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Name: Download T-junction
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GR.
Version: 22-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1176201
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Symmetric
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:47.91   zr mat+ 0:00.20-
0:47.99   solo+ 0:00.28-
0:48.06   dow|.Dave.+ 0:00.35-
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Author Comments


Hi all! Back with a new track. Well not entirely new. I've built the first half in TMN and the second half in TMNF.
Ofcourse all testing and post production is done in TMNF.

It's a symmetrical full speed track with re-uses.
I was in an experimental mood when I built it so it's not really a track that you're used from me. Building a symmetrical track has it's limitations so it was an extra challenge to get the right balance in momentum and flow which was fun to do.

The symmetry can screw with your brain at some points so you might need to drive the track a few times before it feels natural. But as always, once you know it, it's simple.

-Style: Full Speed
-GPS x2 (left and right with double ghosts)
-5x respawnable CP's each including seperate GPS ghosts (except the first duo CP)
-Alternative respawn lanes
-Ingame MT: Internal cams, GPS text at the start and an arrow for the 2nd looping

Author time: 48:52
Coppers: 3519
Distance: 5350m

Thanks to all betatesters that visited my testserver!


Video including making of:
Youtube HD

Thanks for awards:

Thx! GSA|Mimo Thx! hoheb Thx! °gOd° KarsO Thx Boomer Thx! Krow.~ zT Thx! Rewiind Thx! bigzyx50 Thx! Jakub19 Thx! vladish.F® Thx! NLpwf Thx! Dartz4 Thx! Jordy Thx! CraxX Thx! Hitch.mp3 Thx! Joe.B ~uT` Thx! Fytrim Thx! niQ* Thx! BanaaniHai Thx! Showtime Thx! lia Thx! zT|Ptitnono.F® Thx! dow|.Dave. Thx! Zhuckar Thx! laguna Thx! SH3#Xav Thx! oRnAiM~ Thx! tchoflo60 Thx! bluejack Thx! ADIo Thx! -RáW- Thx! Moofie Thx! D4v1d Thx! EmpY.mp3 Thx! uetzer|~zT|R4a Thx! matza Thx! dfd.Basskid Thx! Ballo Thx! The End. Thx! Coasterking Thx! -comedystreet- Thx! Playa-NL Thx! BaRtA Thx! Jokey_Smurf Thx! GhostDog ~Bad Luck~ Thx! tugaracer Thx! ShoK Thx! BBChAmp Thx! Thx! Cheater Thx! Quat Thx! Saf Thx! Mr.Brow Thx! lizard Thx! Huby [!mw!] Thx! CookieCrusher Thx! rodl Thx! indy_air Thx! spider95 Thx! Thx! Hazaart Thx! Black Lion Thx! molie Thx! Triple_shoot Thx! nitro.~uT' Thx! Frx ben75 Thx! coolmcm Thx! Luki Thx! Joost»LT Thx! a-duck Thx! BLiNNeMaNS Thx! AlexKool Thx! carbonj Thx! Dynamite Thx! emiffl Thx! Kiko31.F® Thx! eMPiko Thx! LostGamer Thx! Brainshaker Thx! InfernO.F® Thx! Giler Thx! k4nm4n Thx! ~Passion Thx! Sebkifum Thx! Braini Thx! seawolf159 Thx! p@ddy Thx! ~L7 RockzZ Thx! Ivica Thx! fabio_m Thx! Pilot Thx! deadorlife Thx! Crazy_bee Thx! >Y< Thx! Pascow

Thanks list continues below.

User Comments
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  pascow.esu 28-Dec-2009
I still wait for Sticky Tarmac FE
  GR. 31-Dec-2009
It's here: "Sticky Tarmac FE by   GR."


Thanks list continues here:

Thx! nap303~ Thx! deislerx3 Thx! Quickracer Thx! darkeracer Thx! Roomie Thx! dark»puddle' Yay 100 awards! Thx! CROMassa Thx! EiiT Thx! quornslice Thx! Aeon Thx! eXtracT Thx! broilerz Thx! nevier Thx! Silver° Thx! Defacer Thx! ZR MAT Thx! Buddha Thx! Drpzor
  Teutsch 21-Feb-2010
Well I LOVE this track
  Killcount 04-Apr-2010
I wait for Full Contact FE ( if it comes )
  GR. 05-Apr-2010
It will come. Just be patient.
  300 60f 12-Jun-2010
Freaking Awesome!!! (I would award this track but my PC can't Idk why... But, i'm a REALY big fan of you, and i love all your tracks! But i make tracks myself but they only get about 15 downloads and no awards Will you please download 1 of them and tell me what i could do better ?? Please.... Do you have a tip or something? (PLease anwser me in a comment in 1 of my tracks

Cya ^^
  zr mat 10-Feb-2016
5th overall, not bad
  GR. 11-Feb-2016
Nice time mat.
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User Awards
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User Award   EiiT 09-May-2010
Can't say more than:
User Award   quornslice 12-Jun-2010
Wow. Totally awesome! I haven't got gold, but i've managed to complete it without crashing!
User Award   Aeon 28-Jul-2010
Very nice Track !!
User Award   eXtracT 07-Feb-2011
wicked track man, best symmetrical track i've ever seen in my eyes, great speed and the transitions between levels is flawless! well done (:

User Award   banned broilerz | BB 31-Mar-2011
User Award   nevier 01-Jul-2012
User Award   SunSurfer 26-Apr-2015
Nice one
User Award   DeFacer 10-Feb-2016
Never awarded this one? Wow... what a rush!

User Award   zr mat 10-Feb-2016
remember playing this back in the day and never manged to get below 49 seconds.
Look at me now hehe

User Award   DDR.Buddha 25-Dec-2017
Still a sensational track!!!
User Award   JFF - Drpzor FST 18-Feb-2018
Now that's a nice track
User Award   Sky.esu 17-Jan-2020
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