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Name: Download ESL-Tamagochi
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Korre-Gamble
Version: 19-May-2009
Released: 19-May-2009
TMX id: 1282356
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 4,932
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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1:00.02   hakkiJunior+ 0:00.004,932
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1:00.23   blizz+ 0:00.214,828
1:00.36   Veng+ 0:00.344,764
1:00.44   @straucherl+ 0:00.424,724
1:00.44   martinoouu+ 0:00.424,724
1:00.44   ALSjojo+ 0:00.424,724
1:00.59   @BlackPhoenix+ 0:00.574,650
1:00.60   marcius+ 0:00.584,646
1:00.94   LowLandLions\RoB+ 0:00.924,478
1:02.24   Sandder.Jr+ 0:02.223,837
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Author Comments

The last Special Map in the ESL Competition Teams Premiership is build by the duo: Korre and Gamble!

Have Fun training it!

User Comments
Showing 20 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Korre-Gamble 19-May-2009

Tnx for the
* Dynamite
* Rob
* BlackPhoenix
* Kwyk
* straucherl
* DiuTy
* SyLaR
* cReatiV
* wopz
* Swiss
-- 10
* Pancreas
* Fuskern
* Phyter
* infinity
* dec
* wh1sper
* Sparco
* Marcius
* jojo
* competo
-- 20
* En3
* maxiL
  kaLi 19-May-2009
  LowLandLions\RoB 19-May-2009

Sorry if I destroyed the -_-
  kwyk 19-May-2009
  CheZz 21-May-2009
seriously guys u both should just stop mapping ^^

you both suck in mapping, and together you suck even more ...

wtf did you think about when building this end ?

but gg guys, you made me laugh a bit
  Korre-Gamble 21-May-2009
Many people seem to like it Chezz, so keep your childish comments for yourself...
  BX3kigo 21-May-2009
lol chezz...... this is not a shitty map

look at parameter this is a shitty map e.g. but not this

it has a nice flow and not so many bugs like most of the others >.>
  @BlackPhoenix 22-May-2009
lol chezz look at your maps xD
so stop to comment in your opinion "bad tracks" and build good tracks by yourself ^_^
  Korre-Gamble 22-May-2009
Tnx infinity & BP <3
  CheZz 22-May-2009
well bp, i know my tracks suck .. thats why i stopped building tracks

so please be so gently and fuck you, thanks my dear <3

and this track has absolutely no flow, just random crap turns and stuff

what ever, just stop mapping please, thanks a lot!
  @BlackPhoenix 23-May-2009
cool you stopped mapping!!11
but this track isnt random
A lot of People like it so its just your opinion and the opinion of just 1 person is wayne
  CheZz 23-May-2009
u got it, its my opinion!

and its funny that u guys all comment it ;D
  Korre 23-May-2009
Never thought you were such a cry-baby Chezzy... I thought you were one of the good guys
  »RtA«mael² 24-May-2009
Originally posted by iGn.CheZz ...
seriously guys u both should just stop mapping ^^
you both suck in mapping, and together you suck even more ...
u got it, its my opinion!

That was not an opinion, but a suggestion and even more an order. You can't ask someone to stop building just because you don't like his track. You can say you don't like the track, and then explain why. You know, you are not the only one here, people got different tastes, so respect that mate. I agree that the end is not very nice, but this is still a great track in my opinion : the track got a nice flow and some challenging curves, and I especially love the middle part, because of the frequent no drift at the start and the end a bit hard. Well, I will award it soon

Grtz, mael.
  CheZz 24-May-2009

i didnt talk about that end, nor about this map only.. i never saw a good map of korre or gamble, thats why i think it would be the best for the community if they'd stop mapping ;D

u guys only see the 17 awards here on tmx, but noone knows about the other 28347894 guys who hate this track (or more korre/gamb tracks)

what ever, u guys wont ever get respect of the whole community for mapping .. so just go on

sorry gayble <3
  Korre 24-May-2009
what ever, u guys wont ever get respect of the whole community for mapping .. so just go on

I've got 5people asking me for maps for their tournament as we speak, so I think I'm getting more respect than you think
  CheZz 30-May-2009
think a bit, if you're organising an tournament, would you only ask really great mappers for maps, or just everyone you know ?
  Korre 10-Jun-2009
It's ESL, not some noob tournament -.- You really need to think before you speak Chezzy :x And besides ESL, I've been asked by many renomated tournament organizers

Anyway, I won't argue anymore... You'll have to live with the fact that my maps will be eveywhere Chezz \o/ So get used to them ^^
  abs_pt 27-Jun-2009
i usually dont bother, but this time i have to say this track really sucks.
Admins should start picking tracks more carefully, and i am not talking only about the slowdowns, but the track itself must be tested and re-tested.
Sorry gamble and korre but u need to put more effort into it
  @!ceman 16-Jul-2009
well... i think mapping is a kind of arts...

and there it's normal that everyone could have a different opinion about such work
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User Awards
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User Award   En3 24-Jun-2009
One of the hardest track i have ever drove.

Great job.
User Award   maxiL 30-Jun-2009
best map in esl! awesome map! nice ideias!
User Award   HaoZ 10-Jul-2012
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