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Name: Download Euphoria.
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   PagH .xT
Version: 17-May-2009
Released: 17-May-2009
TMX id: 1273723
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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Author Comments

17.05.09 – Euphoria


Today I’m very proud to present you my biggest & hardest work ever. This track was started for over 4 months ago with an aim which was: To make my best track which has great transitions, BUT transitions which didn’t destroy the flow. Yes, I’ve been focused more on the flow this time, to make it more enjoyable, and I think/hope I succeeded – at least I think I did. For the first time ever have I made my own MT, and it is also the first time ever I’ve tried to. The track is called “Euphoria” which means something like that you’re very happy (even more than happy xD). Find the definition on Wikipedia ^^. Well, I think it fits well to this track since it’s built in day-mood with light colours. I’ve decided to dedicate the track to 3 of my very good friends here on tmx. Those are Mono, Dutchy & Syncro!

»Why them?«
Simple, those are all very good builders and great friends to me. They’re always friendly to me and will also help me if needed. Btw, I know it isn’t the same when I tribute 3 of ya. I just had to dedicate it to you.
We’ve been great buddies quite a while now and you really mean a lot to me. Always helpful and also a great builder . . but a slow techracer haha xD. Love you<3
Well, the most underrated builder on tmx s:. You’re really a great builder mate, and you really deserve more attention than you get. You’re also a great friend, thanks for being here<3
Dutchy !! you’re an awesome mate, and I don’t really want to lose you. You’re a great builder and a great friend, keep it up mayn! Stay here 4-ever <3

»Track itself«
The track itself is about 45 seconds long full of action. I’ve combined every element together to make the route most interesting (road, dirt, grass, platform). To make it more challenging have I created some tight sport here and there – but not too hard either. It should be quiet easy to finish, but also a lil’ hard to master. Compared to my last speed-tech have I made more challenging drifts which some guys missed at my last one.

The scenery is (imo i:) the most incredible I’ve ever made. Every time I’d built 5 seconds I made the scenery for it too, and that’s probably why it ended out so great. The copper amount is quite high this time, more accurately 4850 cc. It’s quite a lot, but I think it makes a wonderful atmosphere. I used the blue day tmx signs which fits good to the day-mood.

As I said is it made by me this time, so don’t get to high expectations. I tried my best and I actually think it came out pretty good.
Intro: I think it’s a pretty good one with some cool cams and some text effects which presents the track. Also some fx colouts included.
Ingame: I putted really much effort into this. There’s 3 options at start: GPS, Respawns & Info. I made some effects for the GPS ghost. Fx colours and so on is also added.
Outro: A very simple one since I like that kind of outro’s where you better can see how you race was. Though there’s a custum cam and fx colours.

This beauty is produced by Hoheb himself, huge thanks mate, it’s wonderful!

Lenght: about 45 secs
Difficulty: Intermediate
Coppers: 4850
Mood: Day
Respawnable: Yes

Times to beat:

Huge thanks to:
& Rewiind

»Final comment«
Please take a look on the track a gimme your thoughts. Comments, replays and awards are of course welcome.


Try this monster . . soo few awards

Protégé by   eXtracT

User Comments
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  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
me too sj xD.

Nova, Ill test asap love<333
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
wanna come over to my house? play some tm!
  sj@tmn 29-Jun-2010
spam ftw!
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
test what? OOO:
my maps are all bad, once i made a good one, and i accidentally deleted and it deleted it from recycling bin aswell<33
  sj@tmn 29-Jun-2010
they aren't that bad
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
Always. Where do u live in aus?
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
my track got 427 comments.
  sj@tmn 29-Jun-2010
Stop spamming!!
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
Sj tested ur tracks, he knows they arent that bad - wow, u got confidence huh?xD
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
well i dont know where i live. D=

i think its brisbane, Queensland
  sj@tmn 29-Jun-2010
Sorry guys, have to go, spam some more with 2 ^^
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
how did i make that randy face? ;D
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
no idea, but I like it
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
made me look gay -_-
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
Not at all?
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
  Nova 29-Jun-2010
i just realised this is your map D:
  PagH .xT 29-Jun-2010
wtf..?xD way to go mate!
  |PT| CakeyFA 27-Nov-2017
439 comments and none after 2010? what is this i dont even xD
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User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 30-Oct-2017
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