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Hunting Weekend 2016 | 29.-31. jan
Hunting Weekend 2016 | 29.-31. jan9:44 AM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

official tracksign made by  .Ornaiim


Homepage for Livescores and more

My facebookpage for daily updates


The idea is to have 16 authors build one short track each, so we end up with 16 short maps, for one weekend (48 hours). This is so people who normally dont build tracks for contests now have a shot at it. I hope to see people who normally build shorttracks to attend and people who normally build different kinds of tracks. This is a contest for all. Both builders and drivers. But to make it fair on how these spots are given away I've come up with this system:

1 spot for myself.
Since I'm hosting and creating this contest I think it's fair that I make one track myself.

3 reserved spots.
This is so I can give a spot to people that either have helped me alot earlier or people I've seen build more tracks here on TMX.

6 fastest spots.
I'll give away 6 spots to the fastest people here on TMX. Send me a PM where you say you wanna build a map and you might be one of the first. This is so the active people here on TMX get an advantage for being active.
All spots taken.

6 lottery spots.
This is to all the people that wasnt invited for the reserved spots or wasnt able to claim one of the fastest spots. All you need to do is to write in this TMX post that you're in. When you do that you get a number. After the deadline is over I'll use the random number generator to pick out six lucky people that can build a map.
Sign up is over

Please dont tell anyone if you get a spot. Wanna post one author each day in X-mas with some info about the mapper so the community can know him/her better.

"Hunting Weekend #1 by   NMD 2"
"Hunting Weekend #2 by   pascow.esu"
"Hunting Weekend #3 by   Sky.esu"
"Hunting Weekend #4 by   JaniX"
"Hunting Weekend #5 by   KarjeN"
"Hunting Weekend #6 by   dow|.Dave."
"Hunting Weekend #7 by   MR"
"Hunting Weekend #8 by   papa_legba"
"Hunting Weekend #9 by   aiden.KraL'"
[bad track link]
"Hunting Weekend #11 by   HW2016"
"Hunting Weekend #12 by   Loreleï"
"Hunting Weekend #13 by   Massa."
"Hunting Weekend #14 by   DisGo.esu"
"Hunting Weekend #15 by   CvRk"
"Hunting Weekend #16 by   Mawi"

Info about the contest:
As I said there will be 16 maps for 2 days, your goal is to drive as fast as possible on every track and claim as many points as possible.
If you cut or try to cut a map, you're banned from the event.

- Own server -
There will be a own server for this event. All maps will be upload in the order from 1-16 and the maps will rotate. Timelimit will be 14.30 on each map, with 15 sec brake between map. So total 15 min per map with loadingtime. There will not be possible to skip or res to make it most fair.

- Top 50 Locals will get points -
We will use local to crown a winner. Top 50 locals on each map will get points. This is to make it more fun for everyone.

- Length: 17-23 sec -
- Style: Short tech -

As in WSH there will be a mainfocus on Solocontest. This is so people who like to drive just can join and have a good time. And of course try to win.
Deadline: No deadline, join whenever you want.

Again as in WSH there will be a teamcontest. This is to create more fun and more people driving. Each team will include three players (no need to be in same clan.) The goal for each team is to collect as many points as possible together.
Sign up by making a post in this topic. Write teamname, login for players on both TMX and TMNF

Deadline: 1 hour before event

I've hosted to edition of WSH where people could donate to a prizepool. Both seasons people has showed a huge amount of support and donated coppers. So if you wanna donate coppers to this prizepool feel free to and I'll write you up on official donatorslist.
Current Prizepool: 100 000 coppers
  Massa. - 100 000

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2:09 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

Nice contest, gonna sign up for a team
Last edited 18-Nov-2015 by   Loreleï
2:21 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Nice, maybe go for 3000 finishes this time?
2:48 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!


You can now sign up here in post for lottery! All you need to do is write: ''I'm in'' and I'll write your number. Deadline is November 28th 16 CET. After that all numbers will be used in Random Numbergenerator to chose who gets the last 6 spots.
Last edited 18-Nov-2015 by   NMD
3:42 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

so.. I can only hunt solo and still win 1st in solo event? cool. if it's like that I may join.
btw thx for your pm nmd, will probably take your track to my cutting tracks vid. (if there's eveuntually going to be any vid like that)
Last edited 18-Nov-2015 by   raceta
3:49 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

You can decide to online play Soloevent yes. Or u can play both Like Weekly Short Hunt
8:52 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

I'm in? idk maybe yeah
10:57 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Coupè Racer

I'm in
11:52 PM 18-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

i'm in
12:22 AM 19-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

I'm in

Hoping to be chosen
Last edited 19-Nov-2015 by   Mawi
8:11 AM 19-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #

I'm in
11:28 PM 19-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

By the way, can people make duo maps?
11:23 AM 20-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

I created this event mainly to let builders show their own style, but I understand that if you havent built so much before its more safe to build with a buddy. So I would prefer that people build alone, but accept duos. If you're planning on building with someone please PM me.
4:20 PM 20-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

I'm in for lottery. How long time we have to build after knowing who won slots?
10:13 PM 20-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

The official deadline aint set yet, but I believe somewhere around January 1st. Hoping to get a moviemaker to make a trailer for the event so
Last edited 20-Nov-2015 by   NMD
2:51 AM 21-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Soft-Top Racer

I'm in.
1:21 PM 21-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

One week left to sign up to lottery! 7 has signed up so far
2:36 PM 21-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #

I'm in
8:41 AM 22-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Current Prizepool: 100 000 coppers

Hello! Proud to say that the current prizepool is 100 000 coppers. Me and Jonni decided to put in a startpot to this prizepool. The reason why we can do this is cause people has donated alot of coppers to server under Weekly Short Hunt. The coppers are from the topdonator   Massa..

If you wanna donate coppers to this event, send them to Jonniboyde and write down your username here on TMX so I can write you up.

Picture of Top 15 donators to Weekly Short Hunt server
9:50 AM 22-Nov-15 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

I'm in
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