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Name: Download Legopolis [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fish
Version: 25-Jun-2009
TMX id: 1442725
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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9:48.72   Xerox.+ 0:00.00-
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10:14.34   oiram456+ 0:25.62-
10:48.23   HylleZ+ 0:59.51-
11:00.65   >Dawe+ 1:11.93-
11:10.74   elgster+ 1:22.02-
11:34.73   deus.esu+ 1:46.01-
11:42.15   thom+ 1:53.43-
11:56.40   Calown+ 2:07.68-
11:57.22   HawkGer+ 2:08.50-
12:36.99   ==>logan<==+ 2:48.27-
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Author Comments

hey ppl

Welcome in my new RPG entry.
U can travel for fun or fight for recs, everything will be ok in Legopolis

Extra-adventure: find the SexyLego, take a screenshoot and win 3000 coppers

At : 19.20.02

building time : long
mod : Lego-city updated.
!!! wait for the mod, leave the track and start it again !!!
mood : day in a special mind ^^
coopers : 9748
Block-mixing : sure?


Big THX to..

- Baron
- Hawk
- Dab"
- Kryw
- Mekac
- vladish
- Occam
- Beep
- McBain
- Golo
- stromek
- HD
- Bajs
- :Dawe:
- Jofo
- Tecfan
- dope!
- kiter_g1234
- popgun
- giorgos ttr
- PrimaveraMasterSound
- CalinStelistu
- lain64
- RPG||| poly
- janeca69
- Xerox!

User Comments
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  eie 25-Jun-2009
Must-play-track ^^
  fish 25-Jun-2009
  Ghost. 25-Jun-2009
Lol fish...
  x-ROC NORAB 25-Jun-2009
ah this is hawkger machine:)
  fish 25-Jun-2009
  HawkGer 25-Jun-2009
ohh I wish I had that badass engine
The "SexyLego" is very well hidden I gotta say...or I'm just searching for the wrong thing^^
  fish 25-Jun-2009
i don't wana add a pic of it here but u will understand when u will see it.. she's so sexxxy impossible to mis(s)understand ^^
and thx a lot for this really cool award
  ~Syian5~ 26-Jun-2009
i can't even finish it
  fish 26-Jun-2009
  HawkGer 26-Jun-2009
mmh I must be blind, still can't find it Well...then I'm giving the treasure-hunt over to someone else^^
syrian5, if you have problems with the route I uploaded the replay of my second run...hope it helps
Weird that no server has this track in the playlist yet, I really would like to drive it online. Edit: track coming up on rpg ltd
  DaBoss 26-Jun-2009
& thx Hawk for help on rpg ultd!
All noobs can give thanks !p
i begin
  Kryw 27-Jun-2009
I have found a Sexylogo Omg he was very nice hidden
Thx for your 3000 Coppers
  fish 03-Jul-2009
np but next time cam7 will not help u
  ,,Januy 03-Jul-2009
bwuh I am stuck..


*forgets that he can download Hawk's replay*
  Brainshaker 17-Jul-2009
can you pls upload a video of the track, because i couldn´t finished it yet, because i´m stucking everytime at the same part
  Tecfan 24-Sep-2009
Legopolis Youtube GPS:
Part 1:
Part 2:

This track was played in the first day of the FunPark RPG cup:
  skeleton 06-Feb-2010
Looks like someone's taking a lot of credit for my mod. All that's been changed is some transparency here and there.
  fish 06-Feb-2010
u're wrong. I put ur name in the loadscreen and i never said it was mine. U're building very fun mods, i just change what i need for my tracks. nothing else. Anyway, did u play the track? cause make one mod is one stuff, building a track, an other one... peace.
  skeleton 06-Feb-2010
Yes I played the track. Not my kind of track sorry but well done. Has you have changed the mod there was no loading screen for me (would be if I played it a second time after it had loaded) thank you for using my mod.
  fish 12-Apr-2011
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   PrimaveraMasterSound 06-Apr-2011
User Award   Calin 07-Dec-2011
User Award   lain64 09-Jul-2012
User Award   Poly! 09-May-2013
If i love RPG is because have tracks like this
One of the best tracks in TM

(i dont know why i didnt award this track xD)
User Award   janeca69 09-May-2013

User Award   Xerox. 22-Jun-2013
Awesome map !
One of the best classic RPG maps.
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   navali 16-Aug-2016
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