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Name: Download comrades in arms
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   eXtracT
Version: 27-Mar-2009
Released: 27-Mar-2009
TMX id: 1062600
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 28,282
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:39.68   Etidu+ 0:00.0628,025
0:39.84   sj@tmn+ 0:00.2227,339
0:39.87   eXtracT+ 0:00.2527,211
0:40.11   manefred+ 0:00.4926,183
0:40.18   Cyber_Dragon+ 0:00.5625,883
0:40.28   Bajs+ 0:00.6625,455
0:40.32   TimeBreaker+ 0:00.7025,284
0:40.54   Sky.esu+ 0:00.9224,341
0:40.60   DiArt+ 0:00.9824,084
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Author Comments

27th March 2009 – TMX BIRTHDAY

- it’s a birthday -

first of all, very big happy birthday to TMX, what a wonderful achievement, this community is still as strong, even stronger than ever before.

big thanks to all the mods that make this site what it is. our wonderful coder fleppie who pretty does as asked and makes everything perfect! thanks a lot my friend. and offcourse to our loving boss sabine, you keep this site running, and everything in order. your patience towards all of us is never ending, and I hope you stay looking over us. . . thankyou

and now to my present for tmx. . and to all my friends here

-my comrades-

as you read this, don’t think im leaving this site (again. . .hehe. im not, just takin a low profile. im goin for a high academic career and have set myself to hard study this year for school, so this is my last map for this year probably, cause im finding less and less time for this site. but don’t worry, you’ll still here form me and may even see some duo’s form me here n there. so im still active, but not makin tracks and not as active

I just wanted to give back to the community with this map. .

the title says it all, this track is a track for all my friends, role models and buddies out here in this site. you have made this site seem like another world. . and I have enjoyed every second of it. you all hold a place in my heart, ya’ll legends and my lil bitches. love ya’ll.

um. . .here's just some pppl i wanna mention, so many people I wanna write down, but there isn't enough space. . so i still love you all

- Alba: haven’t been in touch as much in the late bro, but I still hold you in high regards mate. you have helped me develop my building skill so much and I have learnt so much form ya. you’re an awesome friend mate

- TimeBreaker: now, what do I say man. . you are a real legend in this community. you give so much to the community and I hope we can give as much back to ya. you are that guy that everyone know and love. and so do I, and maybe even more so, cause we’ve had a few chats here and there. hehe yer so stay cool my friend and keep being da legend you are. . .

- metal_snake: ma friend. . I have grown to love ya mate. . you are so fun to build with, and so helpful with tracks, screenies ect. and awesome to talk to. . . .oh. . and ur tracks are freakin amazing dude

- cayman: you are new kid on the block. havn’t been around here for long mate, but you are an awesome kid. amazing tracks and amazing dude. . thanks a lot mate, lookin forward to our release

- sj@tmn: you my friend. . are a one in a million. you helped me so much over the past few months and have given me much. . I really really thankyou mate. . you are an awesome mapper, builder and friend

- Hoheb: my good ol buddy, im just getting to know you mate. . .thanks for producing some screamer tracks and lookin forward to releasing our lil’ thriller. thanks a million for all your help mate

-the track-

blah-blah-blah-just drive it please, don’t have enough room for details

this track is bringing back ol’ school and is made of fully tmn blocks and carries some nice tmn flow to it I think. . old traditional drifts

and a big big thx to hoheb for this screen; it is absolutely stunning.
and editu for his amazing mt work, outstanding outro my friend

coppers: 2869
author time: 40.18 (lots of replays fellas. . . .

. . .love you all. . .be seeing ya round. . .quite often probably. . .cheers. . .


User Comments
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  Dartz4 27-Mar-2009

  sj@tmn 27-Mar-2009
I'll show you the meaning of speed when my exams are done
  Etidu 27-Mar-2009
Etidu or Etidu29 or eti plz, not "editu" ^^

@sj : didn't know you put a cam like that in your GPS
  GueLLe|is out 4ever! 27-Mar-2009
what exams do u mean?
i am writing right now! xD
  sj@tmn 27-Mar-2009
Sorry eduti
  Dartz4 27-Mar-2009
I am writing abitur as well right now

But still hanging about here
  GueLLe|is out 4ever! 27-Mar-2009
in which country?
  sj@tmn 27-Mar-2009
  nera. 02-Jun-2009
awwwwwwwwwwwwesome screenshot
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User Awards
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User Award   PagH .xT 03-Apr-2009
Once again - once again

I'm very sad to see that you stop producing tracks. A master like you may never leave - never! But now you have created a track with only tmn blocks . . which is pretty cool, tho i like modern tracks the most. I promised you a long award . . but im so busy atm. I love you. You're a lengend . . and i hope you come back . .you legend!!!

User Award   Bajs 22-Apr-2009
Fantastic tech track, very cool slides and nice transitions.
Good job.

User Award   DiArt 22-Apr-2009
Great track

---> <---
User Award   Dutchy! 05-May-2009
LatE award
But what an E Y E Mazing map dude
Really Mindblowing Atmosphere
Relaxing speed, good Transition's and idea's
Very god job

And it's a B I G One

User Award   ANE.Emil 05-May-2009
Nice track!
A very nice flow, and the scenery is very good

User Award   aQ » Alba. 22-May-2009
sorry dude, really forgot about that one, but it rooooooocks so much

I love the style you created here, lovely flow and sweet nations design and style. Can´t get enough of that one, also thanks for mentioning me dude, you´re really a true legend out here. I´m not really in the mood to write something really big, cause it is so freakin early in the morning, but dude you truly have my repsect

Great job, and thanks once again, I feel very honoured

Regards Alba
User Award   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 03-Jun-2009
Damn it!

How could I forget a track this beautiful?!
Well... anyway. Here it goes. Hopefully it'll give you some more awards, (Recently Awarded) :')

What is there to say...? um..
let's start with the start. xD

Wonderful starting section with that perfect little drop adding a nice amount of speed but yet keeping it in such a way that the left turn becomes possible to do and that the next transition works perfectly.

A perfect amount of turns,
beautiful scenery,
great route
and beautiful layout makes this track totally worth a DL.

Those of you who haven't tried, do it now

And sorry dude, that I'm late, but an award can't ever come too late, can it?
User Award   Fytrim. 03-Oct-2009
User Award   TimeBreaker 03-Oct-2009
Oh this track is so lovely ! Currently I really am not a man of big words, so this will be a lot shorter than wanted. But I love this track ! I think it's one of your best tracks just because it's so great in every corner ! The scenery fits in os nicely, it makes the whole feel even better than without. And this crazy flow all over, the nice transitions that never annoy me, they're just perfec just like this whole track ! This oldschool style isj ust lovely, and it still feels so freakin fresh ! The sections can be so challenging and I love how I kept on crashing in every turn in theb eginning, but got better with every restart. The learning phase went up rapidly and I really loved that track after like 5 minutes already. I am sorry for ending this with a crappy time but I just don't have the skills for a 39. And thanks for calling me one of your best friends, same goes the other way around, even though we spoke less in the last weeks due to missing time on both sides =)

User Award   Etidu 04-Oct-2009
How could i forget this one...
User Award   Nisz 09-Oct-2009
Very nice track !
User Award   .wesc 15-Oct-2009
User Award   RaµL 22-May-2010
nice track!
good flow & nice ideas
User Award   Guess Who ´ 31-Oct-2010
Awesome track dude!
Takes me back to the good ol' days
User Award   ZoggeR 29-Jan-2011
wow, I just stumbled across that track..
I gotta say it's amazing!
you included some fresh and cool (even nowadays ) transitions and the slides just work brilliantly
perhaps the finish could have been spiced up a bit, but it's still great
oh and the Scenery looks magnificient too, so an amazing job overall

User Award   dadm 10-Aug-2011
User Award   Lovva 05-Jun-2014
User Award   Sky.esu 20-Aug-2015
User Award   waldfee 05-Nov-2015
User Award   Cyber_Dragon 30-Dec-2015
Sick map
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