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Name: Download This is Life.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GSA|Cheet
Version: 17-Apr-2009
Released: 17-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1156597
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:47.97   GSA|Cheet+ 0:00.53-
0:48.21   Davidados+ 0:00.77-
0:48.28   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.84-
0:48.31   psykoman+ 0:00.87-
0:48.34   cranberries+ 0:00.90-
0:48.41   craxx <3+ 0:00.97-
0:48.45   GSA|dynamYte+ 0:01.01-
0:48.45   Krow+ 0:01.01-
0:48.65   dow|Boomer+ 0:01.21-
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Author Comments

Hi all

after more than one month without releasing a new track, I´m now proud to present you my biggest project so far

This is Life.

I´ve worked really hard for this one, and I hope that the result is especially good this time. It´s a speedtechie again, probably my last one for some time... and I again tried to get some cool unique transitions and slides in it, combined with a still nice flow, hope it´s enjoyable to drive. Especially the start section is really creative this time. I´d say the track is not really easy, but still learnable for less good drivers and very nice for good drivers. And yeah, this time I put a lot of effort into the scenery...and I´m very content with my result here as I think I´ve created a closed and complete atmosphere that still shouldn´t lag too much (I hope so^^). Of course there´s a cool intro, a fast GPS run and some nice outro cams again.

Special thx to:
Psymax! thx for this amazing screenshot m8!
>>Big Version<<

| detailZ |

-48 secs racetime
-difficulty: inter-exp
-AT/GPS-Time: 47.85

mod: evening!
signs: classic/TMX GD
cc: 4800, but not laggy I think

...anD so muCh bLablA agaiN...

Now it´s time to give it a shot
Please leave your feedback...and a replay would be cool too

and have fun!


thx alot for beta-testing:

more than 1OOO dld's

User Comments
Showing 51 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  GSA|Cheet 23-Apr-2009
lol ofc he can

and I haven´t saved the .85^^ but as I said I´ll do a .6x or .7x soon
  Fytrim. 23-Apr-2009
I would almost ALMOST give you an award just for the scenery! But I know everyone would be whining soo no award! track is not my style to me its the perfect example of why I love old nation tracks more! thats just my opinion and you dont need the award anyway ..
  GSA|Cheet 23-Apr-2009
thx-list part.7

61| cookiecrusher n1 to hear you liked it! thx for your cool
62| flip thx alot for your really nice words about the track m8!
63| zayl I´m glad you enjoyed it, thx for your great
64| wopz thx for your short but very cool award!
65| marbot123 thx for this great no. 65, cool you enjoy it
66| syian thx for your short but nice
67| luki thx alot for these nice words, gr8 !
68| khone big thx for your really awesome award
69| pepsimax I´m glad you really enjoyed your race
7o| rockzz thx for this short but still cool and your nice run

| awards: 7o ~ downloads: 9oo |
  Bong @ TMUF <3 24-Apr-2009
i don´t understand people whining about "this is hard", since you told them so

but it´s not the track itself that is difficult, for me it´s scenery, as it stands in my way. if you would have erased/changed ~10 blocks, this would have been much easier, without changing scenery much. it looks not bad, and i see someone´s put effort into it, but these few blocks are too much and irritate me while driving.

after about 15 minutes i got used to it, and it wasn´t that difficult anymore
that´s a problem these times, people don´t spend some time trying

why this is no award, tho i like the track itself?
if this was your 31st award, fine, i´d give it, but it´s not worth a 62nd to me.
it might be, if these 10 blocks i wrote about, would not be there
  GSA|Cheet 24-Apr-2009
thx for your great comment!

but I´d like to know which these 10 blocks are
  Bong @ TMUF <3 24-Apr-2009
shall i screenshot them for you?
or better, change ´em myself
  GSA|Cheet 24-Apr-2009
yeah, that would be really cool! I don´t want to annoy you, just want to improve myself!

edit: thx alot! really helpful and great tips

top3 in botm

.~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+. .~°*°+.

thx-list part.8

71| davidados thx for this helpful feedback and your amazing time
72| cranberries thx alot for this cool rewiew and ur nice run
73| kappa short one huh? ;D thx anyway
74| revilo thx for this short but nice award, I´m glad u enjoyed it
  niklas_2011 17-Nov-2011
Here is what has been promised
  GSA|Cheet 14-Nov-2014
11-2014: classic

I remember that in my active time, I always dreamt of having a tech classic also... here I go hahahah^^

thx mod!!

@rxt: nt;) I knew there´s more possible. your run looks so relaxed, like 2nd try or sth...
  Rxt 21-Nov-2014
thx decided to improve here
  GSA|Cheet 21-Nov-2014
what makes you so fast your run still looks pretty relaxed but the result is crazy

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User Awards
Showing 76 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   CookieCrusher 24-Apr-2009
This is -just a great track for everything,
i like it very much!
User Award   GSA|Flip 25-Apr-2009
awesome map m8
most of us think you cant build better maps because the others are so great as well,
but you outdo yourself everytime ...
this is really a masterpiece

User Award   ZayL 26-Apr-2009
great tech

super ideas

cool jumps

nice screen

User Award   wopz 26-Apr-2009
greaaat one with cool transitions!
User Award   Marbot 26-Apr-2009
a very heavy tech map but its sooo nice
i love it
her ist my
User Award   ~Syian5~ 30-Apr-2009
best track ever m8
User Award   AR | Luki 04-May-2009
Hey Cheet!

Well, this is a fantastic map and so far it's really the best tech map I've ever seen . But there I'm not so good in tech I can't drive it so well so I won't drive a replay . But it's the best tech map for me , pity that I see it so late first .

User Award   Khone 10-May-2009
This track is a real transition wonder mate!
some of these transitions followed by good flowing curves and just crazy creative
you really came up with a track where quite every mapping element is used
because of all this little jumpies and transitions u have to get propperly the track isnt that easy to finish that sucks a bit because u arent allowed to make just one bad drift
amazing atmosphere with this scenery and the mt is really nice
gps ghost looks great

greetz khone
User Award   pepsimax« 16-May-2009
Awesome track mate,
You have alot of creativity. This track is sensational.
The scenery is perfect and the sunset mood fits this track perfectly.
Absolutely stunning work!

So here's my award,

And keep building wonderful tracks
such as this one.

User Award   rocKz0r' 26-Sep-2009
User Award   Davidados 03-Oct-2009
Great track,

everything is fits perfect and the transitions are great, especially the beginning is very original.
There is only one thing i dont like about this track. That is that there's just one way to finish this one, i mean if u just take a litlle wider turn in at alot of places u cant finish at anymore. And that makes the track hard but at the same time easy. Because its hard to drive it exectly that way, but if u do u have a good time instantly. Take me as an example. I found it hard to finish it but the 3th time i finished it i had immidietly the second time in the top 10. (hope u understand what i mean )
But further it's a great track.

User Award   cranberries 08-Dec-2009
hi Cheet ...

I remember playing this track a long time ago ... it was in beta ... but I didn't had a good time back then , lame driver -,- ... but now I can play a top 10 rec and that means only one thing -> I like the track ^^ ... cool ideas and transitions ... very challenging at first tries ... so awesome after I got the flow right ... it's fun

thumbs up

User Award   Sampi.Kappa 24-Oct-2010
User Award   MnM | Revii 15-Nov-2010
Crazy Sh!t
User Award   niklas_2011 17-Nov-2011
crazy good u used so many different blocks so cool and newschool
User Award   Rxt 14-Nov-2014
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