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Name: Download Dance Tonight
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   NLpwf
Version: 21-Jan-2010
Released: 06-Jun-2008
TMX id: 133263
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 54,448
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Night
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0:42.04   jumper.esu+ 0:04.9111,247
0:42.09   Ravenwest+ 0:04.9610,807
0:42.20   AR »Down.+ 0:05.079,839
0:42.21   Quantum.Max'+ 0:05.089,752
0:42.21   Switch+ 0:05.089,752
0:42.31   Jay^.ps+ 0:05.188,872
0:42.35   'Twister+ 0:05.228,520
0:42.58   PF spid3rZ+ 0:05.456,496
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Author Comments

Reached 2000 downloads

Updated ! 18/01/10

Hey Folks !
Here I am again

So what did I bring you this time ?
Well I made you another FullSpeeder

- 45 seconds FullSpeed Racing
- Jumps, loops, walls and all that stuff are included
- Checkpoints are respawnable
- Intro, outro, and GPS are again included
- Music : UtahSaints - SomethingGood '08

Author Time :
0:43.20 Quite slow

Screenie :
By me
Bigga Version

Special Thanks To :
-SpeedFreakz Server for BetaTesting
-Trema & Funnyman & Brainzzz for helping me out with music

I hope you have fun
So Shake That Ass Folks !


Also Try :

Utopia by   Fytrim.

User Comments
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  mCon|Cwookie 14-Jun-2008
nice map pwf as always
  Prdlous 15-Jun-2008
Continue of my

^tR4ck' – Construcion

Sooo… …Now I’m gonna tell you one thing…It’s absolutely rockin‘ bananas… …Mate, as I praised you that Outro, and I said it’s masterpiece, then I don’t know, how to call this…In english, there’s no word for it, but I can just said, that Masterpiece isn’t enough… Althought I read the trackdetails, when I oppened the track and’ve seen the first curve, I thought: “Damn, I thought, that in Trackdetails was written FullSpeed Track…“ And it was, and what’s written, that’s passed…Althought the start is little bit lucky, or skilling for me, I always lost so many times there, I still think, it gaves some cool thing in the track Also then the jump is really perfect and work perfectly too… But perfectly’s not working just the first jump… Perfectly works everythin‘ in there… If you’ve enough speed, that I said, that next time could be bit less, all jumps are so freaky smo.Oth …hen I’ve to praise in the track one, now really important already, thing…It’s called CP Respawn and many Tmn guys pis*ed of it, but you didn’t…That’s great you can do that also… Usually the Respawns are great, just the first one is quite lucky, and maybe hard also to drive as FullSpeed. But I think that it really doesN’t matter, when the rest is go(o)d and you can drive it with very big fun…I also loved in this track all jumps… They were so fkin‘ smooth, weren’t lucky…You had always watch out what’s going up all the time, coz there was no time, when it could be boorin‘… Maybe in these moments it was quite good, that the speed was soo high, coz‘ you couldn’t sleep in playin‘ it, what’s on some tracks possible, and that’s the most heatable think for me. xD When I praised already, that it’s not lucky, I’ve to say too, that the loops & wallrides aren’t lucky too and that they works great… Always great placed, mades that track suspenseful… I found that like really great


Also the last ‘part‘ of track……Althought I really don’t like this style of Screenshots, this one isn’t really that ulgy as I thought… Finally it gaves me feeling, that there is also sth nice… Maybe the text, or the font (pristina), that I really love……Also can just say, that it’s little bit dark, althought you tried make it lighter, but it’s not really bad done…

You’re getting my second given in TmnForeverX…As I said, I’d never track, that I really , so probably I really must love this one, when I’m writin‘ this xD

Also, the track has perfect flow, MT is great too, except that ugly GPS And in my feeling this track got:

12,8/10 points… Really keep up on good work… Already not lookin‘ foward to your next track…

gReez Prdlous
  Optimusje 15-Jun-2008
prdlous, get a life lol
  NLpwf 15-Jun-2008
When I clicked on this page I thought I clicked the wrong page
Such a long award
  Optimusje 16-Jun-2008
well, its deserved altough I never have the patience to write such an award oO
  Prdlous 19-Jul-2008
More 's pls...
  ThibzZz 26-Jul-2008
  GHoST_RyDoR 01-Sep-2008
check my track out
  hihaho342 15-Jan-2009
damn how i get music like this 1?!plz tell me
  Quantum.Max' 17-Jan-2010
erf.. there is a cut.
plz pwf fix it
  NLpwf 18-Jan-2010
  Quantum.Max' 19-Jan-2010
thx but why did you delete the boost before the last loop? Or isn't it normal?
  NLpwf 19-Jan-2010
I removed it so the end would be easier.
It was quite slippery.
But if you want it back I can still change it now.
  Quantum.Max' 20-Jan-2010
without boost the end is too slow :/

Re-make this boost plz because now everybody knows your map with THIS boost.
  NLpwf 21-Jan-2010
  Quantum.Max' 29-Jul-2010
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User Award   Ziro_der_hutt 05-Jan-2018
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