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Name: Download Respiration
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   hoheb
Version: 19-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1028375
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 43,323
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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0:46.66   KarjeN+ 0:00.0043,323
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:46.83   Phyter+ 0:00.1742,375
0:46.92   Speeder 25+ 0:00.2641,874
0:47.04   niQ*+ 0:00.3841,206
0:47.04   Bubble+ 0:00.3841,206
0:47.27   fOoliSH+ 0:00.6139,925
0:47.29   GSA|Cheet+ 0:00.6339,813
0:47.33   RaxX aka Nurad...+ 0:00.6739,590
0:47.52   .wesc+ 0:00.8638,532
0:47.55   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.8938,365
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Author Comments

_______________ _______________

Hey everybody !
Welcome to my newest track called "respiration". I don't really know why
but it sounds nice, and it's as usual called like a music track.
Maybe some people ask themselves why I build a track like this?
Maybe you know, that my previous highbuilt speedtechs Prayer and For You weren't so succesful...
Well.. the answer is very easy ... I just have fun building these tracks
I also didn't use any platform blocks of the TMNF AddOn... just because I think it looks better
and I just miss the old tmn-times
As usual the screenshot is made by myself I hope you like it !


To the track...

>> Length : ~47s
>> Style : Speedtech
>> Difficulty : Intermediate
>> GPS : yes
>> Intro : yes
>> outro : just a small one
>> Fun : well.. you'll see
>> Screenshot : yes


In addition I want to thank my beta-testers very much !
You were a big help for me

Here they are...

...fime ~
...The Black Lion
...» n4meless.nGine «


Well I think I said everything you gotta need to know
Just have fun and please give me some feedbacks



PS :
>> Bigger screenshot
_______________ _______________

User Comments
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  timefound WOW Lover <3 22-Mar-2009
Thanks for that
  TimeBreaker 22-Mar-2009
You mean 47.02, Champ?
Just try again
  Bubble 22-Mar-2009
46.xx is pos.. gogo ^^
  hoheb 22-Mar-2009

it's possible to get a new "best track" for me if you look at the amount of awards of course ...

Thank you very much

Thank you too for the incredible replays! u

  fOoliSH 22-Mar-2009
this is not my best xP i'll get the 46.xx soon^^
  Hock 22-Mar-2009
Beautiful screenie!
  hoheb 22-Mar-2009
  Phyter 24-Mar-2009
Karjen i cant believe it
wanted to upload the time as WR now i hvae to beat you.
gonne to be hard

nice time
  KarjeN 24-Mar-2009
hehe ty
You too
I think .4 is possible
  niQ* 24-Mar-2009
haha gogo TMalien !!!
just joking
  axis ._. 24-Mar-2009
best of the week
  hoheb 24-Mar-2009

Thank you VERY much man

and thx again for this replays..

KarjeN you sick m..

  Acer|wells 25-Mar-2009
well deserved
  hoheb 30-Mar-2009
haha flash
thank you very much



O.o omg man...

I have a new "best" map xD if you look at the amiunt of awards I received for this map
Thank you all very much, I'd be nothing without you (on I mean )

you all !
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User Awards
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User Award   niQ* 23-Mar-2009
this is what i call a track!
awesome work mate
User Award   KarjeN 24-Mar-2009
amazing track mate!
User Award   swiss 24-Mar-2009
wooow, greeeat map my friend!!!!

User Award   ShoK 24-Mar-2009
User Award   TMV Racer~zT 29-Mar-2009
Nice track hoheb!!
User Award   TMV.FlAsH 30-Mar-2009

Damn Hoheb I just dunno what I should say.. You know I rly ain't a man of few words and more often than not I'm simply to lazy to award your great tracks.. But this time it would be a shame if I wouldn't find the time to show you my admiration towards this lovely masterpiece!

Well, TB express exactly what I feel about it: At my first drive-throug I thought I had a déjà vu "Angel?!" Then I realized "No man you're on Respiration..^^.)" Indeed some transitions were nearly used like the founding father of Speedtech but in a very own and special hoheb way I've never seen before. Anyway I take the liberty to say that we not only found a new Angel but also a highlight in a long TMN history that could hopefully definitely place you on the very top of TMX.

Having said this and in hope to finding some more motivating words for you:
Hoheb, I urge you: Pls never stop favouring us with your awesomes tracks and keep up building in your own style as own of the few of this kind who still don't care about the new mainstream line! It's this ability to create progressive things in every single map which makes the difference between you and the rest of the community. So listen to me: Don't care about awards and don't care about those who advise you to change your style!
It's a gift to be special so be proud of it!

In hope to see you soon.



P.S. (geht nor eis smile wo mi gsechtsusdrock bem fahre vo däre map chönnt beschriebe.. -> "()" hoffe weisch no wa för eis da esch .. mimimi)
User Award   Kiko31.F® 05-Apr-2009
Amazing track my friend !
+ Wonderful Screenshot

~~> <~~

User Award   Bajs 06-Apr-2009
Lovely speed-tech with very cool slides.
User Award   BlackOut. 21-Nov-2009
nice one
User Award   .Wiinty 04-Jul-2011
Just 49?
Take the 50
User Award   RaµL 19-Jul-2011
oops.. seems i missed an award
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
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