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Name: Download 5tay W1th Y0u
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Bucky
Version: 11-May-2009
TMX id: 1250407
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 14,771
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
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0:40.24   Dont+ 0:00.1014,550
0:40.28   laydon+ 0:00.1414,461
0:40.47   Bucky+ 0:00.3314,042
0:40.58   kwyk+ 0:00.4413,799
0:40.66   dr0+ 0:00.5213,622
0:41.06   noclip+ 0:00.9212,739
0:41.15   pepsimax«+ 0:01.0112,541
0:41.17   Xluster+ 0:01.0312,496
0:41.27   möpi+ 0:01.1312,276
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Author Comments

5 t a y . W 1 t h . Y 0 u

10 May 2009

Why the Name?
Several things about this track are significant. Firstly, you'll notice that the name has the numbers 5, 1, and 0 embedded in it. In America, May 10th (5/10) is Mothers' Day, but the tenth day of the fifth month also represents my anniversary with my lovely girlfriend.
Also, there is a song called "Stay With You" by John Legend that we call our song (cheesey, I know, but that's the way we like it). Please note that "Stay With You" is not something to race to, which is why it is not the music I picked for this track.
The song I used is something that I wrote, making this the first time I'm publishing any of my compositions, so take it easy on me. A big thanks to her for pushing me to start writing again.
Additionally, the track is 2602 cc. The 26th day of February is her birthday, so that is significant as well.

The Track:
This is by far my most labor-intensive track. The major proponent of the longevity of its creation has to be the music. Not to downplay the level of anything else, but getting the music just right is something that took a long time.
The track itself is a flowing speedtecher, with some hooking slides. The majority of the track consists of left turns and slides, which keps it fairly compact for its length. That is, until you get close to the end, and you will find a nice right turn.

fun facts:
style - speedtech
coppers - 2602
mood - night
length - ~40 - 41 s
music - Techono by Bucky (that's me!)
download the mp3

times to beat:
: 1:01.00
: 49.00
: 44.00
: 40.59 (pb is 40.50)
40.3 is possible and probably 40.2

ingame (GPS: 40.68)

Thanks to the beta testers, you know who you are, I forgot xD
Thanks to the_k for the awesome screenie
Thanks to my girlfriend, with whom i'll definiately be staying with.

last words
I spent a lot of time getting this right, especially the music. Thusly, any questions/comments are welcome.
Enjoy this one; I hope you like it as much as I do

Have a nice day!

User Comments
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  Bucky 11-May-2009



  kwyk 11-May-2009
aww how sweet
  Dutchy! 11-May-2009
Unable to play for me during lags :#
  minipeaceTX 11-May-2009
very soothing music
  'DarkNoob». 18-May-2009
what programm did you use for the music?

and gratz for SC
  Optimusje 18-May-2009
congrats with the showcase! very well deserved
  ,,Januy 18-May-2009
Haha the author showcase gets a real one ^^ Gratz
  kwyk 18-May-2009
lol gg bucky sc
  Bucky 18-May-2009

I use Logic Express 8 on my macbook pro. I input MIDI stuff from a Novation Kstation (synth/MIDI controller), through emagic mt4 interface.
  'DarkNoob». 18-May-2009
many things
Maybe because of the MIDI it sounds real
The music is really cool

will test the track tommorow
  Bucky 18-May-2009
well the software voices that came with Logic are pretty good. midi is not audio; you cannot hear a midi signal. midi is more like a set of instructions for a software voice to play.

btw thanks all again this is now my most downloaded track (with 124 atm but about100 of those were in the last 24 hours xD)
  The_Killer[UT] 18-May-2009
my suggestion for the win!
  farzia 21-May-2009
Very nice Bucky i will add this to my server soon ,
  Dont 22-May-2009
i think that 39.9x is possible.
  Bucky 22-May-2009
Care to demonstrate?
  Dont 22-May-2009
i was 41 cent under my time
  Bucky 22-May-2009
we need more people working on this
  Dont 23-May-2009
If i've time i'll tro to do it again ( ;
  Bucky 24-May-2009
Thanks all

This is now my most awarded track, and by far my most downloaded
  pepsimax« 02-Jun-2009
Well done Bucky!
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User Awards
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User Award   °°Dino°° 20-May-2009
Awesome Track, i love the whole MediaTrackerWork
around it, makes it real different among the others.

Track itself is also great with nice slides

Big golden Award
User Award   timefound WOW Lover <3 21-May-2009
Bucky .. .. thi.. one

omg Bucky first must I say sorry for two things:
1. sorry for my noob english 2. sorry for I don't
has give you an award before now ! now the map.
perfect flow super jumps. The slides is so fantastic.
I can't found a littel things there are bad. It is really
one of the best map I never has tryed so I hope
there coming more tracks from u bucky cool job !

User Award   loulou '# 21-May-2009
Very nice track GG
User Award   500000volt 23-May-2009
i looooove this track ... one of the best thing is that beginners can drive this map also great !

User Award   pepsimax« 24-May-2009
Really awesome track you've built here!

- The Slides
- The Smoothness
- The Scenery
- The Flow

Well Done Keep building tracks!
User Award   Ghost. 24-May-2009
Very very very very cool!!!
User Award   Denning 25-May-2009
I am glad you are finally seeing some heavy recognition to your track building Bucky. You deserve this recognition. You are a great track maker. Hope to see some more tracks soon:)
User Award   dr0 15-Jun-2009
User Award   R4a|Lütti 15-Jun-2009
great one

User Award   NitroGuy! 18-Jun-2009
W00t w0000t bucky!
fun map^^ too many left curves imo, but it's still great!
and that last drift...
here is an for your pwnsomeness
User Award   JakeRay 19-Sep-2009
Nice tech! Have driven this for a long time, and it's clearly my favourite. GJ!

! ~Raybuzzz
User Award   Bubus.Sph 02-Jan-2011

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