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Name: Download Sports [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Big Al.xT
Version: 19-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1666138
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 14,025
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
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9:23.63   HylleZ+ 0:00.0014,025
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9:40.08   Tortugo+ 0:16.4511,569
10:23.89   Realized2+ 1:00.265,028
10:57.26   HawkGer+ 1:33.6346
10:58.71   Xerox.+ 1:35.080
11:39.17   Syndicate-+ 2:15.540
12:08.59   elgster+ 2:44.960
12:18.83   Poly!+ 2:55.200
14:09.19   666moi57+ 4:45.560
14:31.24   shortz.esu+ 5:07.610
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Author Comments

---> Sports [RPG] <---

*New sportive RPG map*:

Coppers challenge for this map: 5..000 coppers for 1st DEDIMANIA RECORD until 15.9.09!!!
Best DEDIMANIA RECORD will get 5k coppers. Just sent a replay:

- Building time: 30h
- Driving time: 20-40min
- Difficulty: intermediate-expert
- Blocks: 6642
- Hexblocks: many (tried to keep them as invisible as possible)
I don´t like that "flickering" and bad mixed parts, but sometimes You can´t avoid them
- Intro (just rejoin server/reload map if You cant see)
- Story
- Mod: (without clouds, too nasty permanent)
I didn´t change the start-screen, cos its a mod someone did, and not mine.
- Mood: day
- MT: many things, maybe You should reload once more until You downloaded all. I kept sizes small.
- Indoor
- Outdoor

Story: You have to do many competitions in many sports like power boat, pole vault, show jumping, skateboard and many many more...
XL-Screen of Track: XL-Screenshot

I like most maps with low brainteasing, high celerity and an intermediate/expert difficulty.
I hate braintrasing cos it´s so ugly if You finish a map without a time, cos You "forgot" a CP.
In my opinion all CP´s should be visible and/or the way to the next point should be logic/shown.
And I also don´t like maps that are totally indoor. You shoud see the sky. Maybe not the stadium, cos it sucks, but the sky

I hate secret CP´s.(!!)

I like the faster maps. Before I discovered RPG I played and built just speed tech maps.
So is this new Sports [RPG] map. It has many fast chapters and also the classic parts.
Some new ideas I never saw in other RPG´s I built in this track also.

I don´t know how long it will take You to play that track, but I am sure You will manage it


It will take a while to load the mod (if You don´t have it), but its linked to a highspeed-FTP so everybody will be able to download it while playing.

I used (loads during game) but if You have trouble load it here:

Mirror#1 Wood Mood

Place it in Your folder at:


C:\Dokumente & Einstellungen\[Username]\Eigene Dateien\Trackmania\Skins\Stadium\Mod

If a folder does not exist, just create it


This map runs at:

Kacklappen RPG (green letters), and i hope on many more

*search for "MFG" and all our servers appear*


Or direct join: Kacklappen RPG


Have fun playing Sports [RPG]

We have gameservers for rent, all kind of, just ask

Problems or if I can help:
- Email:
- ICQ: 3395119624

Plz give me critics, comments or whatever

Thx, now PLAY!

Also try that map of PSY//Forster, nice new RPG:

[RPG] Sylvan by   durchforster247

User Comments
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  x-ROC NORAB 19-Aug-2009
nice map with shit end (update)
  Big Al.xT 19-Aug-2009
I like the end, first time it may seems weird, but 2nd time You know where to go, its the final arena
  x-ROC NORAB 19-Aug-2009
yes,but i do not like copy finish room on last rpg maps,
I think the last part of the room does not need rings to draw time and that due to the longer
  Big Al.xT 19-Aug-2009
I really liked the idea of the maps of brutal and tstar with a final room...thats the way track building works, You try to build new ideas and always get inspirated of others. So thats okay for me and I like what inspiration does to others. Everyone has its own point of view even if they have the same idea

Btw, I really tried to build am unique track, and if You like it or not, I think i did.

@Hawk: Nice TMX

thx 4 award@
- HawkGer
- Golo
- occam
- MfG Sidewalk
- durchforster247
- >Brutal''
- eie
- D3r-Tot
- -MfG-Lucker
- destafan
- dow|.Dave.
- Katødik
- McBain
- Kouba

@occam thy vm. Very nice words to me
I can imagine you might forgot the rings@Cliff Diving, there are 3

If not, just let me know...
  occam 20-Aug-2009
No, i got all three rings at Cliff Diving :-) ... sitting on finish line searching with Cam7 :-> i spotted a platformCP, i was not sure i had taken, abit elevated...but meanwhile i watched the first minutes of Hawk's Replay and i might already have forgotten to take an extremely obvious and very easy to take CP :->>> during the first minutes of the track =:-·

But i already said it...not the track's fault :-)...was all me^^ and it is not that bad...a good reason to drive this fantastic adventure again...and probably not the last time :-)
  HawkGer 23-Aug-2009
Very underrated this RPG So much fun to play...gogo guys
Edit: Article featuring this track on the RPG Blog:
  Big Al.xT 01-Sep-2009
Ty Hawk
@ occam: Ty 4 Ya patience

Hawk seems to get the coppers

Gogo guys 5000 coppers!

And the winner of 5000 Coppers is: HawkGer

Hawk is that (HawkGer) also Your login? I need to know to donate the coppers
  HawkGer 17-Sep-2009
Would have been easier to pm me, then I would have noticed your question earlier.
My login is "hawk_ger"
  Big Al.xT 18-Sep-2009
I didn´t want to make it You too easy
Okay 5.000 coppers will go to Your account!
  HawkGer 20-Feb-2010
YouTube GPS Video:
  Olymptor 18-Mar-2015
Didn't understand why you called one CP "Rings" It is a jump between ramps and there is only one ring... lost few moments to find at least another ring with confusion
But your map is awesome, good job
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Xerox. 28-Jul-2016
Pretty challenging and fun (:
User Award   fetzer 04-Feb-2017
User Award   gogo 04-Feb-2017
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