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Name: Download Durîng th£ d@y
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Quantum.Max'
Version: 20-Mar-2009
Released: 20-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1035364
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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World RecordByDifferenceScoreLB
0:47.76   InfernaL+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:47.94   AR »tk!+ 0:00.18-
0:47.96   Harry.esu+ 0:00.20-
0:48.00   Dubby+ 0:00.24-
0:48.01   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.25-
0:48.03   Ludo+ 0:00.27-
0:48.03   Quantum.Max'+ 0:00.27-
0:48.19   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:00.43-
0:48.23   matza+ 0:00.47-
0:48.30   ECL~Masango+ 0:00.54-
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  The replay is awaiting approval by a moderator.
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Pen Total penalty applied (platform tracks only), 10s for each respawn.
Replay is "locked" to protect solution (for 30 days).
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Author Comments

Welcome to my new production I'm back after 9 month without new map.

First, it's a FullSpeed map while I started 7 months ago but I forget to finish it

~ Screen shot --> Special Thanks to R4B.Dark' who made it ! Nice Screen mate
~ Beta testers --> Dark, Madx, ThibzZz (ST powaaaa ), Ben, Firwarre, and Maz
~ Video on Tm tube (48.61)

I hope you'll like it and don't hesitate to award and to post a replay if you are keen on the map

Have Fun and Good Luck !


D/Ls: 1 000

Wr -----------> 48.03 by Ludo
Second Wr --> 48.03 by Max'
Third Wr ----> 48.19 by Dynamite

>> Thanks list <<

1. ThibzZz || Thank you, you put the first award (ST powaaaa:D) + replay
2. vladish | fs' er || Ty mate !
3. Obie || Ty chaps (yes, WRhunting is nice here
4. CraxX. || Ty sir + replay
5. Baston.F®«uT || Great words + Ty for the replay
6. R4ß.Ludo || First R4ß's award. Merci ludo
7. maz || my favourite bitch Ty nup
8. musatava_dc_ (Chris) || Hey, ty, nice words
9. Emp || Simple award. However, Ty
10. GSA|Dynamite || Lovely words mate! and crasy time freak
11. JooR.~ zT || Ty you but try to not spam plz ^^'
12. Hitch || Ty
13. matza44 || hehe, very nice time and award: Ty
14. R4ß.Sarda || yeaah Sardou merci pour l'aw + le replay
15. Boxon || Ty boxo! award + replay
16. R4ß.Dark || Merci Darkounet + replay
17. » Jordy_van_boxtel «' || Thx
18. JailBr3ak || Ty
19. R4ß.Alf || Merci Alfounet !
20. ornaim.FR || Sympa l'award mci
21. Boucher || Boubouuuuu !! merci
22. R4ß.Ben || Merci Ben
23. d0n3 || Thank you guy
24. »Roxiie.!¬BsP« || Ty mate
25. Coasterking || Ty
26. BluEjAck || Nice words, ty
27. Scania || Super award, ty + replay
28. R4ß.Madx || Yeah madounette^^ merci pour l'award
29. matty || Ty
30. Tash || what an honor! Ty mate
31. PANIC || super award, ty + a replay
32. Joe.B ~uT` || Ty very much
33. BaRtA || Merci bien! (now i'm waiting for a nice time from u )
34. dow|.Dave. || Ty very much + replay
35. Showtime || Ty "cul de sac xD" for aw' + replay
36. GSA|Cheet.~ zT || Ty guy + nice replay
37. zT|Ptitnono.F® || Lovely award + Ty for the nice replay mate
38. GhostDog || Ty very much for award & replay
39. JoFo. || Ty guy + nice replay
40. TBR»Stoned || Ty mate and nice replay
41. ReDSoX 23 || Merci Red
42. DoW|Eliphas .~zT || lovly award
43. GUELLE~TMX || Ty mate
44. Boomer || Ty mate + nice replay
45. [SF]Master-M || Ty mate
46. raptorbob || Ty
47. NikoX93 || Ty
48. rastaaman Ty man
49. Berty_Robin thx!

User Comments
Showing 40 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  matza 17-Apr-2009
the lb made me drive this one again a little bit

dyna's time is beatable
  Quantum.Max' 17-Apr-2009
Very nice time matza

let's hunt Dyna
  matza 17-Apr-2009

  Quantum.Max' 17-Apr-2009
omg, i had -0.10 on Dyna after the 2nd wall but i crashed ..

with some trick, 47 is possible
  GSA|dynamYte 26-Apr-2009
classic, gratz
  matza 26-Apr-2009
  Quantum.Max' 26-Apr-2009
Thanks all for your replays which made my map classic!
  GSA|dynamYte 03-May-2009
wow, nice time Ludo
  Quantum.Max' 03-May-2009
hehe very nice ludo let's go under 48.00 now!! and Dyna too
  matza 04-May-2009
don't exclude me max'!!
  Quantum.Max' 04-May-2009
oups sorry matza

I repeat: Dyna and matza let's fuck this fucking WR!!!!!!!

Guys(with ludo too), i want to see a 47.9x !!!! (or 47.8x for Gods )

Go !!!
  Bartouille 18-May-2009
Nice time Max'
  Quantum.Max' 18-May-2009

47.9x is possible and 47.8x is really possible with a perfect run

Gogo Barta, let's own the WR
  matza 19-May-2009
omg you did it in rounds xD
  Quantum.Max' 19-May-2009
  GSA|dynamYte 20-May-2009
you guys are crazy
  Quantum.Max' 20-May-2009
lol Dyna, not more than you on the whole ^^
  ThibzZz 27-May-2009
oww, Did 47.86 offline, and then my harddrive suddenly crashed and i lost the time
Sadly xD
  JoFo. 27-May-2009
sure you did xD
  AR »tk! 04-Oct-2015
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User Awards
Showing 49 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   r4b.RedSox 17-Apr-2009
Good Job Max nice flow !!!
User Award   Eliphas` 18-Apr-2009
yo Max,

very nice track all in all
not really the FS style I prefer, but anyway
You made a solid track with nice jumps and drops

here is you well-deserved
.~* *~.

greetz Eliphas
User Award   GueLLe|is out 4ever! 19-Apr-2009
hay m8
nice track u build herre!
User Award   dow|Boomer 27-Apr-2009
awesome track Max
User Award   [SF]Master-M 30-Apr-2009
Nice track max.
User Award   Re!Gn°.- 03-May-2009
Awesome Maps .::.
User Award   NikoX93 01-Jul-2009
Good map
User Award   rastaaman 12-Aug-2009
nice track max ^^
User Award   Berty! 18-Nov-2009
gooooood job buddy

its pretty awesome

here is your !!!!!!!
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