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Name: Download TechCity
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Halogucker
Version: 01-Jul-2009
Released: 30-Apr-2009
TMX id: 1205694
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,347
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Beginner
Mood: Sunset
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Author Comments

Although this tech track is placed in a big city, there is still enough room for a big jump, a looping and a wallride.
And of course great scenery (city environment).
AT: 0:58:34

Have fun!

User Comments
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  cranberries 30-Apr-2009
I'm very very sorry to have to do this, but I'm gonna write here all the things I don't like about your track/s (or maybe about your style of making tracks). I'm not gonna blame you for disagreeing with me, in fact I would like you to read carefully what I write and comment if I'm wrong in any kind of way ...
here we go
1 ... you told me once, online, that you like to do scenery, and that's cool, but you have to understand that making a track is more than scenery, you cannot rely only on scenery to make the track worth playing, I mean the track doesn't look bad at all, but when I'm driving the track I feel like I'm driving a noob's track with cool scenery...,
2 ... only roads put one after another with no real aim or idea behind them, that's how I would describe what I see in your track/s, it's like you are just now discovering roads and making whatever comes first. I have to say I don't see allot of creativity behind your road parts, plus you combine loops and walls with hard breaking drifts, this is clasic noob trackmaker thinking, when the track kinda goes where it wants and you find yourself with no ideas left to break the speed down, or without any room left for the track to keep it's style and this is when you put tech over FS and it's not natural and it feels so wrong, I'm amazed I'm the only one to tell you all this ...
3 ... I've come to the point where I don't really have to struggle to find cuts in your tracks, most of the tracks you put on PPO I cutted and this one right here is also a cut ... this tells me you don't know your tracks 100% and you really don't learn from experience, I can see the same patterns and same ideas over and over again ...
4 ... I'll tell you, I don't think I've ever seen other maker's tracks lag as much as yours, you put an incredibly amount of scenery around the track and it's pointless, the atmosphere you're trying to create is not reached entirely, for example this track was supposed to be a cool city ride at night but all I see is flying roads between heavy buildings, where are the cool platforms parts of a real big city with such skyscrapers you're trying to suggest ? where's the feeling of racing in the city ? I see it all as a fail of achieving the desired idea ... you end up having a pumped up track with too diversified and useless scenery that will only cause lag and low fps ...

my conclusion is this ... you, my friend, are trying to much to create an atmosphere for the player to enjoy, but you're failing to provide the cool ride a player needs ... maybe you don't look at the right things when playing other tracks, or you're a modest driver, but I'm telling you, you gotta step out of the so called style you're desperately trying to achieve and just try to make a good track, with a normal style, with good flow that everybody can enjoy, and just stop making so much scenery that the player doesn't see/feel/need !

I can only hope you won't take all this as an offense
I am telling you all this as a critique, but all of this is only my opinion and I think I played up to 6-8 tracks from you, so I'm not just speaking nonsense ...

see ya around

in this track there was a rapid white flash at about 35 sec in the track ... what was that all about ? did you meant it ? what's the reason behind this flash of light ?
  Halogucker 01-May-2009
Thank you, Cranberries, for your long comment, and for the replay.
The cut has been fixed now. I try to cut my own tracks in order to see if there is any cut in them, but you (and other players) find cuts in places where I did not think that cutting would be possible:$. May be I´ll find out some time how it works...

You are right, I am not a very good driver, and of course one can see that in my tracks. I would never be able to build a FS-track, for example, because I just would not be able to finish it.

The track style - well, I know it is a bit strange, but it is my style. It seems to be a matter of personal taste just as other people told me they like my tracks. But still I´m trying to improve them as far as I can...remember, I´m not the best driver
But I will keep on building scenery, because for me scenery is important - I always want to create a kind of landscape.

  Sharky^ 04-May-2009
sorry, I agree with cb
  Feli8792 04-May-2009
i too sry
  Frx ben75 06-May-2009
I have played it on PPO, but I didn't finish it. I will try it again later.
  Masta_Chilla 10-May-2009
This flash of light comes from a speed-trap. If you go too fast (don´t know the exact speed-limit) you gonna get a photo from the police, with a fine to pay.
  Halogucker 31-Jul-2009
Thank you very much for your comments and awards
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Marbot 30-Apr-2009
Nice map with a great flow
User Award   SPN'« 30-Apr-2009
User Award   LJ|mp 30-Apr-2009
good track with nice flow, But that end is really terrible, crashed 3times in the last turn wich is really frustrating
User Award   Brainshaker 30-Apr-2009
I like this track!
Nice flow, nice mod and nice decoration (but not the towers)
User Award   linkin_dunkel 05-May-2009
wow...really nice track, but the end is a bit difficult
please try my maps, too
User Award   Masta_Chilla 10-May-2009
I like the idea of the track and the mood, that shall be created.
But as mentioned in the comments at the left, there are some parts, that don´t allow fluent driving. I think this comes from your own skill of driving. I just remember my own first steps in trackbuilding (nice ideas and bad implementation).

But you deserved this award, cause of the work and everybody needs a motivation to go on with her/his work.
I´m looking forward to some well-engineered tracks in the future.

P.S.: Funny idea with the speed-trap, this could be the base for a story or mini-game track.
User Award   ZenOli 12-May-2009
Nice Track ! (even if I may fing the beginning a littleee annoying ^^)
User Award   Pakko 22-Jul-2009
Really Nice track!
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