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Name: Download Takin´ Back
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   GSA|Cheet + GSA|Joker
Version: 07-Aug-2009
Released: 07-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1619694
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 1,538
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:41.08   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.001,538
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0:42.81   GSA|Cheet+ 0:01.731,149
0:43.55   swoosh+ 0:02.47983
0:46.37   Alekos+ 0:05.29349
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Author Comments

Hi all!

After about a month of hard work, today we, GSA|Joker and GSA|Cheet, are proud to present you our first duotrack!

The track a quite transitional speedtechie with some little jumps/drops and cool slides we hope. Of course we also tried to get it well-flowing and not too hard... it is expert, but intermediates should be able to finish it after some tries as well. Besides, we used 39xx coppers, about 600 less that the beta version had. The track is almost 43 secs long.
AT: 42.81

Who made what?
1-10 secs: cheet
10-16 secs: joker
16-22 secs: cheet
22-27 secs: joker
27-37 secs: cheet
37-42 secs: joker

The amazing atmosphere was created by Joker. It contains a mix of TMN-houses and inflatables and of TMNF elements like palm trees and little waterparts. He chose the daytime evening and the YN-TMX signs + some special signs for additional style.

The full MT-package was done by Cheet. The intro is 30 secs long and contains lots of text, colour and camera effects, hope you like it. Of course there is a cool GPS run, some little ingame MT and a nice outro too.
GPS-Time: 42.78

The screenshot was made by Joker. Nice work!
Here´s the >> big version <<

But now it´s time to start your engines m8's
Please give it a shot and leave your feedback and a replay if possible!

Have fun

Joker and Cheet

thx alot for beta-testing:

User Comments
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  GSA|Cheet + GSA|Joker 07-Aug-2009
  GSA|Hecktor 07-Aug-2009
omg... who made the screenshot?
  sj@tmn 07-Aug-2009
The AC clearly states it was joker's work
  GSA|Joker deleted acc!!! 07-Aug-2009

Thx for ´s:

[1.] Thx Joe for this short but nice award
[2.] Hecktor, masterpiece ?, awesome award m8
[3.] ty acura, for beta-testing&awarding the track, its my first screen
so...i hope its not too bad xD
[4.] xD nice award vladish, short but its all said
[5.] ye its a bit hard cheater, but thats the way we make tracks
thx for
[6.] thanks for the award KDino
[7.] thank you flo for your , btw awesome PF track m8
[8.] nagi? still alive? thx for awarding
[9.] excited on your time dyna very glad to hear that words m8
[10.] big thx emil for your nice

*~ 10 ~*

[11.] ty Brutal for your nice words
[12.] nice time alekos , mybe your the onliest person who like my first screen
thx for the & the replay
[13.] thx ducky m8 for your , but as we said, the track isnt for online gaming EDIT: also a big thx for this lovely screen
[14.] big thx mono for your nice award
[15.] pwf glad u like it, without this one jump big thx for awarding
[16.] ty dark yoda for your short&nice award
[17.] thx concept for your nice

Cheet & Joker

  Alekos 08-Aug-2009
The best time i could upload..

btw sceen rocks dude..
good job
  Ducky. 08-Aug-2009
ive done a screenie, just for fun^^
but its bad
  acura_rsx 08-Aug-2009
much better xD but 2cars would be better coz of the "duo" ;D
  GSA|Cheet + GSA|Joker 08-Aug-2009
screen updated... thx ducky
  Ducky. 09-Aug-2009
nice tip acurakiri
  GSA|Joker deleted acc!!! 09-Aug-2009
post some replays guys
  GSA|Cheet + GSA|Joker 11-Aug-2009
only 55 downloads :////
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
Showing 18 user award(s) ... Award This Track
User Award   joe b 07-Aug-2009
User Award   GSA|Hecktor 07-Aug-2009
Hey you!
Omg... a masterpiece!!^^
I have no words for this track...
Just awesome
User Award   acura_rsx 07-Aug-2009
great work man
really love it but screen could be better

User Award   vladish.F® 07-Aug-2009
nothing more to say
User Award   Cheater | own ManiaLink! 07-Aug-2009
As I already said in Beta:
The only thing I don't like is, that I have to practise a litte before I'm able to finish that one. But anyway it's a great map with many great ideas and some very nice transitions!
Keep it up

User Award   [K]Dino 07-Aug-2009
User Award   »Flo.F® 07-Aug-2009
awesome work
User Award   GSA|Nagian 07-Aug-2009
User Award   GSA|dynamYte 07-Aug-2009
super nice speed-techie mates, awesome drifts, unbelievable transitions and really cool feeling while driving ! Well done here ! Replay will follow soon

User Award   ANE.Emil 08-Aug-2009
Brilliant track

Great transitions, nice flow!

User Award   Erizel (brutal) 08-Aug-2009
Thats awesome
GReat work !
User Award   Alekos 08-Aug-2009
awesome duo track guyz.
Awesome ideas.
Hrad and challenging slides.Amazing MT work and goodlooking scenery.
Ehh..just awesome
User Award   Ducky. 08-Aug-2009
this map is aweseome with fresh ideas, cool slides and well-calculated jumps.
But i think it is a little bit too difficult for proper online gaming.

Nice work.

User Award   _Mono » 08-Aug-2009
Now this is just awesum

Can be a bit hard But once you've learned it properly, it's all worth it

The screen sucks though (sry .. )

Rest is awesum ..

User Award   NLpwf 08-Aug-2009
Very nice track !
Just was having trouble with 1 jump though 0o
But rest was great
Big award

User Award   DarkYoda 09-Aug-2009
here is my award for u 2 n1 track *thumbs up*
User Award   GSA|Concept 10-Aug-2009
Great track, very challenging!!!
User Award   ZoggeR 11-Aug-2009
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