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Name: Download Bushido
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Froxer
Version: 27-Aug-2009
TMX id: 1695343
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 39,045
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Intermediate
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World RecordByDifferenceScore  LB
0:36.76   Gabbo+ 0:00.0039,045
Top 10ByDifferenceScore  LB
0:36.96   Ace.esu+ 0:00.2037,770
0:37.06   Froxer+ 0:00.3037,133
0:37.33   Genosis+ 0:00.5735,412
0:37.39   Inferno0x+ 0:00.6335,030
0:37.73   isdiableeto+ 0:00.9732,863
0:37.74   °BUG°JANY+ 0:00.9832,799
0:37.80   Bajs+ 0:01.0432,417
0:37.89   FoxShadow+ 0:01.1331,843
0:38.65   Sharky^+ 0:01.8927,000
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Author Comments

Hi guys. This is my second tech mini track.
I hope you enjoy the track.I tell you some basic track info:
AT: 37.49
Gold: 40.00
Silver: 45.00
Bronze: 57.00

Intro: No
GPS: Yes
Outro: Yes
Coppers: 2200

Special Thanks to Isdeableeto for the picture
Please check the outro
If you like it give me an award

Thanks for the award:
* Feli8792

User Comments
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  spasZ 27-Aug-2009
Very Impressive Track,

To bad u don't give anything about others and just steal their karma to present ur own without letting them know what u thought about the track, where playpal is all about, sorry but then I don't bother awarding

btw replay is at first try;)

  Froxer 27-Aug-2009
Spa i give awards to anothers tracks, but only when really i like the track.
I give same awards, 2 i think... this tracks i liked,only for this
  spasZ 27-Aug-2009
i don't need awards, but u can give comments what could be better, so people can learn from it, and I admit i'm a rookie so can use the tips
  Froxer 27-Aug-2009
i don't know english XD, for this reason i don't leave coments..
  isdiableeto 27-Aug-2009
spasZ , You do the same... You leave replay, not an award and no comment about the track
PS : Not award because he don't leave one ? What's this ?
  Sesambrot 28-Aug-2009
I'd say it's kinda fair...

he doesn't even care of other ppls tracks, he could at least try to say sth about the track, maybe even use the google-translator...
additionaly, due to one of it's tracks names I'd bet he's german, and my name should show him that I am too, but he didn't even think of giving any feedback to me either...

It's not all about awards, but it'd be nice if you told ppl why their tracks aren't worth awarding when taking karma from them...

I know myself know how hard it is to get feedback if you just joined the community, and that's mostly because of ppl like that!
In Beta-Area no one notices you because you are completely unknown, and in playpal most ppl are to lazy to leave any comment or advise how to improve your future tracks, so you have no chance on getting better, and that's what makes me personaly sick about such behaviour!

As I said before, you could at least use the google-translator, to let ppl know what you think!
Even though it's no perfect english, ppl will understand what you want to tell them!

  Froxer 28-Aug-2009
I wanna that you know one thing... I don't like that the people leave an award for receive another. I only leave an award for a track if I like it. I don't leave an award if he leave one in my track and I don't like him track. Because this will be for commitment.
Thx for your opinion ^^
I'll try it
  Sesambrot 29-Aug-2009
I wasn't talking about leaving awards just because one left an award on your track...
I was talking about leaving some "FEEDBACK" (that's got nothing to do with awards) when driving a track to get karma for playpal...
I do not expect any award from you just because I awarded your track, but some feedback if you upload a replay to gain karma from my track!
So I do at least have something to work with...
  Froxer 29-Aug-2009
It is well understood that's what I wanted to say, now that I think is like that I would be wearing. I happen to be a person of few words and not knowing much about tracks I feel like I have no right to comment on something when I have a lot of mistakes.
  Exequiel 03-Sep-2009
capooo masiii
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Honda-R 27-Aug-2009
Nice Track !
User Award   Jesus is the salvation <3 27-Aug-2009
Good tech track.
User Award   Bajs 27-Aug-2009
Quite nice track.
User Award   Sesambrot 27-Aug-2009
I actually kinda dislike the name, but the track is cool!

nice slides, cool jumps, and good scenery...

User Award   Feli8792 27-Aug-2009
i agrre with sesambrots comments
User Award   Sharky^ 27-Aug-2009
User Award   isdiableeto 27-Aug-2009
Another great mini
I rly like your job
User Award   Genosis 28-Aug-2009
Nice track Froxer I had a great time testing it. I can do better than that but my artrosis is killing me
User Award   Trivium 28-Aug-2009
amazing tech-track
although i hate bushido...
User Award   FoxShadow 28-Aug-2009
Great tech track my friend

User Award   [JMF]Monty 29-Aug-2009

vntrack m8
User Award   No Wonder 03-Sep-2009
User Award   maawal 05-Apr-2011
User Award   iGrizzli 05-Apr-2011
Very Nice map!
User Award   Gabbo 29-Mar-2013
Gogo Massa
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