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Name: Download No-Limit #1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Takashi (-> In United forever)
Version: 13-Jun-2009
Released: 13-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1386661
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 31,029
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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Author Comments

No-Limit #1 :

Okai , I thought it was time to start a new serie .. After some good things , and some sh!ts , I decided to come back with my hunting fever , instead of these "transitional" maps who are liked by every people who lost the driving feeling .. the REAL driving feeling.
So here's the start , be ready for :

- 30-31 seconds of driving
- No big jumps
- Slides
- Flow
- Simple scenery : 1098 coppers
- Building time : Something like one hour and a half
- Author time ; 30.99
- Mediatracker : All made by me.
- GPS : Not any , after discussion with Acura , I decided to not give a GPS to this track.
- Screenshot : Made by Acura

Thanks to the testers :
Skurlat | DoDo | SILL | Acura

Now It's time to play . . .

15/06/09 :

New video

"No-Limit #2 by   Takashi (-> In United forever)"

User Comments
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  Takashi (-> In United forever) 13-Jun-2009

Thanks Acura
Thanks Mkay
Thanks Sparc0
Thanks RaW
Thanks Zveryshka
Thanks Geerardo
Thanks Densu<3
Thanks Endymion
Thanks Sill
Thanks Trackracer
Thanks Raxi
Thanks Amnesia
Thanks Orpheus
Thanks Fish
Thanks Xxxbot
Thanks Night.Hawk
Thanks Firestorm
Thanks b9791
Thanks Hubby
Thanks Junavara
Thanks Masked Man
Thanks Panther
Thanks Skurlat
Thanks Darkpuddle
Thanks El Cid
Thanks Sharky
Thanks Bladerunner
Thanks DaBoss
Thanks Matty
Thanks Indy_air
Thanks Vladish
Thanks Fox_360
Thanks Gman
Thanks pHo
Thanks NanoX
Thanks Der Dude
Thanks Guelle
Thanks Bruno
Thanks Cheep Jeep
Thanks Swiss
Thanks NoAir
Thanks Karjen
Thanks Bubble
Thanks Basskid
Thanks Emeritus
Thanks Wallaby
Thanks Seb
Thanks GFrost
Thanks Swesebbe
Thanks Metal_Snake
Thanks NLPwf

560 donwloads.
  acura_rsx 13-Jun-2009
  Takashi (-> In United forever) 13-Jun-2009
Damn ... why there's a dog smilie and not a cat one?
  acura_rsx 13-Jun-2009
cats rulez
  mp.Zver 13-Jun-2009
yeah 13-Jun-2009
  Raxi 14-Jun-2009
gratz on BoTW taka
  Takashi (-> In United forever) 14-Jun-2009
  ANEZeca 18-Jun-2009
seems to be a nice map added to ANE server in belgic...later i´ll try it
  acura_rsx 18-Jun-2009
botw xD 19-Jun-2009
Most overrated track this month.
  Takashi (-> In United forever) 19-Jun-2009
Not my fault , I didn't spammed anybody \o/
Oh also , your f*ckin' words are damn overrated too Empy , we don't care of your opinion , kthx. 19-Jun-2009
lol my words are overrated? xD
  Dutchy! 19-Jun-2009
Original Joke Taka
  Chris <3 20-Jun-2009
nice answer taka
  rewiind 25-Jun-2009
Empy, when will you stop annoying people with useless comments ?
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Elite.Air 19-Jun-2009
the screen...wonderful....
it shows the whole track and you used a very cool effect
the font fits perfectly in this screen
in the author commen you are taliking shortly abour the reason way you started this series and what is special...
it is cool to get some information before driving the map
Then the intro...
it shows the importanst parts of the map...this is very cool because so you really want to drive now
The transitions at the strat is cool and so you have a long part you can take fullspeed
( I love starts like this )
the first drift fists perfectly and the gras part is a cool transition for the next slide
then it is cool to see that you are re-using this gras part
then a gain some cool drifts and transitions
and then the last curve..
it is very cool because it is not soooo easy getting in the finish without touching the finish
but here is your well deserved
I hope for the second map

peace NoAir

User Award   KarjeN 20-Jun-2009
well done
User Award   Bubble 20-Jun-2009
User Award   Basskid 20-Jun-2009
User Award   Emeritius 25-Jun-2009
Nice shortie!


User Award   Wallaby 25-Jun-2009
It is the most overrated track of the month! o_o
Ok , that was a joke^^ , now seriously , seems a big part of the community is more interested in getting awards than everything else o.O
C'mon , this overrated comments begin to suck -.-

I like the map btw

>> <<
User Award 11-Jul-2009
User Award   Sphere|Holiday 16-Jul-2009
Wonderfull track, wonderfull did I say

Great Tech I loved every second of it
The curves was smooth as a clean road

+ Perfect Speed
+ Smooth as hell
+ Flow did it got too

So what more can I give?

Maybe this >>> <<<

Gfrost <3
User Award   SweSebbe 18-Dec-2009
Nice old style track with alot of fun. I enjoyed it alot A short award from me this time

Here have you a big from me

Merry christmas
User Award   Metal_Snake 23-Mar-2010
Awesome flow
User Award   NLpwf 23-Mar-2010
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
User Award   OwndMäx 23-Oct-2018
User Award   denni.k 25-Oct-2018
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