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Name: Download Vonkable
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Darryl
Version: 21-Mar-2009
Released: 21-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1039994
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 46,996
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:33.97   HPD.Stanz0r.CH+ 0:00.0046,996
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:34.06   Elite.Air+ 0:00.0946,249
0:34.13   hum4n+ 0:00.1645,667
0:34.17   dignitas/Viper+ 0:00.2045,336
0:34.32   Malay+ 0:00.3544,091
0:34.52   GSA|Concept+ 0:00.5542,430
0:34.58   Quat+ 0:00.6141,932
0:34.58   waldfee+ 0:00.6141,932
0:34.71   tka'Markus10+ 0:00.7440,853
0:34.76   SynCro.+ 0:00.7940,438
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Author Comments

Hello ers

This is a tribute to Vonk! Why Vonk? Vonk you always help me with my tracks to test them! And you test this one too but you didn't know the name yet. I wanna thankyou so much that you always beta-test all my tracks and help me on TM. Thats why i made a tribute for you! I hope you will test in the future all my other tracks and maybe we gonna make a Duo i hope!

About Vonkable

Style : Tech/Speed.
CC : 1457
Mood : MidDay.
Smooth i think.
34.85 (34.Low is possible)
Screeny Thankyou Diplo for your amazing screenshot again! I can look hours to that beautiful screen dude! I hope i can that too in the future!
Outro : Naa im too lazy to do that
1. Vonk
2. Endymion
3. Quad
4. Diplo!
Comments: Thankyou guys if you post a comment with something with Cuts or something or if you don't like it tell me what u dont like that i can make it better next time

Replays: Thankyou so much! It would be great if you get a 34low and you post it!

Awards : Thankyou very much! Than i know i did a great job!
Btw test these tracks!

[bad track link]

Out Of Sight by   Darryl

User Comments
Showing 15 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Darryl 21-Mar-2009
First comment for me lol
  uetzer|R4a 21-Mar-2009
will make a time in the coming week
  Darryl 21-Mar-2009
All the guys or women says every time More Scenery so my next track will be with more more more scenery ghehe

edit : Oki not too much but like 2000cc.
  Natzke 21-Mar-2009
no, to much scenery will kill track
Your tracks have ok scenery, but I think that little bit more will be just fine
  SynCro. 21-Mar-2009
I agree with awards
A bit more scenary is needed
  Vonk 21-Mar-2009
I love the lack of scenery I am easily distracted by it .

but maybe I just said it in a vonkable way. 22-Mar-2009
why 19? should be limited to 10
  Darryl 22-Mar-2009
or 25+ EMP
  »n4meless|Less active. 22-Mar-2009
nope 10 would be enough.
  Vonk 22-Mar-2009
for the name itself it deserves at least 100 .
  Frx ben75 24-Mar-2009
This track have got 30 awards because it is fun simply fun to play.
  HPD.Stanz0r.CH 27-Mar-2009
Hey guys!
After my first run i saw that cp at the end is missing... Easy Cut
My run was was not very good, and so i think malay or viper beat my rec in the next time

With my end...33: low/middle possible


  Darryl 27-Mar-2009
Argh dudes i chcekd the cut when iwas making the track and builded some scnery and i though it wasnt possbile anymore butya.
  dignitas/Viper 27-Mar-2009
Even if there is a cut, I'd say it's pretty lame to upload a replay of it.
  HPD.Stanz0r.CH 29-Mar-2009
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 39 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   Stamp 22-Mar-2009
good job man
so smooth, great curves and slides
User Award   mr.hubby 22-Mar-2009
User Award   Raw <3 22-Mar-2009
Damn this track is cool !
Great job with this track !
User Award   McMuffin 22-Mar-2009
Nice one I like those slides and transitions! Well made, mate

Award for you

User Award   «!.pepe`oO!? 22-Mar-2009
Yop mate,
Really good track.
The flow is just perfect!
here is your !
User Award   Bucky 22-Mar-2009
nice track
flows like a mini xD

nice AT btw
User Award   CoastKing 22-Mar-2009
And again a great track by you Darryl
You tech tracks are good to train tech
User Award   Frx ben75 23-Mar-2009
Nice track!
User Award   Psymax 23-Mar-2009
really nice track...


»» Psymax
User Award   Acer|wells 24-Mar-2009
This one is great, I don't like the scenery but the flow is nice
Keep it up

User Award   w o,O p 26-Mar-2009
nice little track there m8 also vonk <3
User Award   axis ._. 26-Mar-2009
cool track!
great flow and nice drifts!
keep it up

User Award   dignitas/Viper 26-Mar-2009
Nice track
User Award   lupo !mW 27-Mar-2009
nice one!
User Award   amnesia | asylum 27-Mar-2009
Awesome track man
User Award   tka'Markus10 28-Mar-2009
nice map!

~~~> <~~~
User Award   Doki 23-Sep-2009
very nice track and well deserved
User Award   waldfee 20-Dec-2015
User Award   hum4n 04-May-2021
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