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Name: Download Not another Hucktrack
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Heathcliff_huckstable
Version: 11-Aug-2009
Released: 11-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1616221
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 21,856
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:46.86   McBong+ 0:00.0021,856
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0:46.93   Rasque+ 0:00.0721,660
0:47.22   Heathcliff_huckstable+ 0:00.3620,848
0:47.84   °°Dino°°+ 0:00.9819,113
0:48.36   StyLeS B!tchLeY+ 0:01.5017,658
0:49.70   crøcø+ 0:02.8413,908
0:50.05   Sharky^+ 0:03.1912,928
0:50.50   Loki1978+ 0:03.6411,669
0:50.86   Polarissa+ 0:04.0010,662
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Author Comments

Brandnew Hucktrack,
difficult to describe...
best would be u check it out yourself
Have fun with it

User Comments
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  crøcø 11-Aug-2009
I'll give several reasons why you don't get award form me.
First, no info about the track, not a word, how long is it, what style is ti, nothing...
Second, repeating wallrides, you have 3 same wallrides.
Third. confusing scenery and some signs.
Fourth, there's nothing new about your track, which can be original.
Fifth, I want to ask you, why, why you didn't leave some comment on my track, you only left a replay, why?
Do you have some reasons? OK if you don't like, but say me what you didn't like it and that's OK. But obviously you did that because you only want karma on your track so it can be at the top, so can everybody sees it. Well man, that sucks and because of that you can get an award from me. I know, you'll probably think, "fuck him, it's only one man", well we will see about that. I'll wrote it on forum so can everybody see this problem.
  Heathcliff_huckstable 11-Aug-2009
Dear croco,
first of all i think that u react a bit huffish...
Second, for sure i first gain some karma afer uploading before i take closer looks to tracks i like...
Third, i never mentioned to create something special the world has never seen so far...thats not my ambition.
Fourth, if u d know me or my tracks ud know that they arent very special but fun, and i always gave a damn about that whole Tmx-Stylish-Track-Information-page-i-am-the-greatest-poet-and-photoshoper-but-my-track-sucks thing...
I have my fans and they know what they get;Nothing special but fun.
Critics are welcomed!
So please say what u dont like about my tracks but i like fair comments more
  °°Dino°° 11-Aug-2009
My standard-rule is:

If i upload a time,
i leave a comment or

A simple rule that everybody
should follow... and if you want to
look at the track again, just write it
  crøcø 11-Aug-2009
Well man that's my fair comment and I don't give a damn if you like it or not.
Here on Playpal it's normally when you try some track, put some comment or award and then you put replay, not your way where you collect a karma.
With that act you don't have any respect to me or to anybody else who try to make a better for the people which will download our tracks.
You don't have to put any info if you don't like it, everybody who want to make his track better usually put some info about the track, so can everybody sees what they drive. That is purpose of Playpal...
  Sharky^ 11-Aug-2009
sorry, don't like it, useless blockmix, weird and buggy third jump

+1 croco about playpal
  Heathcliff_huckstable 11-Aug-2009
ok...i didnt know there are some PlayPal users that take it so serious,
Cause i take that whole thing not that serious (not that i dont award or post comments or stuff...)
But before u cry around i guess i better quit putting tracks on PlayPal.
Sorry for acting not appropriate,
have fun
(and please calm down and learn a lesson from Sharky )

Big thx for awards
to Sk8er>Boddy< and The'Flowin'Dino
  crøcø 11-Aug-2009
I don't take it serious goddamn!
It's annoying man.
All you want is a karma, nothing else, obviously.
When you put your replay on someone's track, you automatic take his and someone else karma from his track and he's out of list. Then comes the problem, that guy who try to make his track be popular here, who make all to make a better track, so can other download it and award it lose a place because you want to be your track first. That how's look from me and if you continue to act like that you won't get any more awards from anybody.
Purpose of PlayPal is: you download my track, try it, award it or comment it if something wrong or good, and I download your track, try it, award it or comment it. That how is work, with Playpal you make a better and popular track, you make a lot of friends who will always get you an award for you track, but you don't act like that... And I've see that you haven't left any comment or award on several track on PlayPal, you only left a replay and that sucks...
  Heathcliff_huckstable 11-Aug-2009
Do you recognize u slowly make a fool of yourself?
Pls stop that now...
  crøcø 11-Aug-2009
I don't make a fool from myself because you still don't get the purpose of PlayPal, kid....
  Polarissa 11-Aug-2009
1st: I have to agree with croco.

2nd: Can't award this one cuz of the confusing pillar park and the annoying finish.
  StyLeS B!tchLeY 05-Apr-2010
WOW - look at all that negativity. LOL - I had fun reading all that. Huck, I think you have made a great track. Lot of nice speed and a little bit of trickery with those boost slivers right next to that structure was brilliant. Another track that lets the driver find the really fast line. Still not quite there - working on that.
  Heathcliff_huckstable 05-Apr-2010
Thx Styles
Just had some fun reading that too
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   SMS.Save My Speed 11-Aug-2009
User Award   °°Dino°° 11-Aug-2009
Nice for Hunting,
first rounds are a bit hard
if you dont watch GPS

But after that its Fun
User Award   StyLeS B!tchLeY 05-Apr-2010
Sorry for the late award - I forgot I had this track. Anyway, I absolutely love it.

User Award   McBong 08-May-2011
damn nice one heath
i love this "hidden" booster after the loop it really makes you driving at the edge
keep on
User Award   Rasque 03-Feb-2012
not another award!
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