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Name: Download At Dream's End
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Djsisi78
Version: 11-Jun-2008
Released: 11-Jun-2008
TMX id: 148207
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:34.43   EkeeN+ 0:02.03-
0:34.45   Djsisi78+ 0:02.05-
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Author Comments

At Dream's End :

This is my new track
A new style for this track !
about 35 sec of tech and speed (as usual)
Say me If you don't like it
More info about me Here



Infos :

Intro :
In Game :
Outro :


1600 cc

Re-use :

: 0.50.00
: 0.36.00
Autor Time : 34.45

Big screen

My new track : Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem by   Djsisi78


Good Luck


Thx list :

1.| foulco1 => Wow fast thx for this words ! (replay)
2.| *Coat ' => Thx man, happy you like it !
3.| ZverYshka =>Thx, cool you like design ! (replay)
4.| EmperoR => Thx a lot, in fact, I build it fastly...
5.| Dr.Fatass => An easy track is not funny ... héhé
6.| ~leon~ => Oh, thx very much for this great mate !
7.| hoheb => Screen is made by Frizbee ! Thx for this words...
8.| Ghost_X => Thx very much man, I catch your !
9.| kljinen => Short but good, happy you like it !
10.| French-Rider => Thx for this 2 "awesome" words...
===============> 10 for 32 Dlds <===============
11.| *The Vip* => Thx for beta-test and for this !
12.| TimeBreaker => Woww, I'm so happy you like this one, Thx a lot !
13.| HardDance => I love compact too ! Thx for this nice words... (replay)
14.| Firwarre.F® => Woww Thx my friend for this great sentences !
15.| FaHoFF => That's cool you love all parts, Thx mate (replay)
16.| ~KiWiNiNjA~ => Sorry for MT, it's poor ! But thx for your (replay)
17.| Metal_Snake.F® => I'm very happy to receive an from you, thx.
18.| Kendal => Thx mate for this lovely words, happy you like the scenery
19.| Natzke => Yo mate, it's cool you love my track, Thx for this man...
20.| kairi => Thx mate for beta-test and for this !
===============> 20 for 74 Dlds <===============
21.| Fytrim|Scenery Freak => A track easy is not a tech track ! thx for
22.| Exrange => Thx mate for this wonderfull words. Wait your new one.
23.| Begrip`KarjeN => Oh, I think u'd upload a great rec... Thx mate !
24.| NLpwf => All my screens are made by Frizbee, they're perfect, thx.
25.| Arild => Oh great thx for this wonderfull words.
26.| SapphiroN => I'm so happy u like my track, thx a lot mate for
27.| frizbee => Héhé my friend, that's cool u love scenery, I love yr screen
28.| ShoK => Great f*cking :award; mate, thx a lot !
29.| SweSebbe => Thx you very much for this lovely words man...
30.| Alba | mÖp => Thx mate for betat-test and for this
===============> 30 for 170 Dlds <===============
31.| Andre => Thx mate for this nice :award:happy u like it !
32.| OLD/WizKid => Thx for this lovely words mate.
33.| o3.CraxX => Happy you didn't forget my track mate ! (replay)
34.| BluEjAck => Thx for this great mate.
35.| Fitty => Thx mate for this awesome words.
36.| Alan => I know, Intro is bad, I'll do better next time ! Thx (replay)
37.| B-EyeS => Thx mate for this wonderfull words and great time (replay)
38.| dfd.Basskid => Happy you like it mate, Thx a lot for

User Comments
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  Djsisi78 11-Jun-2008
Thx list :

39.| GOKHU => Thx mate for this 2 great words.
40.| cranberries_eeeee => Thx for this nice (repaly)
===============> 40 for 302 Dlds <===============
41.| Krow => Hey mate, I'm glad you like it, thx a lot.
42.| FinSlayer => oh awesome one of the best I've ever received
43.| Harmony~Bros => I know this track is too short, thx for this words
44.| Panter => Thx mate for this lovely words and
45.| sensation => Lol, simple but cool !
46.| ThibzZz => Thx mate, lovely words thx for this track.
47.| Firetribe => U think well I hope, lol, thx a lot.
48.| Tige® => Oh my friend, what a wonderfull you wrote here ! Thx a lot for test it, and for this amazing descrition. I know => intro is not really good, will better next time. Thx a lot for this lovely, beautifull words. The best I've ever received for sure ! Thx a lot.
49.| Skizow => Thx for this new mate, nice words.
50.| Namusis => I'm glad u like this track, hope u'll love next one !
===============> 50 for 441 Dlds <===============
51.| Sebi l => a late is a ! Thx mate.
52.| ersteSahne => Short, but nice my friend !
53.| cayman => Thx mate, your tracks are just awesome...
54.| Ptitnono.F® => Oh french , awesome words, thx mate !
55.| ~*DenSu*~ => Thx mate for this , I've more experience now !
56.| dukaty => Lovely words, thx a lot.
57.| 2astaDocta => Thx mate, I'm crazy about hard tech !!!
58.| @WopZ => Thx so much my friend for this lovely words.
59.| psycho_devil => Oh, nice , gladu like it mate !

Thx to Frizbee (Tmu) for this amazing wonderful screen
Thx to Alba | mÖp for the beta-test
Thx to kairi for the beta-test
Thx to *The Vip* for the beta-test
Please, let a comment if u don't like
Enjoy it.
  *The Vip* 11-Jun-2008
It was a real pleasure of testing it

I'll leave a replay when I'll make good drifts

Once again: Great Job!
  Djsisi78 15-Jun-2008
Sorry all for this bad Intro... and fast Outro...
I'll try to do better in my new track !
  Djoszee 15-Jun-2008
When you want to do better in your next track, please make sure the cp-restarts work. I like the track, but I crash too many times and can't respawn. Can't award this, sorry mate
  Djsisi78 15-Jun-2008
For me, respawn cp is cheating !
When you drive a real car, is that you can leave immediately after having your accident ?
No ! In this game when you don't succeed to pass a corner, you've to restart, that's all !
For those who wants to respawn, know that I will not change...
  Arild 15-Jun-2008
The game isn't really based on realism, is it?

When I took the leap from TMN to TMU I agreed with you Djsisi. My mind has changed though, and I see Djoszee's point. Usually it's very easy to make respawns work as well, I think you should consider it. Though I still love the map
  Djsisi78 15-Jun-2008
Course, anyone has got his point but for me, respawn is cheating,
A lap should be perfect !
  frizbee 19-Jun-2008
Thank you Tige®
  Tige® 19-Jun-2008
np Frizbee
  Djsisi78 16-Nov-2008
... Waiting for the 60th ...
  ben3847 13-Oct-2014
I guess the end of the dream has come^^
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User Awards
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User Award   Shadow° 29-Nov-2008
Nice track!!
Nice screen!!
User Award   Shock <3 21-Feb-2011
User Award   DxMarillion' 21-Feb-2011
damn great dude
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