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Text and skins (and replays)
Text and skins (and replays)1:31 PM 06-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #

So I'm a bit in the mediatracker now, not so deep but...

So I have some questions:

Regarding the text: (ingame)
Is it possible to change the font?
Can I let the text appear character after character, without doing it for every character manually?

Regarding the skin: (replay editor)
Is there a way to change the carskin mid replay?

I cant find a good turotial to this anywhere. Most links are to mania-creative and that site is down
And the mediatracker tracks that I can find either are with password and/or half of the things arent working anymore cause the locators arent there anymore

Thanks in advance

edit: I thought I figured out how to include replays and with the first everything is fine but then I offset the start on a second one it seems like the start of it depends on how long im driving?!
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11:59 PM 06-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #

mt noob here
regarding the text:
it's not possible to change the font unless you do it from outside source (making an image and make it appear ingame) it's more trouble that it's worth it
there's also no trick to make character after character apear that's not manually EXCEPT going on way arround which is making the text on a black back ground and a black rectangle or 2d triangle covering its entirity and reveal letter by letter as it moves out of the way

skin change...
that's..... a bit more tricky, that would envolve you to add 2 ghost replays (same run) and cutting the first one to stop as second one start at the point you want the skin to change selecting skin options for each one
it's been a while since I messed with the editor but there is a delay option that in the ghost options you may have to figure that out because I don't remember by head

e/ I think I made the skin change in the gps of this track I don't remember, worth to check if it's password free
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12:32 AM 07-Jan-19 : Quote : Report : #

The text needs to stay standart then

That skin change would work I think thanks

Thereplay thing is that I already have one in this track that works fine with the delay. But on the second one it is fine in the mediatracker preview but ingame the ghost is just way ahead or behind, when I'm faster or slower... maybe cause I need to offset it by -9 secs or so, instead of +5?
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