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Name: Download tmCry [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fish
Version: 11-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1489901
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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3:55.17   Wirtual #inact...+ 0:00.00-
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
4:02.32   bw.Simon+ 0:07.15-
4:07.52   Realized2+ 0:12.35-
5:45.85   Voyager006+ 1:50.68-
6:15.55   JereM.+ 2:20.38-
6:58.70   NitroGuy!+ 3:03.53-
8:10.88   Tecfan+ 4:15.71-
9:07.65   nielson94+ 5:12.48-
9:10.96   Steppke+ 5:15.79-
9:22.52   fish+ 5:27.35-
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Author Comments

Hey ppl,

Welcome in TMCRY : Ur boat is blown apart by a mercenary rocket. U manage to escape but u're stranded thousands of miles away from home. With ur car, lost somewhere in the depths of the jungle, u must now find ur way back to civilization..

********************* Important*********************

wait for the mod, when u have it close the game and restart it

Time bulding: long..
Blocks : 6313
Block-mixing : really?
AT : 9.22
Difficulty : Expert

Hope u will can play it in very high settings, HF.

update : bug cp and hole jump

Big thanks to...

- DoDo
- Occ"
- Rockz0R
- Masked_Man
- Clem
- nitro
- Speedlight
- kryw
- Hawk"
- vladish
- IsDiableeto
- McBain
- Baron
- Lexx
- HD
- kiko
- Jurek
- DutchRacer
- Dab"
- Jyray
- matto
- TheEnd
- Black Lion
- maX
- 'nwt' Eternal
- lia
- stromek
- Mr Beep
- JoFo
- trm.xRay
- :Dawe:
- ,,Januy
- Torpedo
- Voyager
- Etidu
- Airon'
- Bieflap
- MfG Big Al
- solix
- NitroGuY!~.uT
- eyebo
- naruveli
- Chazu
- JimmyKualualua
- CommanderCool93
- Kouba
- Alexi
- Igntul
- Sim?n
- HoffernJr
- Gasgano...
- trunks_11
- Vanguard
- Realized2
- onicole
- Nixion
- BigKingg

User Comments
Showing 20 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  mr.hubby 06-Jul-2009
I'll check it out
  nitro.~uT' 06-Jul-2009
  fish 06-Jul-2009
ok, now u can watch my replay, thx for those early awards by i think u didn't find all tricks enjoy
  Kryw 06-Jul-2009
wooohooo 13 Minutes !
  fish 06-Jul-2009
nice. Now i'm updating it, just small stuffs, dirthill bug and signs to finish.
  isdiableeto 07-Jul-2009
Your img with good quality ^^
Img :P
  fish 07-Jul-2009
thx a lot
  occam 07-Jul-2009
 YouTube video  -->  tmCry
  sound 07-Jul-2009
nice font, where did u get it, pls pm me
  fish 08-Jul-2009
I have so many fonts, i don't know where this one is from but look for ' docteur Atomic.
map updated 9.07.2009 : no more dirthill bug, signs at the end, easyer wallride at start. HF.
  GreyCrow 12-Jul-2009
Great. Yust great not that i finishd it thow not so good at ledge driving Cant give this 1 there so ill give it here.
  fish 13-Jul-2009
After the RPG round 4 i decided to update the track. i will remove the cp bug and the hole jump.
  Voyager006 14-Sep-2009
Mainly i didn't like the update because of that i learned how to do those removed parts by an margin of 1:1,5 tries.

But i changed that mind then i got my current time ^^
  fish 14-Sep-2009
and a very nice one...
  Tecfan 10-Oct-2009
GPS from the newest version:
  almostar 12-Oct-2009
Why is it a "warning!wrong way!"sign?
  helllan 18-Nov-2009
Very Good and Nice Underground Track !!!!
RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  maraboo2000 21-Nov-2009
Well i finished it 2 times in solo mod WITH NO SCORE EACH TIME!
It seems there's a bug which made me always respawn at that last invisible road CP before the end....
What'is that?
NB>Of course, i watched a replay and the you-tube vidéo ans i'm 100% sure to have driven the whole map with all cps and rings!
19h50pm> Again i played this track on the Kacklappen/rpg server this time>>finished it 1st for a just under 23 mn time and NO SCORE after the jump in the last ring and crossing the final line (invisible way...)
Somebody has an explanation or this tm/cry version is bugged?
SORRY, i forgot a useless CP after the 1st big jump and invisible way which has just to be cresed going UNDER like in sobékite.....
better remove it because it's difficult to spot and the map will become even harder....Thanks anyway for the beautiful environnement!
  Gtrmanðan 31-Jan-2010
Holy **** Awesome map look and awsome map!
  Nixion #mot³ 31-Jan-2013
Old but really cool track
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 59 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   FT»eyebo 29-Nov-2009
Well done! Entertaining drive. Lots of cool spots.
User Award   naruveli's RPG tracks 04-Dec-2009
Very nice n' hard rpg!
User Award   Chazz'.U 15-Dec-2009

Great track, had some problems finishing it back then and forgt to check it when you updated it ...
But now I did and W W

Seeing the track in the vid was nice but playing it was Fantastic!
It's one of the best RPG's 'round here .. The tricks and atmosphere make this track an unforgettable expierience!

Keep 'm comin' !

User Award   hnry 27-Dec-2009
Very nice map, great mod, awesome world record

->but sometimes also very lucky!!!
User Award   vneck 27-Dec-2009
User Award   .Kouba. 07-Feb-2010
User Award   Alexi 10-Feb-2010
Nice atmosphere in this track. One of my favorite RPG's.

Cool! ||
User Award   Igntul 04-Apr-2010
winderfull atmosphere in this one
User Award   bw.Simon 01-May-2010
Well this award comes pretty late ^^
but I have to award because in my opinion it is THE most epic RPG-track in the history of TM-RPG
It has a wonderful atmosphere and very nice tricks
Big for you!!!
User Award   HoffernJr 13-May-2010
Damn I have forgotten to award this one, well then I'll do it now
Very very nice track, love it;) all your tracks are amasing!!
User Award   iGn Gasgano 26-May-2010
well, fish... i dont know why, but even if i read the name "fish" i become nervous... because every map of you is hard for me. but tm cry is the onliest one which i like... i have to like it, have to drive it in a war friday so good job with this one and keep on building...maybe on day there is a map which pleased me ;-)
User Award   trunks_11 28-Jul-2010
After I saw tmcry ll i played this track once again...and i saw thati didn´t award it.... SRY
User Award   _vanguard_ 26-Sep-2010
Nice Work Fish
User Award   Realized2 02-Nov-2010
Great work , superb atmosphere!
User Award   onicole 04-Jun-2012
User Award   Nixion #mot³ 31-Jan-2013
User Award   BigKingg 27-Mar-2013
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   navali 16-Aug-2016
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