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unlimiter or not
unlimiter or not10:39 AM 08-Jan-20 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer


because the limitless possibillitys in unlimiter id like to suggest an addition in information to posting new tracks on the trackpage

atm we can choose between lol, fullspeed , tech etc etc, but as far i can tell its hard to tell if a track is build with unlimiter or not..
as i dont use unlimiter myself, it came to my attention some players/servers ignore the builds without unlimiter , or as id like to call it, vannilla funtrack builds. [even if they suck balls 8-| ]

in short , an additional tab on trackpage if its a vannilla build or unlimiter build. or somtething in that range of additional information

i hope you understand what im trying to say


edit: i suppose it should be in site discussion section

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5:37 PM 08-Jan-20 : Quote : Report : #
Hatchback Racer

I definetly think unlimiter is a big advantage if used correctly (used without flickering and unnatural combinations) so yes i think its good, but i have nothing against maps that arent built with unlimiter, infact the top one best of the week map is, i belive, built with little to no unlimiter. Im ofc talkung about simos map
5:57 PM 08-Jan-20 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

for me building is just trial and error most of the times

but i sometimes come across tracks where i think ''well, thats clever'' and next i want to try and build something simular, but as soon i start building i realize its not possible because it was build in unlimiter,

many maps with unlimiter are clear for Obvious reasons, but some have just minor adjustments and that can get confusing , at least for me.
to get inspiration from the many good creators here, i sometimes find myself confused and getting stuck in certain transitions etc.

thats where i think it might be helpfull if there is a added tab in witch a track is created.

its just an idea i have because i dont use unlimiter and stumbled on that problem from time to time

6:51 PM 08-Jan-20 : Quote : Report : #
PM for Duo :)
Site Leader

Hi! It surely is a nice idea, but unfortunately TMX is such an old site that there is no one around anymore with the time or knowledge to change the ancient coding of this website, so updates are not possible
4:19 PM 09-Jan-20 : Quote : Report : #
Toy-Car Racer

ok thx

that about wraps it up


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