Hopefully we can build on past successes and gather even more drivers this year. There will be six rounds that will last around two weeks each.

1st Place - 50€
2nd Place - 30€
3rd Place - 20€

Most points out of all rounds - 25€

And 10€ for the builders whose tracks get chosen as the best track of their style!

The money is sponsored by:   pascow.esu,   HardDance and   Sky.esu

If you can't reach the finals, I do hope that you keep hunting the tracks to prove that one or two rounds aren't everything. So if you can't qualify for the next rounds, feel free to drive the tracks from the other rounds as well. The more replays that will be uploaded, the tighter the hunts will become here on TMX. After all, who doesn't want to have a WR on an ARC track?

Past Winners
2013 - Omnipotz/Epik
2012 - Jerem
2011 - B1ts
2010 - Dave

Now for the obvious parts, a competition like this should have rules and restrictions on participating and hunting. Just as in the last editions, I advise you to read the rules carefully to avoid any discussions caused by not reading the rules.

Since this is an open competition, every single user is allowed to enter the hunting part from this competition. The first round will be some kind of selection round where the better drivers will get the most points and where the drivers with some less skills will end up in the lower regions. I do hope that doesn't scare anyone since participating is the main aim after all, not? Since I said, every single user, that also means that the users who've build a track for the competition can also take part in the hunt.

First round: 27th February 2015 - 15th March 2015

The Maps:
For every style six maps got chosen, so obviously there will be six rounds played. The maps will be uploaded on this account:   ARC2015. If you've sent in a map, but didn't receive a feedback from me, I'm sorry - I forgot it. The users that built a map which got chosen for the ARC should've received a PM by now. Please don't upload your maps before the end of the ARC if they didn't get chosen.

Join the hunters:
I'd like to keep track of the hunters that join the competition. Therefore, I decided to let hunters post some kind of application form. I will also make a list from the participating hunters which will be updated during the competition. On that list, I'll also keep track from the users that submitted their replay pack and who didn't. For the application form, have a look:

o Username (TMX)
o Ingame name (TM-N/U-F)
o Ingame login (TM-N/U-F)
o Country

As example, mine would be:
o Sky.esu
o knts.Sky (TMUF)
o stupidediasky (TMUF)
o Germany

You can register until the end of the first hunting phase by posting in this topic!

- Username: to contact you if needed
- Ingame name: to keep track from your replays
- Ingame login: to send coppers
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4:00 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Replay rules:
o Send me the replays via PM   Sky.esu in a zip-file!
o Make sure to drive your replays under the account you applied with
o Do NOT change replay names into 'speedtech', 'RPG', ...
o Make sure I can see your replay by just opening (so I don't have to open it with the editor)
o You have to submit a replay on EVERY track to get a chance on a prize.
o Missing replays will lead to a minus score of '-15' on your round score.

Track cutting on speedtech, tech, fullspeed, mini fullspeed and dirt is NOT allowed. On RPG's, pathfinding is a task so if you find an alternative way, it is allowed.

In case you haven't heard of the ARC yet, until now, this year's competition is held in 6 rounds. Obviously, in every round the 'worst' hunters will drop off from the score table. The rest qualifies for the next round. Depending on the amount of hunters, the amount of qualifiers will increase. The final round will be held with a maximum of 10 players. Below is an example from how it could look like:

- round 1: 100 players
- round 2: 80 players
- round 3: 60 players
- round 4: 40 players
- round 5: 20 players
- final round : 10 players

Keep in mind that this is just a raw example and it might variate if there are more/fewer hunters. Let's hope that we can reach a lot of active players this year.

Score System:
The score system will be the same as in previous editions. I didn't have any major problems with it during the other editions so I can't find a reason to change it. It worked fine so I hope it'll do fine this year as well.
Example: if 25 hunters drive, the first place gets 25 points, 2nd place gets 24, ...
When 40 hunters play, the first one gets 40 points, 2nd place 39 points, ...
The score will be defined on the first round and won't change anymore during the entire competition. So even if the final round is held with only 5 players, the first one will get 40 points if that was the case in the first round.

That's pretty much everything by now, but try to keep an eye on this topic to see if I made any major updates which will be indicated in my posts. Any posts that include information about this competition are unofficial, unless they are approved by me. So better await confirmation by me to be sure about something. And everyone who wants to donate coppers, sends them to the account "stupidediasky" please. Anyone is free to ask me a question about the competition. I'll be answering everything as well as possible.

Kind regards and I hope for a lot of participants.

Copper Donations:
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4:01 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Participants list:
1. dan!el
2. esu| Sh4dow
3. Bx3.Zero.esu
4. mõd» JaniX´
5. speedo |I CvRk
6. MRious
7. AR »vader!
8. »Trian
9. Knights.rbj
10. esu| Harry
11. AR »Down.
12. link
13. SWRT#aidenKraL
14. esu | Jumper
15. rlr | Dog.ngu
16. esu | pascow
17. AFC|Cocktail
18. ngu | Andje
19. Lovva!
20. EleMents » Manu.
21. AR »Ghost!
22. [DFF]wormí27z
23. iGn'|Jay.vac
24. Weekend.
25. elaus43
26. [FAM] Jumper
27. [SF] Dule
28. DrKris
29. hpлdragon.
30. »RtA«wally///hot
31. [JMF]Gäbbo
32. [JMF]??xS?ad?w
33. quatmx
34. OwndMäx
35. iGn'|Liszt.
36. AR »2slow4you
37. [JMF]egus
38. wasp Blinkbee
39. AR »Rockz.
40. TA gothmog
41. waldfee » MightyDucks
42. cranberr!es
43. nod32.
44. keby!
45. esu|Dream
46. ¬bw.Ðrunk
47. ¬wws.Wycka
48. Wingthor.esu
49. Quantum» Lewis /eXc
50. Trio»Vivek
51. Trio»Skanda
52. Trio»Nithish
53. javi
54. BacKup
55. AR »NGTT! <3
56. esu|Pr3c4rio
57. apX. agent
58. RazoR.esu
59. sL eSu JereM.
60. ft.Revii
61. TA quao
62. Avitox > JakeRay
63. Random Luckz0r
64. AGCSonicRacing***
65. apkix | Hardy
66. Snellejasper
67. Maarten
68. AR »Cybernetic
69. KnightsxRagle
70. ngu»Gun
71. FaZ!Storm
72. speedo/Shock
73. esu| thiele
74. F' Skillet.o0
75. Hitchy
76. Zorscy«switch
77. KNTS x Screwy
78. knts x zuplok
79. vneck
80. ALF.esu
81. GO! Deichkind
82. AR »Kazh²¹
83. eren
84. pete.
85. Candidatus
86. Ft|nevermind.xT
87. hw .One «
88. Dunno|Marius89
89. LeG // SucXceS
90. Dunno³|Firestorrm
91. holzbalken
92. afc.Android
93. esu|shortz.
94. acer|racehans
95. iGn|DisGo
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4:21 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

o dan!el
o dan!el (TMUF)
o space41 (TMUF)
o Lithuania
4:24 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #

o der-bozz.esu
o esu| Sh4dow(TMUF)
o der-bozz (TMUF)
o Germany
4:39 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o zerospeed
o Bx3.Zero.esu (TMUF)
o tom322 (TMUF)
o The Netherlands
4:43 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

o JaniX
o mõd» JaniX´ (TMNF)
o jannikk12 (TMNF)
o Germany
4:44 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

o CvRk
o speedo |I CvRk (TMUF)
o pajulka_wolf (TMUF)
o Czech Republic
4:51 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #

o MR
o MRious(TMUF)
o mrlord_(TMUF)
o Germany
Last edited 11-Feb-2015 by   MR
  AR »vader!
4:57 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

o AR »vader!
o AR »vader! (TMUF)
o proskill_ (TMUF)
o Germany
  AR »Trian
5:06 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

o AR »Trian
o AR »Trian (TMNF)
o marcuzes (TMNF)
o Finland
Last edited 12-Feb-2015 by   AR »Trian
5:19 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o Knts.rbj (TMX)
o Knights.rbj (TMUF)
o Javibot (TMUF)
o Portugal
5:49 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

o Harry.esu
o esu| Harry(TMUF)
o harry-1-6 (TMUF)
o Germany
  AR »Down.
5:58 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

o AR »Down.
o AR »Down. (TMUF)
o smackdown_gll1 (TMUF)
o Germany
Last edited 10-Feb-2015 by   AR »Down.
6:08 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

o link`
o link (TMUF)
o tusmat (TMUF)
o France
Last edited 10-Feb-2015 by   link`
6:08 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

o aiden.KraL'
o SWRT#aidenKraL (TMUF)
o aidencral (TMUF)
o Germany
6:21 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

o jumper.esu
o esu | Jumper (TMUF)
o jumper___jack (TMUF)
o Germany
7:46 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

o Dog'
o rlr | Dog.ngu (TMUF)
o dog. (TMUF)
o Germany
7:53 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
still hanging

o pascow.esu
o esu | pascow (TMUF)
o zippar (TMUF)
o Germany
8:05 PM 10-Feb-15 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

o Cocktail.afc (TMX)
o AFC|Cocktail (TMUF)
o adidi55 (TMUF)
o France

Sorry to say that, but I honestly don't know if I'll be able to participate in all the rounds I'm qualified in :/ I mean it is possible that I give up in the middle on the competition because of a lack of time to play, I hope it isn't too much of a problem.
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