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*DOWNLOAD* the old ESWC tracks for TMNF here
*DOWNLOAD* the old ESWC tracks for TMNF here7:34 PM 28-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

Hey guys i uploaded a mappack (.rar) included of all ESWC maps

Now u can use it for TMNF !

Download :
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6:57 AM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #

Or, you know, go to TMNF ESWC exchange and download them there.
8:27 AM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

209kb indicates you're advertising your own shit do that in the "your tracks section" .. wait these are the nadoe tracks... still no point so i stand by my first remark
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11:30 AM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

Kang, may I remind you that we want use a suitable language for this site, yet I agree with you
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1:22 PM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

In case you want to leave a comment on the Nations tracks...
1:40 PM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Go-Kart Racer

I just wanted to make it easier for you to stretch her ??fast in a .rar no longer have to dispose.
  fab'm PT <3
4:08 PM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #

he had good intentions but idd it's easier to go to the nations exchange site and download then (you missed the bonus tracks btw)
also in tmu there's plentry of tmn tracks remaked you can just find by writing tmn
  Enryx <3
6:29 PM 29-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

But @fabio_m the ones in United exchange are "Forever versions" of TMN Nadeos... They use dirt, other moods and Forever blocks... So not for who wants real ESWC tracks
  fab'm PT <3
7:54 AM 31-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #

you cant find forever blocks on those
those remakes were made with united blocks before the forever update and i can tell you even you can sense the nostalgia playing those tracks
imo those remakes are awesome
  Enryx <3
1:30 PM 31-Jan-12 : Quote : Report : #
Saloon Racer

Eeeh it's because I didnt play United (nonForever) I thought dirt n stuff was only on Forever Update
Still, noticeable differences between ESWC and United remake (on As expecially)
F16:12 PM 03-Feb-12 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Hi i need Tracks F1 pliss Help guys
9:32 AM 06-Feb-12 : Quote : Report : #

Random spam.
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