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Name: Download Pyramids Of Giza [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HardDance
Version: 07-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1362832
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 34,714
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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5:39.73   berk1n+ 0:00.0034,714
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5:52.04   Xerox.+ 0:12.3127,167
6:28.64   Realized2+ 0:48.914,728
6:40.08   HawkGer+ 1:00.350
6:51.63   Igntul+ 1:11.900
7:04.27   ==>logan<==+ 1:24.540
7:11.31   Kilburn+ 1:31.580
7:24.75   mt17+ 1:45.020
7:55.07   Tecfan+ 2:15.340
8:00.26   jurajojo+ 2:20.530
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Author Comments

Pyramids Of Giza

So it is finally finished, my biggest project ever in tm.
Some of you may have noticed that I have not been as active as before the last 1.5-2 months, and here is your reason. Jge discovered RPG style for some months ago, hated it at first, but after a few hours so I started to love it. And after a couple of weeks of driving online I started on this one. When I started to build a wanted to create a path that was quite narrow, many of the rpg tracks have large areas to run on, which also is huge fun. But I would have a path that was narrow with some real challenges. I think I succeeded with it quite well, which you will surely see after some tryes. The track consists of three pryamider, two small and one large one. In the two first pryramids its pretty tight and some parts contain blocks to run on which many of you may never have tried before, so it will be fun to see how many replays it is going to get hit.

The track got a mod made by Fish, so a big thanks to him for letting me use it. And just look at it, its beautiful.

I want to thank all my beta testers, the track wouldnt be the same without you. I know its more of you, so i will update the pics later.

Also a big thanks to the admins on RPG Unlimited and Heavens RPG for letting me beta test the track there. Visit the servers a day, you will be surpised by how fun it is and how nice ppl are there.

Left to thank is Occam for beeing the the guy he is, one of the nicest guys iv ever met in tm. Thanks for the vid you made. (Which you can see under here) You have also been a huge motivator for me under the building. Thanks

And HawkGer For showing me that its possible to drive fast on the track, and for all the help under the beta testing. Thanks alot

And of cource Januy for the wonderfull screen, love it

Now, if you cant find the way, Occam have made a video like i said. Watch it and you will find the way, and maybe learn some techniques. But i strongly recommend that you try to find the way, thats almost the coolest with rpg tracks, the adventure through the whole track.

Left to saw is have fun and try to upload a replay if you make it to the finish.

The video of the whole track
Trackmania - Pyramids Of Giza

Video of the intro, not all of it, it ends with alot of links. Thanks Occam
Pyramids Of Giza - Intro

Pyramids Of Giza Hawk's Run (6'54''13) uncut. Thanks Occam
6'54''13 by HawkGer

The video of the maze
Trackmania - Pyramids Of Giza, the Maze

And try some of these amazing RPG tracks

[bad track link]
"Kheops : the TM mecanism [RPG] by   fish"
"Saqqarah by   Kryw"
"Lubaantun by   Kryw"
"Zeppelin Station [RPG] by   x-ROC NORAB"

User Comments
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  occam 11-Jun-2009
Originally posted by lia ...
...i cant watch the replay
Originally posted by giligoop ...
...when I look at hawks replay i only get one view and it stays like that...
Originally posted by HawkGer ...
...You can edit the replay and delete HD's helper-ghost...

   --> Howto edit the replay and delete the helper-ghost
  Prdlous 11-Jun-2009
I dont get this track
  laguna 11-Jun-2009
The difficulty is "lunatic" or Superior, not expert XD
  HardDance 11-Jun-2009
For the guys that know how to drive a rpg track, its expert or maybe not that high either.
  ,,Januy 11-Jun-2009
I'd call it Medium for Hawk..
  Hazaart 11-Jun-2009
I'm sorry i dont really get this? first RPG i drive, and its just like an accumulation of block, no smoothness, dont know where to go, am I not getting somthing xD ?
  occam 11-Jun-2009
Pyramids of Giza is probably the smoothest RPG there is (so far). RPG tracks per definition are not supposed to be smooth. These tracks seem to be the alternative draft to super smooth tracks. RPGs are usually relatively slow and sometimes even rough and bumpy to drive with occasionaly insanely hard obstacles.
PoG  is rather moderate concerning the difficulty. Probably HardDance could not deny his remarkable skills as a Tech-Author entirely and so you will find indeed several very smooth drift turns and landings.
Have a look at Hawk's replay and you will see how smooth the track can be. Of course to experience smoothness in a track the driver needs to have the necessary skills for the track style.
But the first goal and maybe the biggest fun in RPG tracks is just to make it to the finish line. And RPGs are always the most fun enjoyed online in a group. Getting navigational tips and advise how the obstacles are easily mastered will almost certainly be more fun than fighting through the track offline and all alone. Try it with a friendly guide online and see for youself, if you are having the fun i promised :-> with these rather unsmooth tracks^^.
  DaBoss 12-Jun-2009
Enig with Occam!
Smoothness comments
  Chazz'.U 12-Jun-2009
I can't drive over the wallride thing after 2nd CP, I saw the video and I the track and I think I'm able to do all the obstacles but the wallride thingie is to much
  HardDance 12-Jun-2009
Been there to, used 45 min on my first wallride, but its just go very slow, and be patient with the wall. And dont panic when you start falling off
  Elite.Air 12-Jun-2009
OMG Hawk
how can you finish such a track with just one "Mistake Respawn" ???
Thats just sick

  occam 12-Jun-2009
Hawk's run (Replay: 6'54''13) has not a single unnecessary Respawn.
There are more Respawns, but i will explain three prominent ones.

1'52 RingCP, faster
3'52 necessary, you wanna enter the quarterpipe PF
5'50 faster, you could turn, but repawning is faster

Hawk even drives smoothly with a turn through a few CPs, where the common approach is more direct and would force one to respawn.
  ,,Januy 13-Jun-2009
Originally posted by Chazu ...
I can't drive over the wallride thing after 2nd CP, I saw the video and I the track and I think I'm able to do all the obstacles but the wallride thingie is to much

Yeaah, it's a real b*tch >_> I guess it's easier with a Pad, but after some practice it gets easier with KB
  Shanki@TMNx 13-Jun-2009
wtf, what is rpg?!
i didnt play tmnf for some month, and whats this?!

maybe i come back to tmnf!
  HardDance 14-Jun-2009
Shanky, you can read all about RPG here.

Updates in the AC
  Tecfan 30-Aug-2009
This track will be played in the 6th RPG round race event, Sunday 6th of September.

it was also played in the finals in the first FunPark RPG cup:
  Igntul 11-Apr-2011
i refuse to belive r2 beated hawk
  HardDance 15-Apr-2011
Damn! Gotta see that replay o.0
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User Awards
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User Award   GSA|Cheet 21-Jun-2009
brilliant work!

really cool... just the way is a bit confusing in the middle part

User Award   ~Syian5~ 22-Jun-2009
very cool track m8 nice RPG

User Award   Heathcliff_huckstable 07-Jul-2009
Would have guessed that u needed 2 years for that bunch of great ideas...
Of corse the most exciting track i drove so far.
Also some challenging riddles i liked.
highly earned !!
User Award   Etidu 08-Aug-2009
Great one ofc
Awesome work on the pyraamid-look !
And I really liked the maze ^^
User Award   >Y< 14-Aug-2009
omg i like this RPG too much very nice work m8

here` my
User Award   zulu 17-Aug-2009
gj HD
go on with more rpg maps!
User Award   Roomie¬ 28-Mar-2010
Amazing RPG HD.
Nicely done!

User Award   popgun 25-Nov-2010
Great track. Loads of challenging bits.
User Award   Igntul 21-Apr-2011
i hate this map. really

you cant imagine how many times i hit the keyboard because of you
this track flows so well, so many creative ideas, you drive it and have fun on every single cp, you are on a 0 resp run easily but then....
BAAM, you just waste everything you got until now. really annoying
so i am awarding this map, why? because its just a crazy work with all the mixes and the creativity you got, with a great atmosphere and challenging route, and first run was really REALLY fun, awesome pathfinding

you (almost) fully deserve this ~> <~
User Award   ==>logan<== 10-May-2011
User Award   Realized2 11-Jul-2011
Very nice work here! Nice looking map, and also great to hunt!
User Award   Nivek-XT 27-Aug-2011
User Award   ZapZap 26-Feb-2013
I dont like!
Here is your
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
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