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Name: Download On the edge
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PN`D4v1d
Version: 01-Jun-2008
TMX id: 117544
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 66,723
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:47.09   RVSTRE Boomie+ 0:00.0066,723
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0:47.22   eXon+ 0:00.1365,618
0:47.25   chriiz90+ 0:00.1665,363
0:47.35 0:00.2664,513
0:47.38   chrisor.+ 0:00.2964,257
0:47.54   solo+ 0:00.4562,897
0:47.67   AR »Down.+ 0:00.5861,792
0:47.74   AR »Liszt.+ 0:00.6561,197
0:47.81   vencju+ 0:00.7260,602
0:47.83   swiss+ 0:00.7460,432
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Author Comments

Hi all,

I'm glad that I can present to you my second tmftrack. It's a fullspeedtrack called: On the edge. At first
I had the intention of making a PFstart, but eventually it has become a normal start with a jump ^^

I would like to give special thx to my beta-testers:
- Sebi
- Alba
- NLpwf
So thx all three of you for giving me some tips for improvements, it really helped!

I hope you like it, peace out!


Track details:

- Intro: yes
- GPS: yes
- Outro: no
- Full-speed: yes
- Re-use: no
- Powerslide: no
- Loops: 3
- Platform: yes
- Walls: 2
- Length: Around 48 seconds
- Author time: 48.48
- Coppers: much, sry
- Screenie: made by me
- Total building time (incl. MT): 5 hours

Video: On the edge (dailymotion)

Bigger screenie: Click here!


Maybe you would like to check out my other track too:

ESL - A new day (No_SC) by   PN`D4v1d



User Comments
Showing 8 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  PN`D4v1d 01-Jun-2008
Thx for the !:

- Sebi l bb all! Lol Sebi, and I heard you are planning on stopping with tmf, well one word: DON'T!! And a big thx again for betatesting!
- HardDance! Great to hear that m8
- SJ@TMN-ƒ! Hehe SJ, I know you did, but I changed a bit thx to my betatesters, so if you have the time, certainly check it
- NLpwf! It's great to hear it from you my friend, cause you are making great tracks, so a huge thx both for award and betatesting!
- FaHoFF! Hehe, funny comment, thx
- °Hr-Hockmen! Lol Hockie, I'll upload one when we have ours ready Thx for the award!
- DeFacer! Amazing to get such a comment of you DeFacer, thx a lot!
- Fytrim | Scenery Freak! Thx for the lovely my dutch friend
- Obie! A very nice resumé obie, really lovely words
- `Weee*! Great comment my friend, thx a lot!
- Oze! Nice one, thx
- *Coat '! Glad to hear that from you m8 Great tme Coat!
- °Hr-Pol de Lepel! Hehe pol, short, but I'm glad you've done it, thx for the it's very much appreciated!
- Firwarre.F®! Lol, thx my friend
- Bote! Thx for the nice m8
- IcARuS! Thx for checking and awaring icarus, it's appreciated
- Alba | mÖp! Hehe, thx my friend, I do know that
- ThibzZz! Great to hear such a nice comment!
- Yoshi! Hehe, thx m8, glad you like my tracks
- *cw* DeFrag! Thx for the nice comment
- Bubbleman! Nice gesture, thx!
- PN Tux! Great to see your here m8, I appreciate that!
- Andre! Hehe, I hope that's just because your blown away ^^ thx!
- Begrip`KarjeN! Nice for sure
- firehorse! Wau, a better couldn't almost be given, glad my track is online
- °Hr-Relentless! Hehe, thx m8!
- Djsisi78! Great to hear such a nice comment
- Dr.Fatass! Thx a lot for the cool comment
- PN Dice! Thx, I'll appreciate you, coming over here
- jelle_mees! Glad to hear that m8
- Forfiller! Hehe forf, nice words thx and yeah speed ftw xD
- R4ß.Sarda! Thx a lot, glad you came over here to post that!
- lamborghini_team! Great to hear that m8!
- Gubbi! Cool , thx! ^^
- CrystaL|Swiss Thx for the !
- PN`Qwerty Hehe lol, thx for the support, glad you like the startsection too!
- AR|Down You crazy... thx for the and that wicked replay! o.0
  Sebi.nGine | off 01-Jun-2008
haha, speedawarding
  PN`D4v1d 01-Jun-2008
Hehe, so it seems Sebi ^^
  °Hr-Hockmen 01-Jun-2008
hmmm ook budy!
  sj@tmn 01-Jun-2008
I drove it again and I really like the changes
  Gubbi 21-Jan-2010
ahh i made 48.11 but my replay isnt saved -.-
  PN`D4v1d 21-Jan-2010
That's a pitty Maybe it's in autosaves though
  Gubbi 23-Jan-2010
then I try it in offline mode to get the tmxrec

Edit: wasnt that succesfull
shame on the autosavesfolder
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Bubble 03-Jun-2008
User Award   Tux 03-Jun-2008
just love it, even a bit more then your last track

it feels very smooth! good job!
User Award   Andre 03-Jun-2008
I Dont Know What To Say !

Take This From Me

User Award   KarjeN 04-Jun-2008
nice fullspeed track for sure
User Award   =FBF=Firehorse 04-Jun-2008

very nice speed track and nice screeny

you deserve this


PS: See on German-Server MSC-Forever (schlewig-holstein) and InTheCity (hamburg) ^^
User Award   °Hr-Relentless 04-Jun-2008
hot stuff!!

User Award   Djsisi78 04-Jun-2008
Great FS Track man
Bery fun to play
Nice new ideas
Good job mate
User Award   Dr.Fatass 07-Jun-2008
Awesome Full Speed track
User Award   PN Dice 08-Jun-2008
another good track you made david
User Award   jelle_mees 08-Jun-2008
Nice track! You can always come and play it on the Belgian server "".
User Award   Forfiller 03-Jul-2008
better late than never i guess.

i like it david.

i guess ill always be a speeder
User Award   BOT! Sarda 03-Aug-2008
Nice track

>> <<
User Award   Gallardo | gonna quit :) 23-Sep-2008
Nice tracl


The lamborghini team
User Award   Gubbi 03-Apr-2009
nice track
User Award   swiss 21-Mar-2010
User Award   PN`Qwerty 06-Jun-2010
Awsome fullspeed my m8

Smooth, Flowly and creative
The start section owns.


User Award   AR »Down. 06-Jun-2010
Nice track
User Award   AR »Liszt. 28-Dec-2014
User Award   chrisor. 28-Dec-2014
3x possible
User Award   RVSTRE Boomie 08-Nov-2017
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