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Name: Download Tenochtitlan [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   fish
Version: 30-Jul-2009
Released: 23-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1559624
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Day
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6:36.64   -DrM-+ 0:42.51-
6:39.45   oiram456+ 0:45.32-
6:41.36   Kilburn+ 0:47.23-
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Author Comments

Hey ppl,

Welcome in my new RPG, Tenochtitlan

1521, u're in front of the Lake Texcoco and u will have to get in the city to prevent Cortès invasion. U can see the Templo Mayor but how to join it?
Try to find ur way in the Nahua altepetl, be careful with traps and Aztec spirits but never give up, a civilisation trust in u...

IMPORTANT : wait for the mod and restart ur game when u have it.

time building : around 40 hours.
blocks : 8570
AT : 10.30
Difficulty : intermediate

If u don't like to find ur way - and that's a pity - i post a replay to help u.

And now, have fun

So, big thanks to..

- Kryw
- SparcO
- Baron
- Occam
- Jofo
- Hardarm
- Mono
- :Dawe:
- Y.
- Beep
- HawkGer
- Tecfan
- D3mon
- cranberries
- TimeBreaker
- Lexx
- vladish
- stromek
- lia
- Zanto
- nitro
- raxi
- Etidu
- Speedu
- Kakashi
- DaBoss
- indy
- comedYstreet.
- Larz
- JooR
- Black Lion
- matto
- Joost
- Dennis
- Kiko
- NitroGuY
- eie
- Chazu
- Jordy_van_Boxtel
- >Y<
- McBain
- HD ^^
- -scorpion-
- HoffernJr
- Igntul
- Fetzer
- Kouba
- PrimaveraMasterSound
- logan
- Dule
- bigkingg
- Nyco
- wojoradi

Update : A lot of ppl asked me to fix cuts and i decide to do it. Nothing new, just 2 more cps and a sign update for the ring in the 2nd room. HF.

User Comments
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  Legacy° 23-Jul-2009
i'd ride 1.14.50 and i lost an CP
  fish 23-Jul-2009
after the first big jump ( in 2 times ) there's a ring in the next room, think it's the only one u could forget..
  Chazz'.U 23-Jul-2009
Can u give me the link of the mod plz?
I deleted the mod accidently
  fish 23-Jul-2009
the mod dl automatically...
anyway here it is :
  JoFo. 23-Jul-2009

edit: klody:(
  fish 25-Jul-2009
nice time but u will do better
  occam 26-Jul-2009
Welcome-Back-Party-Tour through Tenochtitlan for HawkGer.

Tenochtitlan --> YouTube

The Results from 16h to 22h

The Results from 22h to 4h

DediRecs --> Tenochtitlan

  rewiind 27-Jul-2009
Really lovely, but I just can't award it ):
Unable for me to finish and RPG isn't particularly fun for me.
Amazing atmorsphere though, amazing job
  fish 27-Jul-2009
ty rewiind
  eie 30-Jul-2009
Just came home from vacation, so I can't wait to play this one
  occam 31-Jul-2009
Two cuts removed: Fish added 1 CP, 1 RingCP and removed one StadiumFabricStructure to restore the by the author initially intended route^^

DediRecs --> Tenochtitlan --Version from 30-Jul-2009--

  Tecfan 02-Aug-2009
  Neico_lol 20-Nov-2009
The fuckest Tracke forever
  Xerox. 22-Sep-2018
GPS: 6:09.44 by Xerox.
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User Awards
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User Award   McBain 07-Aug-2009
its a nice rpg; however compared to some of your others (and other rpgs) its already a bit overrated
User Award   HardDance 11-Aug-2009
You can never say that this one is overrated. Look at all that work. Just mindblowing once again fishy The mod and the music fit so perfectly. The track and the ideas are as always stunning Love it!!!!
User Award   -scorpion- 15-Sep-2009
Good Track!
User Award   HoffernJr 18-Sep-2009
Not the hardest map, and that makes it really good for hunting recs..! Can't find one spot I don't like !
User Award   igntuL 28-Oct-2009
Another great track
I just love it for the way, clean (ecept the first invisible road room ^^) and really difficult to miss a cp. I finished it at the first time without helps and without watching your replay. And i like the details and the wonderfull decorations .
The mod is perfect and with some water too into the track made a great atmosphere.
The way is easy and so i think is funny too for bad players, but the greatest thing is that is funny for all and no frustrating spots, that makes this track playable for thousand of times without tire.
Great work
User Award   fetzer 21-May-2010
User Award   .Kouba. 18-Feb-2011
User Award   PrimaveraMasterSound 06-Apr-2011
User Award   ==>logan<== 04-Mar-2012
User Award   Dule 04-Mar-2012
One of the greatest!
User Award   BigKingg 05-Jun-2012
User Award   Nyco (off) 20-Jun-2012
User Award   wojoradi 15-Sep-2012
User Award   Xerox. 25-May-2015
So bad that the last award is from 2012...
Fun classic map where you can hunt for hours.
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
Now this is a classic
User Award   navali 16-Aug-2016
User Award   vince78 27-May-2017
Nice Oldschool path
User Award   szentvik 03-Feb-2018
User Award   Loe 25-Jul-2018
User Award   rechargable 11-Feb-2020
Brilliant Classic!
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