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Name: Download Light Force
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   TimeBreaker
Version: 24-Jun-2008
Released: 20-Jun-2008
TMX id: 175621
LB Rating: Classic Leaderboard Track Classic!
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: SpeedTech
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Night
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0:39.26   Wirtual #mot+ 0:00.00-
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0:39.39   Sky.esu+ 0:00.13-
0:39.51   Tomilll+ 0:00.25-
0:39.62   FsDex+ 0:00.36-
0:39.65 0:00.39-
0:39.71   KarjeN+ 0:00.45-
0:39.80   racehans+ 0:00.54-
0:39.84   Wave.PhilKos+ 0:00.58-
0:39.86   Tevtonac+ 0:00.60-
0:39.88   wopz+ 0:00.62-
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Author Comments

Light Force

I had to update thet rack as Malay found a little cut on the track. He actually found it 3 days ago but he didn't upload a replay to prove it so I thought he was just joking..well it was not a joke and he even made a 39 with this trick. I still hope that some of you will upload a new replay, theres still something to win. I also extended the copper-competition, so you have more time to drive a good time now, after the update.

So here's finally my second Forever-Track!
This track wasn't easy to build, I changed many parts later on and in the end the track stood quite short, just like it is right now. The track was built together in maybe 2 weeks, having many breaks in between. The last days I worked a lot on the scenery and mt-work, I hope you'll recognize that ^^.
I've decided to start a CoppersCompetition on this track !

Deadline: 12.07.2008

The Prizes:
>> 1st: 3000c
>> 2nd: 1500c
>> 3rd: 700c

Cutters get 100c for every cut
Now what is this track about:
It's basically a speed-tech track with the length of 40 seconds. There are only a few real slides in there but many fullspeed slides and turns combined with short grass-parts. The startsection even has a short free-wheeling section to keep the landings smooth. Therefore I even mixed once or twice. The scenery took me some time to finish as it simply looked ugly at some parts.. with a little help of SapphiroN (BARREL ROLL) I managed to make a good looking colorful scenery.
I also have to mention the MT-work:
I tried to make a really nice intro with nice camera turns and many ghost-replays. However, I managed to keep the filesize quite low so this version is still very suitable for servers. For the in-game mt I added a GPS-ghost and a little help-ghost at one of the respawns. The outro is as usual speedy with a few varying cameras, motion blur and nice colors.

This track is made for wr-hunting.
The goal of this track is to reach a 39.xx !

(without cuts )

I am 100% sure that a 39.xx can be driven, though I haven't managed to drive one yet, so i assume that only the best drivers will get one. As mentioned before, this track is for wr-hunting so you can win hundreth in every corner. This track is also a bit about strategy as you can drive a different line in almost every corner,which will give different ideal-lines for every driver I hope.
A big thanks to my many betatesters, your feedback formed the track like it is now !

Downloads: 7,764
Coppers: 2700
AuthorTime: 40.46
GoldTime: 41.50
SilverTime: 45.00
BronzeTime 0:55.00
Custom Music:
Custom Inflatables:
Wallpaper: get it here

I hope everyone will enjoy this track, my upcoming tracks will have a different style !

Have fun and submit a replay

- TimeBreaker

User Comments
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  JoFo. 20-Apr-2011
"when it gets classic"? never gonna happen unless the lb system is changed as it is now it blows, lots of flaws making it completely useless. Classics should be selected for being known, not played by 10 friends of the track builder and get high lb after 20mins xd

gogo make it classic, its too known not to be ^^
  TimeBreaker 20-Apr-2011
Hope dies last, it would probably fall into the classic classic tracks list one day
  GC.ProNooP 31-May-2011
i love this track :b
  SSC. Mifau 20-Dec-2011
Top 3 tmx :
  TimeBreaker 10-Mar-2012
Thanks for 200 awards 11-Aug-2013
Finally some years later lol
Perfect time is between 5x and 6x to my mind. 08-Sep-2013

Yoshi m'avait deja fait une vid sur leave it behind, ca m'en fera 2
  Tomilll 11-Sep-2013
lol cut watch my replay
  Nino (: 11-Sep-2013
here we go :D easy cheesy
  ozy 11-Sep-2013
damn Tomilll
how could you ruined that? 11-Sep-2013
What could i say...

Was probably my best record, just ruined.
  Nino (: 11-Sep-2013
where are my 100cc xDD
  eGow // KnockOut 12-Sep-2013
someone its pissed over here ^^ 12-Sep-2013
Never have been fan of cut on very famous maps...Idc about tmx cutters, its just that cut a map like this or somewhere i belong for instance is just DISrespectful to my mind. Just think about the time spent to reach thoses non-cutted times.

So yeah i'm pissed of, but neverminds i wont cry for it. its just a game, with cutters
  Nino (: 12-Sep-2013
both my fault, i´m so unrespectful
  eGow // KnockOut 16-Sep-2013
"hate the cut not the cutter"
  |PT| CakeyFA 16-Sep-2013
so just update the track
  .nixx 28-Jan-2014
now timebreaker have 2 cut track on 2^^
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User Award   |PT| CakeyFA 14-Dec-2012
this track has some personality, and i like the long fs parts
User Award   scale 01-Sep-2013
User Award   "Dawe. 01-Sep-2013
User Award   nelkey 01-Sep-2013

Love it
User Award   irjan pro 26-Jan-2014
User Award   waldfee 18-Jan-2015
User Award   Sky.esu 15-Jan-2020
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