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Name: Download [RPG] Poseidon's Wrath
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   .max
Version: 26-Jul-2009
TMX id: 1571978
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Multi
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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18:06.97   mt17+ 2:32.82-
18:45.87   b4card1+ 3:11.72-
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Author Comments


Today comes my new RPG track, the 2nd I made, after the Abandoned Factory

~~> Story <~~

As a treasure hunter you spend most of your time into the seas, trying to find some forgotten treasures probably hidden in the deepest waters of the seas. Suddenly you discover a group of ruins - that seems standing here for a very long time - hidden into some giants rocks which certainly lands there after an underwater volcanic eruption. There you find the most beautiful thing you've seen, a splendid trident made with gold and decorated with sapphires. Once you took, unfortunately something like an earthquake happens and the way you entered the ruins gets ful-filled with rocks. Now you must try to find another way to get out of those ruins. All of a sudden the trident reminds you the Greek mythology, talking about Poseidon, the God of the sea. Well for you it's nothing more than a story for children. But the more you advance through this strange place the more you feel like something follow you - not really something physical but a presence. You don't know why but you also feels that it's a bad presence.
You really starts to doubt that you'll get out of those terribles ruins alive.

~~> Map <~~

~> 2x minutes for a good run. AT is now 21 mins but a very good run could get a few below 20 mins.

~> 16.300 coppers, only 300 more than my first map, I keep a good average

~> This one is a little harder than my first RPG if you played it, there are some tricky spots but the whole way - once known - isn't very hard. I set Expert because you must have played some RPG maps before or the way would be hard to find (maybe you'll be stuck in the start room ) but it means too that you can have troubles to get the right way, even if the map is very linear there are some rooms where you need to follow the exact right way or you'll probably miss CP's. RPG lover shouldn't get problems there, it's mainly for "RPG beginners" that the way can looks confusing.

~~> Mediatracker <~~

~> 1:20 with music to introduce the map

~> Some background sounds and little color/camera effects

~> 1:20 outro with music to make you enjoy all the time you spent to finish the map

~~> Media <~~

I made again a mod exclusively for the map. It plays a lot for the atmosphere.
There are also 8 sounds.
Locators are included so it will download the files automatically.

But I still highly recommend you to get the mediapack before playing, it's really better to discover the map with the mod already there and moreover with the music that starts playing at the beginning, in the intro

Mediapack (8 Mo)
(copy it into : Documents\TrackMania\ and then unzip it, the files will get the right location.

But if you still want to get it via the game, it's better to restart the game when everything is downloaded, there are always some files that won't work first, like texutres not applying, sounds not playing... There are also some textures with transparency and those needs restarting the game or it will stay opaque (those textures also plays a lot in the global atmosphere).

Large Screeny

Well I think I'm finished, now every comments are welcome to help me improve this map or the next coming

Good luck...

& have fun

User Comments
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  .max 26-Jul-2009
Thanks EmpY.mp3 for your award
~~> Even if I'm not sure you finished it

Thanks HawkGer for this nice award
~~> Happy you like this one too. Didn't noticed that the way looks like as AF's one, maybe it's my building style or because it's the same kind of map, very linear

Thanks Mekac for this
~~> Glad you like the map

Thanks x-ROC NORAB for your award
~~> Another RPG freak who like the map, can't be more happy

Thanks occam for this wonderful award

Thanks DaBoss for your
~~> But what is smooth mod ?

Thanks stromek for awarding

Thanks Sharky^ for this award

Thanks DonTomato for your

~~> But on my mind not the best

Thanks riishuu for this nice award

Thanks McBain for your award

~~> Even if you didn't like it so much, I'm still happy

Thanks Roa! for your nice
~~> 1:12 is not so bad for a first run Well the trident is in the story only, you can see the image there (I wanted to put it at the begin of the map but finally I forgot )

Thanks Lambda for this award

Thanks Speedu for your award

~~> I know the map is long, moreover if you play it online it's hard to finish with the ******* voters

Thanks Igntul for this nice
~~> Happy that you enjoyed driving the map as much
Cg for finishing it with this time, this needs so much patience
I know there are some hard parts (probably even more with keybord ) but I think every one can makes his way through it, with enough patience and perseverance. Thx again for the comment

Thanks Tecfan for this award
~~> And thanks to take it for this week's RPG roud race

Thanks >Dawe for your award

Thanks Torque for

Thanks Hardarm for your

~~> And don't look at the time you needed to finish the map, 1st finish always needs so much time

Thanks crøcø for this nice award

Thanks SFF'Exti for your beautiful award

~~> I'm really glad if people can get such feelings while playing on this track

Thanks Realized2 for this award

Thanks Big Al.xT for

Thanks giorgos ttr

Thanks Kouba for your award

Thanks Nivek-XT

Thanks N00BYZOR

Thanks shortz

Thanks miquel_msc for your words
  Mekac 26-Jul-2009
Me and Baron already finished..
  .max 26-Jul-2009
Nice and what time ? It's not yet on dedi

edit : ok I see now
  occam 26-Jul-2009
I drove so bad, Dedimania ignored my 165 minutes :-)
  .max 26-Jul-2009
Erf sorry

For sure if you drive it again your next time will be in
  GreyCrow 27-Jul-2009
Pitty i cant give . Butt still very great RPG even thow im stil amateur. Ive done 10 - 15 RPG's now so i already got some exp. to say. F*cking AWSOME track!!! i didnt finish it yet, butt i will. ( Like this 1 even more then your 1st one) mayby its because i cant finish that 1st one .

Edit: Seems the Mediapack is unavailable.
  .max 27-Jul-2009
Thanks for those kind words

If you can finish this one, I'm sure you can finish my first map too, for me it is a little easier. What you mostly needs is time, as the map is long and moreover the first tries on RPG maps always needs a lot of time

Damn for the link, I tried google sites to upload the files - even if there is only 100 Mo for storage - it uploads so fast but didn't know there were a bandwidth limit, damnit
  TimeBreaker 28-Jul-2009
After 3 hours, I gave up on that double wallride, this is too extreme for me and my keyboard
This track is very well-made and the whole track is overall relatively easy, it's just a few spots that are lunatic for keyboard drivers. Maybe next time you could say how playable the track is for a keyboard driver^^.
  SapphiroN 28-Jul-2009
TB, wallrides are all up to skill for KB drivers too, I can handle them pretty well these days. (I mean most of the times I get them on my first tries)
  .max 28-Jul-2009
If it was only about me, I would say like you TB, that some spots are lunatic with keybord because I'm so bad with keyboard and I don't know if I could manage to finish my map by this way

But as SapphiroN said it mainly depends on your skills with keyboard, there are several people who can play well on usual maps - fs as well as tech.

Even if it's probably a few (or a lot) harder with keyboard on RPG maps
  TimeBreaker 29-Jul-2009
SapphiroN, have you even come that far? I don't talk about a single little wallride, I talk about 2 big wallrides where you need to change the sides in between and have an unforgiving sharp edge at the end
I know it's not impossible and I even heard about a good trick (which apparently didn't work yet), sometimes I just think that some more checkpoints would've been great in this track ! I already reached the end of the wallride massacre 2 times but I didn't make it over the edge which can be really frustrating, especially when the checkpoint part before already was freakin hard -_-
And I know about how good you are as a driver max, lol I just have to look at your insane times^^. I will improve with time and maybe get addicted enough to use a pad for future driving, hehe. Abandoned Factory for example was a lot more balanced.
  .max 29-Jul-2009
I don't know why the sharp edge at the end of the wallride caused you problems. Let me explain : on the map, all wallrides are finishing on a non-flat platform (or platform border) because I noticed that sometimes it's easy to fell off when trying to get from a wallride to a paltform when it's a flat one. Well with the one you are talking, it can be considered as flat but thanks to the slope right behind, it's easy to pass, just need to stay straight forward and get a few speed

About the CPs, it's intentional that sometimes there are several stunts between 2 Cps, I just want a map a bit challenging with some parts a little tricky

And I'm not very good driver, it's easy for me to set a good time because I know everything on the map, how to do exactly each stunts (well maybe not the random one ), etc.
As I played a nice amount of RPG tracks I also know that the 1-2 firsts tries (near) always makes you feel that the track is harder than it's really is. After a few more tries, it becomes easier and so you manage to do nice times more easily
  TimeBreaker 29-Jul-2009
I will hopefully soon understand how these wallrides work, there's a nice easy trick, it just didn't work yet^^. If I can do that one, I'm safe for everyhing

BTW, we just played it online on RPG unlimited and it turned out that you can easily cut the double wallride by taking the quarterpipe jump right under, you might fix that
  .max 30-Jul-2009
I think I know the trick you are talking about - I made once unintentionally - the car is placed on the wallride by a way it can't fall or stay stuck on it, just need to press forward + direction, no ? But it's still funnier to do it by the normal way

Damn for the cut, didn't look carefully enough before releasing the map. I don't know if I will update, not that I'm lazy (or maybe a little^^) but I imagine how it can looks with some more blocks to prevent the cut and it looks ugly on my mind. Moreover it's a little cut and I'm not sure if there is someone who's gonna really hunt a good time so... And I'm happy to see all those times on dedi
  riishuu 06-Aug-2009
Still my favorite track so far. After playing it many times I got a pretty good time (uploaded) although I was really upset that I fell at the very end of the loooong wall maze room and lost a lot of time there. I hope to polish it up further in the future ^^.
  .max 06-Aug-2009
Already a nice time, cg

Maybe I'll try to improve too, it's possible ofcourse but not sure I can


Edit : Congratz, nice time Baron
  Tecfan 20-Oct-2009
This track will be played/was played in RPG round 9
  Igntul 13-Sep-2010
i think the mod locator died...
  Xerox. 01-Feb-2018
GPS: 16:05.78 by Realized2.
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   ExTi 24-Jan-2010
so damn beautiful i have no words, thats just.... like a dream man!!! omg i really cannot describe this beauty!! it's a stunning track, i finished it but my time is 1 and a half hour, so i dont upload it... and... the outro made me cry!! i've never seen such a stunning track
User Award   Realized2 04-Mar-2010
Masterpiece! very adventurous.
User Award   Big Al.xT 06-Aug-2010

Nice track

User Award   giorgos ttr 03-Sep-2010
nice map

User Award   .Kouba. 17-Nov-2010
Very nice rpg


i think it's one of the best rpg
User Award   Nivek-XT 29-Aug-2011
User Award   N00BYZOR 27-Oct-2011
OMG ! took me 1h58 to finish this nice, long, hard and adventurous RPG...!!
I dislike some tricks, but it was pretty good overall
Beautiful architecture !
User Award   shortz.esu 12-Dec-2011
this is for sure one of the best RPGs ever. It´s long, some hard spots and all in all a nice speed (which is rly great here). so take a big for this max
User Award   miquel_msc 06-Aug-2012
incredible, awesome, great to play a beautiful track and visual bugs are barely visible, nice track
User Award   Golo 06-Dec-2012
i never awarded? m
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
These were the times of RPG.
User Award   Xerox. 26-Jul-2016
A great map, even better knowing that is a 2009 map. The athmosphere + building style made this a great one to enjoy, even though there are some too long checkpoints, but that's what I enjoy from old maps. Nice one here.
User Award   Loe 09-Sep-2017
User Award   TheWestend 11-Jan-2018
Although I like Abandoned Factory more, this map is still a very great drive. I just felt like the 'blockiness' doesn't really fit in the backstory Still an awesome map!
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