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Name: Download Glory Awaits 2
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Griff. (giz)
Version: 11-Sep-2009
TMX id: 1752555
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 53,384
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: FullSpeed
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 30s Diffic.: Beginner
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0:24.10   sulazdk+ 0:00.0053,384
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0:24.13   AR »Ghost.+ 0:00.0352,985
0:24.27   never forget+ 0:00.1751,124
0:24.28   AR »Trex+ 0:00.1850,991
0:24.29   eXon+ 0:00.1950,858
0:24.31   AR »Down.+ 0:00.2150,593
0:24.31   ~dynamic.+ 0:00.2150,593
0:24.33   DDaems+ 0:00.2350,327
0:24.34   lalalalu.ign+ 0:00.2450,194
0:24.34   dujano+ 0:00.2450,194
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Author Comments

Hey guys, I’m here to present to the 2nd track in the Glory Awaits series. It is a series of short, fullspeed hunting minis that are good for online play..

First in the series: "Glory Awaits by   Griff. (giz)"

Track information:
Length: 25 seconds, 3500 metres
Author Time: 24.66 seconds

Thanks to the Betatesters:

MT Work:
Intro: 20 seconds
Gps: the line is easy to line
Outro: fx colours
Scenery: light scenery for online play
Screenshot: vgr's and acura_rsx's.

Screen Compo:
For this track I decided to start my first ever screen compo.
vgr and acura_rsx. Both made lovely screens so they will share the screenshot duties .
Thank you to the other participants: asylum’Matty , , dejavu

Acura_rsx’s Showcase
A 29 second fullspeed track by oRnAiM.

Bocanegra. by   .Ornaiim

vgr’s showcase
With vgr being unable to find a showcase, I thought his latest track would be a safe bet.
Silent Anger by   vgr

Last Words: Enjoy and remember to join in the hunt.

User Comments
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  Griff. (giz) 11-Sep-2009
Thanks for the Awards:
o1 Hitchy
o2 IntoX«
o3 EmpY.mp3
o4 Acura_rsx
o5 asylum'Matty
o6 Mr.Zogger
o7 ANE.aenima
o8 The'Flowin'Dino
o9 Cyber_Dragon
1o henk93
------------------------1o 's ------------------------
11 hathanz
12 Muffin
13 linkin_dunkel
14 asylum'amnesia
15 BestNoob
16 .Qwerty
17 Benbe'
18 ZopUH
19 D4v1d
2o »Tim-Tam«
------------------------2o 's ------------------------
21 R'eD
22 flatcam
23 Link9
24 Mad»Jackster
25 ¬chuckn0rris
26 Natzke
27 »Osamo'
28 Epic Fail
29 Raiman
3o asylum'Overlord
------------------------3o 's ------------------------
31 =IF=DeViL
32 Heathcliff_huckstable
33 dow|Boomer
34 Nex'
35 Bl@derunner
36 Spitfire <3
37 Mad»Rated
38 hotseason
39 thedread
4o Tunderbolt
------------------------4o 's ------------------------
41 Master-Moritz
42 gohann
43 inFjR Jiix
44 Fegir
45 asylum'jake
46 hyper.
47 Pedro´
  acura_rsx/ broken hand >.< 11-Sep-2009
better replay later
  GSA|Joker deleted acc!!! 17-Sep-2009

30 awards for this map?

this map is nothing special, nothing there where i´d say: "wow this is awesome"

for sure the map isnt bad, but its definitely overrated,
sry, but no award from me.

sry for bad english

greetz Joker anyways
  Griff. (giz) 18-Sep-2009
yeah, thats cool.
The main thing is that you had fun.
And very nice time
  GSA|Joker deleted acc!!! 18-Sep-2009
i really had fun m8
but i missed -0.15 on david´s time, so im a bit frustrated

  »Jackster' 25-Sep-2009
GSA i'd like to disagree with you,

its fookin awesome

well done Griff, egnore him xD
  AR »Ghost. 11-Jul-2018
Just poppin in with the casual .13 small SD can be made at start. might shoot for .0x for a final time. seems close to impossible....
  sulazdk 11-Jul-2018
Fucked up several times with insane cps such as .25 (second) and .04 (third). Even decided to crash the end with a .64 last cp (in comparison, my pb atm which is .10 was done with .65). Crashed literally at the finish line. .0x is definitely doable, but is a pain to hunt for
Anyways, I'm going to keep on hunting now and will hopefully be back with a .0x
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   gohann 16-Dec-2009
I was checking ur maps, and damn, what a nice mini!!. I got a lot to learn I see xD.
Really cool !
User Award   JiiX'iK | asylum. 26-Dec-2009
User Award   Fegir 30-Dec-2009
n1 map
User Award   Gemini 10-Jan-2010
Great FS mini
User Award   ayen 20-Jan-2010
Love this one nice1 griff m8
User Award   PedroSierra´ 26-Jan-2010
Great fs!

User Award   Darkracer "ger 03-Mar-2010
User Award   Billyboy 08-Mar-2010
fun little fs hunter!
.: :.
User Award   FrostyFreeze 04-Apr-2010
aaargh, fs-hunter ^^
but a nice one for that matter, cool flow, i bet the fs-drivers out there have a blast hunting this, for me at least it's fun to drive
User Award   scourge_forge 04-Jul-2010
played on PPO:

good FS hunter. easy to drive, hard to master. really fun. only thing I don't quite like 100% is the respawns, but well, that's not so important here...

s_f approves
User Award   »panKey. 04-Jul-2010
nice fs hunter
User Award   AR »Down. 03-Aug-2010
User Award   Mr.Smith. 26-Aug-2010
very nice
User Award   Cola! 29-Aug-2010
very cool track,verry fun to drive
User Award   »RE! Hightower 12-May-2011
perfect hunter
User Award   banned broilerz | BB 07-Feb-2012
User Award   waldfee 02-Nov-2015
User Award   AR »Trex 14-Apr-2016
a real classic under the mini fs maps
User Award   Kebab 18-Apr-2016
User Award   sulazdk 11-Jul-2018
Just quickly need to get this to 60 cause it's an awesome track
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