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Name: Download [RPG] Mana
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Link9
Version: 23-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1560507
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 10,463
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Maze
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Intermediate
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7:52.50   kingskizzo+ 0:00.0010,463
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9:57.25   .max+ 2:04.750
13:02.44   shortz.esu+ 5:09.940
15:52.84   Link9+ 8:00.340
20:41.80   Tecfan+ 12:49.300
21:24.41   TimeBreaker+ 13:31.910
28:52.28   Olymptor+ 20:59.780
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Author Comments

»[RPG] Mana«

Hey ! After 2 weeks of work withdrawn in my room I'm back here to present you my latest track: [RPG] Mana. Ya, it's my first RPG-Track.. I tried to make it for beginners


As I said before, I tried not to raise the level of diffculty too high. So it isn't too hard for beginners but not too easy.. Don't know how to put in words what I want to say^^


The Author-time is 14:51.34 . But it isn't that good played.. So if the track is very well known and you make a perfect run, it's possible to get a time of 12 or 13 minutes.. The first run can range between 20 minutes and over an hour..

»Track Details«

Track-Name: [RPG] Mana
Style: RPG
Length: ~15 minutes
Mood: Day
Coppers: 8641
MT-Work: oO... Nothing! But after 2 weeks of work I hope you forgive me =)


I decided to choose the Day-Mood, but I worked a little bit on it.. So now it's quite dark, you may want to adjust your brightness..

~~> »Mod« <~~

Wow, I created a Mod.. It's called "Stadium_Rust v1.1" (30,4MB) . I halved the size in opposite to the previous version and modified some textures..
You don't have to download it, locators are included.. But for slower connections it's maybe better to download it..
~~> When you don't download the mod manually, you have to wait for the mod ingame.. When the mod is loaded, restart the game. <~~

»Times to beat«



The Screenshot sucks, I know.. Maybe I'll make another one, but not in the foreseeable future..

Bigger version: Here.

»Coming Soon«

I'm working on a new RPG... You can learn from your mistakes and I hope to become better ...

And now good luck and have fun =)


User Comments
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  .max 27-Jul-2009
Gonna try this, the mod looks cool, but 65 Mo
  Tecfan 29-Jul-2009
nobody is able to finish.. we played it an hour or two on Pixelsport RPG. can you update your track with signs, or at least upload your replay?
  TimeBreaker 29-Jul-2009
I finished it, w00t
  Link9 29-Jul-2009
First thx for your awards =)
So, I uploaded a Replay
Aaand... I updated the Mod.. I halved the size and did some modifications..

  .max 30-Jul-2009
Nice work on the mod, half of original size

But still a little.. nah joking
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Hardarm 23-Jul-2009
User Award   HawkGer 27-Jul-2009
A very good rpg! Some cool rooms with nice tricks and a wicked labyrinth at the end. I like your coustom mod very much, only the boosters could be more visible...hard to notice. Forgot at least one cp at the end so no time from me now...but maybe will race the track again some time

btw. I don't think the music fits very well to an adventure even though I really like it
User Award   TimeBreaker 29-Jul-2009
Oh I drove this track twice to the finish wihout success, I just missed some CPs -.- I hope you will add more signs and mediatracker help in the next tracks because else this track is really cool ! Very nice mod too, but it takes forever to load^^. Nice challenges and fairly placed checkpoints, the track is relatively easy when you know the way, so really good work !!

User Award   .max 30-Jul-2009
Very nice RPG

first the mod is awesome, it gives a nice atmosphere.
the way is well made, the beginnig reminds me a little kryw temples style but there is a nice bunch of new ideas.
some place are very confusing on first runs, the third time I reached the finish were the good one, and I used cam7 a lot to understand the way.
finally, it's fun to look for the right way, it contrasts with the easy stunts, so once you know the right way, it's pure fun.

Nice work
User Award   Olymptor 12-Oct-2009
Very good map congratulations
But hard to find all CPs
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