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Name: Download » Feel The Technology !
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   IsDiableeto & Froxer
Version: 21-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1174093
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,803
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
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0:47.30   Blick+ 0:00.0039,803
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0:47.85   Froxer+ 0:00.5537,026
0:47.90   isdiableeto+ 0:00.6036,773
0:48.58   GL Notrub+ 0:01.2833,340
0:48.65   Shai!+ 0:01.3532,987
0:48.73   waldfee+ 0:01.4332,583
0:48.88   ZY | Cran =)+ 0:01.5831,825
0:48.97   Playa-NL+ 0:01.6731,371
0:50.30   Sharky^+ 0:03.0024,656
0:50.59   ExaltedAngel+ 0:03.2923,192
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Author Comments

22th of April 2009

IsDiableeto & Froxer.

Hi :

We present a new tech track "»Feel The Technology! "
This track presents: curves, jumps, drops, slides, scenary, etc...
Then more information about the track...

This is how we splitted up the work:

1st. part: Froxer ~15 secs.
2nd. part: IsDiableeto ~ 24 secs.
3rd. part: Froxer ~ 9 secs.

Track Details:

Coppers: 2944
Lenght: ~ 48 secs
Jumps: Yes
Slides: Yes
Drops: Yes
Platform parts: Yes
Dirt parts: Yes
Road parts: Yes
Scenary: Yes by isdiableeto.

MT Work:

Intro: Yes by isdiableeto.
In-Game: Yes by isdiableeto, but the ghost of gps is of froxer
Outro: Yes by froxer.

Screenie: by isdiableeto, Bigger Screen


Author: 47.76 by isdiableeto.
Gold: 48.00
Silver: 49.00
Bronze: 50.00

Our last tracks:

extasiS by   isdiableeto

Cliffs Of Dover by   Froxer

Enjoy And Good Luck All!

Froxer & IsDiableeto

User Comments
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  IsDiableeto & Froxer 21-Apr-2009
Thx For :
1) Laguna
2) Melly
3) Lukasdaa
4) Dose57 Thx for leave your replay!
5) BacKupARG
6) Tchoflo60 Thx for leave your replay!
7) Sm999
8) Martin380
9) LKS
10) Nitro.~uT'
11) Turb Rono Thx for leave your replay!
12) BillyBoy Thx for leave your replay!
13) Cheater>Zero<
14) ExaltedAngel Thx for leave your replay!
15)' Great time!
16) Smiler Thx for leave you replay!
17) Playa-NL Nice Time!
18) Frann
19) MeninoCristian
20) Eslipi
21) AmokSepp
22) xxxLiAxxx Thx for awesome comment!
23) Ziem0n.-
24) eSuba.Sharky Thx for leave you replay!
25) >GueLLe<
26) Blackreig
27) UnForGiven
28) Chazu
29) Muffin
30) Shai~
  rewiind 22-Apr-2009
What does [ST] stand for ?
  Froxer 22-Apr-2009
Speed Tech
  Alekos 22-Apr-2009
6 fake awards?
  Froxer 22-Apr-2009
Ehhh? Why 6 fake awards? i dont understand...
  IsDiableeto & Froxer 22-Apr-2009
Alekos, you is crazy

BOTW - Thx Guys !
  Froxer 26-Apr-2009
Very nice comment Lia
Thx for this
  Playa-NL 24-May-2009
WHY is this track too large for online gameplay
  Froxer 05-Sep-2009
Here I leave the link of the track to play it online, we've removed the intro and outro.
"Feel The Technology - Light V by   IsDiableeto & Froxer"
  Blick 11-Apr-2010
Fucker puto time
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   AmokSepp 25-Apr-2009
nice Track good Job Dudes
User Award   Lia - OFF tracks 25-Apr-2009
GOOD JOB u guys
judge xD
1. the road
u 2 guys are sick , u make perfect tracks , i want more of this , like a new drug to me
this awsome start with the perfect smoothness whas mindblowing! then diableeto's part starts......
W.OW. i jumped of my chair and smacked myself of this wonderfull piece of pro building Oo
smooth parts , stunts , flow u rock!
then froxer O.M.G
guess what xD u drived the track 2 times to judge each of ur parts , so again i smacked my head
of ur wonderfull part
again some super nice slides where my eyes fall out of my head ... so sick , stunning
very smooth parts and AMAZING slides

road points >10/10<

what a awsome and wonderfull track makes more wonderfull , its ur scenery
it really pwnz but sometimes i crashed into it but sick scenery
the red really fits well with this masterpiece and the signs are very well placed oO
the platforms are also very nice filled with ur red scenery
like i say ur track = RED FTW

scenery points > 9/10 <

mediatracker judge
wOoOowowOoOW like i always say
again this sick masterpiece makes this sick mt the sick masterpiece even sicker as the sickest masterpiece
great job with the awsome ideas and i really really really like the intro Oo
its so damn sick that it made me smack my head AGAIN AND AGAIN GJ u guys

ur points > 10/10 <

when i count al points ....... w8 a minute if 1+1=3 NOoOoo 1+1=2
and if i do 2 x 14.5 i come 29/30 im good @ math xD
this sick masterpiece is stunning in all my eyes = 2

love it



User Award   - ziE @ RIP TM <3 25-Apr-2009
User Award   Sharky^ 26-Apr-2009
User Award   GueLLe|is out 4ever! 26-Apr-2009
oO aT
User Award   blackreig 26-Apr-2009
Abla Venom jaja nooo!.. muy buena la pista y la precentacion todo

solo lo del lag pero eso no importa el caso es que esta buena

User Award   unforgivenxd 26-Apr-2009
Definitamente sos el mejor!!!! Excelente Track!
User Award   Chazz'.U 27-Apr-2009
Good one, nice work guys

Here's it
User Award   McMuffin 27-Apr-2009
Hey, dudes! I'm really sorry fot the late award...

This track is really great. You made a really nice job. Award for you

User Award   Shai! 28-Apr-2009
Muy buena...
Felicitaciones Diable y Massi.... Quiero mas asi...
User Award   Cheap jeep 06-Jun-2009
One of the B G G E ST awards ever for this cool map!
User Award   xyrby 15-Sep-2009
Fantastic I work as a whole.
User Award   waldfee 12-Mar-2016
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