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F3C (Fullspeed 3v3 Cup) - Map Request
  apX.Magik :3
F3C (Fullspeed 3v3 Cup) - Map Request1:29 AM 27-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!


I'm looking for potential maps that will be featured in the upcoming 3v3 full speed tournament/cup. Here's a list for you guys of what to look out for when building your maps for this event.

General Rules:

- Name: "F3C - name" use what you want for "name"
- No special signs in the name
- Length: 44-54 seconds
- Make it playable for every cam
- Multilap start is forbidden - your map will have 0% being chosen with a multilap start.
- Block mixing is allowed, if it does not produce graphical glitches or driving bugs
- Use day mood only please.
- GPS can be included but not on the start block (behind or to the left/right is ok)
- Intros and outros are forbidden
- The scenery should be light/medium.
- The tracks submitted to other competitions that didn't make it are allowed, same goes for old beta tracks.
- There's no deadline as of right now, the tournament will be held later in the year closer to April / May time however...
-If you wish to build a map please send a pm to   F3C Admins in advance so that I know who will be building maps.

Extra info:

- Please keep in mind that maps will be played in rounds mode
- Try to include varied tricks within your map and also to watch out for ramstein bugs, this will increase the chance of your map being picked.
- You will be notified if your map is accepted/will be put to use for the competition.
- Feedback will be given back if your map is chosen for the tournament.

More information about sign ups, rules etc. will be out soon. For now I'm only looking for maps so that the cup can start straight away as soon as there's enough maps for the tournament.

If you have any more questions regarding maps etc, please feel free to ask below.
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11:14 AM 27-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

>ok, nevermind
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2:11 PM 27-Jan-18 : Quote : Report : #

>ok, nevermind
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6:06 PM 04-Feb-18 : Quote : Report : #
Beyond Help!

>ok,   nevermind
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  apX.Magik :3
8:43 PM 06-Feb-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

>ok,   kappa_nevermind

  apX.Magik :3
12:03 AM 10-Feb-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

i hope there will be a few more people building maps

So far, there's 3 complete maps, 2 more that are being currently built (2 guys that have let me know), so that's only a total of 5 maps.

Maybe someone can further pass on the message about the cup and the map request to places where it hasn't been reached yet?

Tournament would be stable to be started at 9 maps, ideally 12 would be great.
  F3C Admins
12:13 AM 20-Feb-18 : Quote : Report : #
Moped Racer

maybe it's the activity on tmx this time of year or something, but I'm kinda disappointed that only 3 people wrote to me that they wanna build a map :/

I'm hoping there's other people who have built maps/are building but haven't written a pm yet.

There's about 6 maps that i know of that will be built, if there's other people out there who are building, let me know asap here so that i know whether or not to continue waiting for maps.
  AR »Trex
6:21 PM 22-Feb-18 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I would really like to build a map, but currently that's just impossible because of all the work arising from my studies
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  apX.Magik :3
5:06 PM 23-Apr-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

I will start looking for maps again in June/July, thanks to those who have already sent maps in, I'm looking forward to seeing some more in order for this 3v3 competition to start.
  apX.Magik :3
11:25 AM 09-Jun-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Registration process will start once there's close to enough maps to start the event!
  JFF - Drpzor FST
1:40 PM 12-Jun-18 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

Damn, it's a pity the limit is 54, could've sent Magnolia :/ Anyways may try doing something, eventually ^^ What should the difficulty and speed be like? Also, what do you mean by drivable with all cams, does that mean I should put no cams in or what?
Btw, can I use already uploaded maps? My maps don't usually get noticed anyways, so if some of them fit the requirements, I may send some of those. Also, does 54.99 still count?
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  apX.Magik :3
5:01 PM 13-Jun-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

54 was an ideal number because more than this (imo) won't keep the players activite in Hunting and will loose their interests.

Difficulty can be medium+ (if that makes sense)

Speed ideally would be nice to have higher than 400, because it's supposed to be a fullspeed competition

Released maps aren't okay because there will be unfair advantages, some people will have played the maps and some won't have.

But unreleased (beta maps) are okay because not a lot of people play beta maps anyway and they will save me from times deciding what's alright for a competition and what isn't.

54.99 i guess can count, but like i said, try to keep maps a bit lower because more than 50(imo) won't keep the players active in hunting.
9:09 PM 12-Jul-18 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

Are you guys still looking for FS maps for this competition? I'd be happy to make help if its not too late
  apX.Magik :3
10:19 PM 13-Jul-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

yes please, you can send something in, we're getting close to enough maps to start the tournament but a few extra wouldn't hurt.
11:04 AM 14-Jul-18 : Quote : Report : #
Zimmer Racer!

I can also try something, if you need some more maps.
  apX.Magik :3
2:59 PM 14-Jul-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

  apX.Magik :3
12:48 PM 19-Aug-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Final deadline for maps being sent in: 31st August.
  apX.Magik :3
5:34 AM 02-Sep-18 : Quote : Report : #
Total TMX Nutter!

Thanks to everyone for sending in your maps, i will PM you from the F3C account if your maps made the map packs a few days before you need to upload them. Expect a PM ~5th September for the first map pack. There's been a lot of really good maps sent in and I'm really happy about the amount sent in especially due to the activity we still have on this website for over 10 years.

This tournament will hopefully be one of the best ones here on tmx.
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