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Name: Download Frazzled
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   »Breaker! //
Version: 31-May-2009
Released: 31-May-2009
TMX id: 1294985
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 13,805
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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0:40.58   Snowii | back to business+ 0:00.0013,805
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0:40.89   kaynBock+ 0:00.3113,172
0:41.18   Bajs+ 0:00.6012,580
0:41.20   Eliphas`+ 0:00.6212,539
0:41.25 0:00.6712,437
0:41.37   »Breaker! //+ 0:00.7912,192
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Author Comments

Hey !

I want to present you my new Fullspeeder. Its in my opinion the best i've ever build
I think i needed ca. 8h for Track and Scenery. And then again ca. 2-3h for the MT (because im a noob)
But after all i think this time was it worth!

I choosed the name frazzled, because in the last time my heart got frazzled. Only my friends could stop my sadness! btw. i wanna thank them! I u!
So most of my Tracknames in future will have some of my feelings in it! And this time my Girlfriend destroyed my Soul! My Soul was frazzeld!
But now everything is okay... My friends helped me and im as happy as never before
And... after the long time with this other lame name, Joe suggest it^^

Some Details:
Style: Fullspeed (what a wonder )
Lenght: 40.8x for a good time and 42 for gold (everybody should get that, if he isn a noob )
Screenie: Awesome stunning one from Kobe! ->biggah<-

41.61 (not good will upload better AT later)
Gold: 42.00
Silver: 43.00
Bronze: 46.00

Scenery: 4996cc a bit much My best one...tried something new and it worked xD

Simple one, but for me its a masterpiece...(im a noob in mt )
Ingame: GPS, Camchanges, and at each cp respawnghosts
Outro: Simple one too....(yea the noobthing xD )

Screenie Compo:
1. KoBe: ->Small<-||->Big<-
2. Giligoop Try1 Small||Try1 Big -|- Try2 Small||Try2 Big
3. Socius ->Small<-||->Big<-

Joe B. ->Small<-||->Big<-
vgr ->Small<-

Special Thx:
I wanna thank...
...Joe B. for being my Big Brother...helping me with the track! Your an awesome friend Never wanna lose you! :-*
...KoBe for his so stunning Screenie.....i fallen in love with it!

and i wanna thank my Betatesters:
- Muffin
- Aaerox
- Joe B.
- Bullit
- Giligoop

|BreakeR BreakeR|


KoBe(pm's me when he has a track to SC)


In The End by   giligoop


The Black Sapphire by   BSP Community

User Comments
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  »Breaker! // 31-May-2009
1. Thanks Joe! for ya award m8
2. Thanks Giligoop! for ya cool award and your Screenie in Compo
3. Thanks Marv! and wow nice time with pad
4. Thanks Cheet! ...will work on my drops
5. Thanks d!plO! Nice award
6. Thanks Junavara! I know...thanks for award even with so much tranistions
7. Thanks Bajs....god dammit i love awards xD
8. Thanks Speedy. I know....schould i make a lower finish version? xD and...a track of mine called underrated 0.0 ty m8
9. Thanks Sylvian. Okay, will add signs later
10. Thanks Vladish. Wow my tenth award fo' this one *-* how can i thank u? xD

###### 10th Award ######

11. Thanks Knus3r, for award and this amazing time
12. Thanks Griff, just wanna say thank u
13. Thanks Muffin. short award, but thats wayne. every award is a good award
14. Thanks Geerado, whooa more awards )
15. Thanks Eliphas, will wait for the bigger award, but thanks
16. Thanks Raw. Everybody sais it but it got so less awards... xD not...
17. Thanks Snoowy. =O my map called stunning... best day in my life... and its a warmap of a good clan... faaack.
18. Thanks Natzke. aah okay you award stupid maps xD
19. Thanks Lainen, im so happy that everybody awards my maps xD
  _Mono » 31-May-2009
Smashing screen
  »Breaker! // 31-May-2009
yea... i love it too
thank god....KoBe makes this stunning monster.....
  giligoop 01-Jun-2009
Loved to compete for screenie
Next time I will win
  »Breaker! // 01-Jun-2009
okay....but for that i need a new track 02-Jun-2009
Wee, .25 with Pad
  (\\||//wambo\\||//) 17-Jun-2009
breaker, it was my 1st try so... 08-Sep-2009
Low Powaaa
  Snowii | back to business 20-Sep-2009
! it's underrated
  jstc 02-Apr-2010
and full of poik^^
  »Breaker! // 02-Apr-2010
poik! poik! poik! who jizzed in my face?
  chuckn0rris 02-Apr-2010
That was me. Poik!
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User Awards
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User Award   joe b 31-May-2009
Very amazing track...
Checked it beta and didn't u tell me it's your LB/BB Track?... If yes, amazing work, you improved your skills very well...
I hope you changed the things I told you!
anyway... totally deserved: __

User Award   giligoop 01-Jun-2009
Verrrrrrryyyy awesommmmme
Loved to drive this one
Keep them comming man

>> <<

User Award 02-Jun-2009
I forget to award this masterpiece!
Amazing Flow, Cool ideas and respawnable. thats a verry Cool Map
Keep it up Well deserved

User Award   GSA|Cheet 07-Jun-2009
nice work here
User Award   diplo|mp 07-Jun-2009 what a nice track...
...amazing speed...
...the way is very nice...
...good job...
User Award   Junavara 07-Jun-2009
Played at ppo, nice FS
User Award   Bajs 07-Jun-2009
Awesome fullspeeder.
User Award   (\\||//wambo\\||//) 17-Jun-2009
really amazed me in the 1:30 minutes
still underrated and "eig isse auch easy, but the finish is to high" xD
User Award   ~Syian5~ 22-Jun-2009
cool track m8
1 tip signs
User Award   vladish.F® 22-Jun-2009
superb job here
nice fs with a great flow
lovely calculs
well done m8
User Award   kaynBock 23-Jun-2009
nice map
User Award   Griff. (giz) 27-Jun-2009
Very nice fullspeeder
Lots of un to play
Well Done
User Award   McMuffin 12-Jul-2009
Just awsome
User Award   Geeerardo 20-Jul-2009
Awesome Fullspeeder dude!

User Award   Eliphas` 22-Jul-2009
sick track
will write a bigger award, when it ain´t 3.12 am
User Award   Raw <3 22-Jul-2009
this one is straight awsumm'
fo sho m8 !

User Award   Snowii | back to business 08-Sep-2009
just great walls and turns
you have to take them very tight to get a good time
nice one dude,
User Award   Natzke 30-Oct-2009
Marvelous FS
User Award   Lainen 30-Oct-2009
Great track!
Fo' sho!
User Award   jstc 02-Apr-2010
poik! powaa
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