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Name: Download Chemical X [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   HawkGer
Version: 09-Jan-2013
TMX id: 1536956
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 11,084
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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9:05.90   berk1n+ 0:00.0011,084
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9:07.97   HylleZ+ 0:02.0710,831
9:53.24   Xerox.+ 0:47.345,316
10:01.61   bw.Simon+ 0:55.714,297
24:50.33   nunni+ 15:44.430
10:54.67   ==>logan<==+ 1:48.77-
11:44.62   Kiyo+ 2:38.72-
16:45.35   DJDyno´+ 7:39.45-
17:16.75   mixalis_l_sala...+ 8:10.85-
10:35.60   Voyager006+ 1:29.70-
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Author Comments

Hey everyone,

this track is a duo-rpg-track Hardarm and me built in collaboration. As the name already suggests, it sets place in a chemical factory and thus has a very industrial atmosphere. We therefore chose the MetalMod, created by .maX, while building the track. The track has some very hard spots and is thus very difficult for RPG-beginners! The first drive on the track can range from 50min to over 2hours. Once learned, one can drive it in under 12minutes though.
Coppers: 11k
Thanks to the PixelSport community for betatesting the track. Also thanks to .maX for this wonderful mod

Have fun and send your replays
Greetz, HawkGer and Hardarm

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User Comments
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  NitroGuy! 17-Jul-2009
  HawkGer 18-Jul-2009
I will be in holidays for 7 days now...hope you guys will have fun on this track
see you then...
  fish 18-Jul-2009
time to try
  .max 19-Jul-2009
thanks for the showcase
  HawkGer 25-Jul-2009
I'm just back from my holidays and what do I see: OH MY GOD 19 Awards ! I really didn't expect such a resonance; many thanks to all of you Also thanks to those who submitted a replay, very good times I'm sure Hardarm is very happy about this as well. See you all online...
  Hardarm 26-Jul-2009
i agree. continue guys
  HardDance 23-Aug-2009
Why did you change the mod?
Its like Polytech, its cool at the strat, but overall annoying and painfull for the eyes (not that its ugly, just painfull)
  Hardarm 23-Sep-2009
lol thank with these new awards^^
  Ninja 06-Oct-2009
i think the mod looks boring :/
  Tecfan 29-Oct-2009
GPS video at Youtube:
Part 1
Part 2
  klokklok 18-May-2010
lol give

me a award
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   occam 16-Aug-2009
We just drove it on TheForbiddenDoors (with Fishy's Garage Mod and the black sky and day mood looks awesome and maybe even more interesting than with original Metal Mod. With the Garage Mod the atmoshpere is even more thrilling and believable and it looks even more like a abandoned Chemical Facilty :->) any case awesome track:-) ...i especially love the large hall around two thirds into the track...and there are many other nice spots all over the track :-)
User Award   OLD*Marty 13-Sep-2009
Nice track, but mod hurts this map a lot. Its not fine to eyes, it should look much better with more decent mod...
Anyway nice ideas, and very good architekture.. good job!
User Award   Mayhem 13-Sep-2009
Damn shit !! best RPG Map ever .::. Well done

User Award   Re!Gn°.- 13-Sep-2009
User Award   KroxXaY 13-Sep-2009
Great RPG Map !
User Award   rocKz0r' 13-Sep-2009
mg m8 and Hardam ... this is the coolest RPG Map i've ever seen.This map is perfect for Online Hunting . I can't understand why the most people don't like the Mod on this track this Mod for this Track is Great and Beautiful .I really love it but it is a little bit to Hard for me... i need 2hoers to finish this track but i am not playing RPG many time's perhaps 1 time in a month but would i learn it could be easier for me i think .This Map is like an Adventure Love it. I hope you will build more RPG maps like this keep this "BIG" for you . Well Done .

~L7 RockzZ
User Award   .Kouba. 31-Oct-2009
User Award   -Gta-HASH 31-Dec-2009
this track is great
User Award   sk8snow4life 02-Jan-2010
Nice track; as we can see, this mod is not the favorite but ideal for your track
I pass it 1st try so its good
User Award   Kiyo 30-Aug-2010
super awesome map !!! love it !!!!!!! (except cp21 ^^ and three rings )
User Award   Igntul 02-Sep-2010
fun to play, and wwho said the mod is painfull...
User Award   german761(RazoR) 10-Jul-2011
Nice Map

but some cp´s suck
User Award   MisterT 26-Jul-2011
Nice track, finished it now for the 1st time,
missed some cp's ever time before,
but now i know the way,
User Award   trunks_11 06-Sep-2011
I totally forgot to award my first played rpg
User Award   Gaspow 03-Dec-2011
Amazing track ! Smooth and fluent
Every single spot is just perfect
But those grass part are kinda annoying

A big award for a great track
User Award   ==>logan<== 15-Apr-2012
User Award   *speedy* 13-Feb-2013
Jesus Hawk. How do people even know how to drive this one
Looks like I've been out of the business for too long.
I had fun watching the replay though.

Track high as fuck. Cars flying and shit!
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   Maca 01-Feb-2018
Great one!
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