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Name: Download ~Mini Tribute 1 - TimeBreaker
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   SweSebbe
Version: 13-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1388282
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 42,945
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Tech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:28.13   hades+ 0:00.0742,302
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0:28.15   PauLL+ 0:00.0942,118
0:28.27   funToob'+ 0:00.2141,016
0:28.28   »panKey.+ 0:00.2240,924
0:28.29   i'm - RusFire+ 0:00.2340,832
0:28.32   Rload Knon+ 0:00.2640,557
0:28.35   Jokersen+ 0:00.2940,282
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Author Comments

Welcome to my new track and serie

It's time for a new miniserie from me and in this serie i wanna give something back to my friends. This time i decided to make a tribute to Timebreaker. He is one of my best friends, He is always friendly and help me and other people with everything. He always help Tmx. He is not just a good person, He is a good builder and a great scrennie maker too. I just think he deserves this tribute from me I got so much but never gave anything "real" but with this track i wanna show that appreciate all your work you did to me and others. Well deserved! > I'll always choose one person for each track.

Name - ~Mini tribute 1 - TimeBreaker
Coppers - 1317
Intro - (Simple)
Gps -
Outro - (Simple)
Respawn - Well (just the first checkpoint doesn't work)
Mood - Sunset
Style - Simple but fun tech
Author time - 29.20
Everything in this track aren't perfect but i don't think minitrack shall be "perfect" they're made for fun and that's what i think this track is

Have fun and good luck

Here is a link to a minipack from my old minis at Tmn, they're fun and great for online

User Comments
Showing 19 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  SweSebbe 13-Jun-2009
- No comments about the scrennie please
  Whizkid | *Gone For Awhile* 13-Jun-2009
another TB tribute track lol
  Hitchy 13-Jun-2009
just to get attention
  Sebi.nGine | off 13-Jun-2009
rofl @ my ending

i guess a .2 should be the limit here...
  carbonj`uT 13-Jun-2009
man I ur style and your tracks but for me this is a way to get more attention
  vgr 13-Jun-2009
I lol'd.
  Showtime 13-Jun-2009
wow there's TMX in ur name, this track must be great
  VeGaS 13-Jun-2009
  Sebi.nGine | off 13-Jun-2009
densuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu <3
  sj@tmn 13-Jun-2009
@CarbonJ: Attention is all right if the track is good.

Good tracks deserve attention... What's the point you're trying to make?
  robble 13-Jun-2009
omg.. i won´t support a track by an author who has got a tag, thats unfair to the people who havnß´t got a tag
  Dutchy! 13-Jun-2009
lawl stupid comment..
Great Track SweSebbe, hope to see some more of ya
  SweSebbe 13-Jun-2009
about the tag, I just followed Blinnemans idea.. It's not perfect but it's better at least and more fair.. everyone can use it as you can't do with Zt with more (Well let's skip this discussion here please..)

The coments about "attention" Lol? Do you really think i'm searching for awards? I don't care about how many awards i get. Of course i appreciate them but i'm not searching for them.. I did it before when i was unknown (In Tmn like 3 years ago?) but later whe i was quite famous in Tmn i understood that awards aren't everything in the world. Read the information instead.. I wanna thank some of my friends who have meant alot to me at TMN & TMNF and Timebreaker is one of them.
  DenSu | nGine 13-Jun-2009
i just want to say to the comments before swesebbe`s
-> LOL
  »n4meless|Less active. 13-Jun-2009
Leave CaRbOnJ alone..
I mean he's just alitle kid who builds shitty minis...
simply don't care for him..

I will test the track tomorrow, whether i remember.
  Dutchy! 14-Jun-2009
wow, one of the first times i agree with ya N4meless Kidoo

Gosh i wrote te longest award so far
  sj@tmn 14-Jun-2009
Soo True indeed
  PagH .xT 18-Jun-2009
Originally posted by CaRbOnJ ...
man I ur style and your tracks but for me this is a way to get more attention

hahahahhaha . . man I don't get this kid . . soz carbon xD.

btw sebbe . . I removed my tag . . you bastards won
  SweSebbe 19-Jun-2009
It was a long time ago i did a thank you list so'll do it now

Thanks for the award to
1. Sebi
2. Hitchy
3. Sparco
4. Vgr
5. Zveryshka
6. Waldfee
7. Uetzer
8. Dodo
9. Dimension
10. Leon
11. Densu
12. Sj
13. Bajs
14. Dutchy
15 Hunter
16. XXXBot
17. Bl@derunner
18. Ziem0n

Thank you so much

Thanks for all the replays too
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User Awards
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User Award   habichuelo 28-Aug-2012
User Award   dulf 28-Aug-2012
Very funny track even to dirt driver
very enjoy

User Award   Sky.esu 01-Feb-2016
nice mini
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