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Name: Download Complete Lunacy
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Arild
Version: 21-Jun-2008
Released: 21-Jun-2008
TMX id: 178746
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 66,942
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Sunset
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0:42.99   BBTrex+ 0:00.0066,942
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0:43.36   BBFoss+ 0:00.3763,485
0:43.37   JakeRay+ 0:00.3863,392
0:43.53   Bajs+ 0:00.5461,897
0:43.68   BBHomer+ 0:00.6960,495
0:43.90   Codie+ 0:00.9158,440
0:43.91   Perz+ 0:00.9258,346
0:44.07   cranberries+ 0:01.0856,851
0:44.23   Harmony~Bros+ 0:01.2455,357
0:44.36   HardDance+ 0:01.3754,142
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Author Comments

A new platform-heavy technical track. As always a very compact layout, also with some crossroads, reuse, very worked out scenery and jumps.

I got inspired by all the awesome awards on my previous map, also somewhat by Djsisi's latest map Because of that, this is the shortest time between two of my maps in years
- 2034 coppers
- Full MT (incl. GPS)
- Working CP-respawn
- Many TMF blocks
This time my big thank you goes to:
- Vastapaavi for his cuthunting, testing and feedback!
- TimeBreaker for testing and feedback!
I very much hope you'll have some patience and take the time to enjoy the map. If you do so, an award is much appreciated, if not, a constructive comment is always nice
Big thanks for the
- womble
Hehe, awesome award I also think this is better than my previous. Very nice to hear your enthusiasm, and the word "brilliant" (amongst others) brings a smile to my face Very good time also, thx for the post!
- KiWiNiNjA Ah, terrific award man You're a very demanding guy I take it, so it's really cool to see you go all out like that! Love reading your award-comment, and detailed description! I also really enjoy beeing on the top of your list, and "legend" => Ty for your nice time!
- EmperoR Very happy you think so, and that you enjoyed the ride! Great choice of words
- Hitch I very much appreciate your words, and in particular that it's your favourite on TMNF! The awards might pick up, it's still early, but I do like your enthusiasm Really great replay also, ty for the post!
- Bajs Haha, no doubt, that's quite happy Nice pic, is it yours? Edit: Awesome
- mÖp Very glad you like my recently acquired style, and enjoyed the ride and ideas behind it
- JHW Short'n sweet, eh
- hoheb Hi there hoheb! Well, you did explain it quite well I'd say Glad you liked it that much
- Guykes Glad you liked my work again! Always happy to get the attention of great mappers, glad found the flow and enjoyed the cornering and jumps
- Namusis I found the comparison a bit weird, I've always looked at TMN RV as a map where there are few places to gain time I always try to include some proper PS's in my maps, but yeah, it is difficult when mapping like this, but I will keep it more in mind. I very much appreciate your words and time taken, and I'm also very happy that you found the map "brilliant", despite it's somewhat lack of driveability
- FaH Hehe, I'm not surprised, and I really relate to your experience! I'm happy you gave it another go though, and came around to liking the map, design and MT
- Firwarre Glad you do, and, I love that word "masterpiece"
- Metal_Snake Thank you so much for taking the time to write such an award! You know, with comments like that, the amount isn't all that important I'm delighted that I was able to stir up those "unreal" feelings, and I love reading your "walkthrough" of the map (over and over)! Concerning the screenie: nah, it's not that nice Also, I appreciate your impatiency, but I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for my next map Again, I'm delighted at your award, thanks so much! You're very welcome about the map btw Great replay as well man!
- Sebbe Yes, that will indeed become a long one I think I pretty much know what there is to know about the MT, but I'm quite lazy in that respect, also I really hate doing intros, so when I've made something I'm fairly satisfied with, I'll leave it with that. GPS and Outro are much more fun [Edit] Thx for finishing your awesome award, very glad you enjoyed the map, a 9.7 ain't bad Don't like outros either, but yes, it beats the hell out of intros

User Comments
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  Perz 08-Jul-2008
omg what a time Trex
  Arild 12-Aug-2008
- Mecas Happy you think so! I worked quite a bit to getting everything to connect properly, so it's very nice getting complimented for it! Very nice to read that you enjoyed the driving aspect of it as well!
- HardDance Very happy you liked my ideas, and enjoyed the heavier technical elements of the map!
- ShoK Glad you think so, and that you took the time to learn it
- SapphiroN I'm really quite surprised by your comment, and by you of all people. I can't see where I've "stolen" Djsisi's style. The thing I liked about his map was the "orange" scenery, but even that is modified much to be "me". The map itself is containing everything my previous had (which was released prior to his), also what my TMU-tracks have, but on concrete. Perhaps except the lack of very marked PSs as Nam pointed out. I can't see a single combo, not a single transition in this map, which he used. I'm quite tired of the old TMN look and style, so I thought it was time to test something new.
- postmastar Patience is needed on my maps, and I'm glad you gave it another go Hehe, I guess I'm the kind of mapper that impresses other mappers, more than pure drivers. Also I very much see your point about the lack of sight, still I'm very glad you had a fun time playing it! I'll keep your arguments more in mind on my next map
- Low-Cash Glad you liked the map
- SJ@TMN Indeed you did, happy you found it "aweseome"
- TimeBreaker It's completely relevant and I just knew you were gonna critizise the intro/screenie mr. MTcutproofer I've only seen one person object to that. And I weren't inspired other than the scenery, which I would say my first concrete-map is proof of, seeing that it came before his concrete map. Yeah, changing your style every now and then is good for everybody I think, like Kendal also did, to great success! I look forward to your technical track Very good 2nd time btw
- fastforza award also
- Codie I'm always very happy when "new" people enjoys my work on a regular basis That you're also a sick driver makes it even better! Very glad you like my style, and I really appreciate your kind words. Doubt I'll leave anytime soon Awesome WRs on both my maps
- Foss Cool to see that you came around to liking the concrete And of course in particular that you enjoyed the track and scenery, glad you took the time to learn and comment on it! And damn what a time you came up with, thought Codie owned this
- Djsisi Glad you had fun, and took the time to enjoy my map and ideas
- DerFeineHerr Hehe, a creative comment I'm very happy that you find my work so good, and I love the way you describe it! I like your take on the trackname also KN complained about my author on CE, so it got a lill' tougher this time, though I'm sure you can handle it. "Master" even, I thought it was the other way around Hope to see something new from you soon also
- BanaaniHai Glad you think so, and found it "unique" Glad someone liked the MT too
- Barta Happy you liked the style and found the flow
- coolest The words "insane" and "creative" are music in my ears, glad you liked it!
- Optimusje Great to hear it's in you top5 Glad you had fun playing it, and were impressed underways!
- Harmony~Bros Fan of blind turns, eh? Very happy you enjoy my change of style, and played it enough to start "hitting the wall" in search of a good time
- KarjeN Glad you found the map to your liking (perfect even )and enjoyed the different aspects of it
- Ptitnono Awesome award! Masterpiece is always nice to read, so happy you found the track and surroundings "perfect", great reading Btw, I wouldn't say it's the same

(Limit reached - Thx TB )
  TimeBreaker 18-Aug-2008
heres your comment

omg, a 42
  Arild 18-Aug-2008
- eeeee Hehe, interesting take on the map Thanks for the replay also, real great time!
- cobham Hehe, you might be right Glad you liked it!
- Hubby Awesome award! It's a long time since I last saw you here, and I'm very happy that you had fun playing my newest map Cool to see that you like my slight change of style and concrete useeage. And that you believe it's one of my best, combined with the rest (+"master") is indeed very nice to hear
- cayman Very glad you think so! Very good time also, ty for posting
- matto It's not that late Happy you liked my work!
- Kendal It's all good, glad you eventually "found" and liked this quite technical track you FS-freak Haven't even thought of making a new one yet, but I'm glad it's already anticipated
- perz Very glad you think so, there's quite a lot of tracks on tmx you know Awesome time also, ty for posting!
- feeLit Happy to hear it! Indeed a late award is better than none at all
- DeFacer Hehe, indeed all awards are very welcome, glad you found it to your liking
- HawkGer Glad to see you again, you've even found the Caps Lock button Very glad you liked this rather technical and low-speed map, and found it unique! Great to hear that you "loved" it!
- Gülle Glad you put in the effort, and liked this one as well! Cool to see that new guys (to me) are testing my maps this late after release
- Larz Particularly happy that you found the flow, also that you find it addictive A late award is infinitly better than no award
- GHoST_RyDoR Umm, sure. Did you like the map?
- SabineGoth Yeah, it certainly takes some time to figure out. Glad you invested the time necessary, and came out kinda liking it
- ZverYshka
- X-yz Very glad you came to such a conclusion
- stamp Never would've guessed someone thought it worked well online Glad you do, and "perfect" is a nice word
- Per Short'n sweet, eh
- aenima Hehe, happy to see that my maps still attract som attention Appreciate it
- mr | HUBBY Haha, once again you flatter me good sir Glad my work still could be of some inspiration! I do indeed read new awards, though it does take some time, my apologies. Thanks again, I appreciate it. I assume you've already released your map, if not, you're more than welcome to pm it to me. Though please don't expect me to reply very quickly
  GHoST_RyDoR 04-Sep-2008
check my track out
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User Awards
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User Award   Perz 08-Jul-2008
what can i say, such an amazing track! one of the best ones on tmx
User Award   Kirby» 21-Jul-2008
Wow... I'm speechless - one of the best platforms tech I've ever played - just awesome m8! &sry for the late award.. better 2 late then no award

User Award   DeFacer 05-Aug-2008
Wonderful platform action arild ! Every points were sayd before but I think of every kind is good

Keep it up

User Award   HawkGer 12-Aug-2008
What an amazingly unique track
The combination of platformparts with little transitions and drops really gives a great driving experience. Combined with the low speed and the narrow passages it is very hard to push to the limit... Great work, I love this track!
User Award   GueLLe|is out 4ever! 18-Aug-2008
also a very great track arild!
nice slides jumps and a
graet floe!

by Gülle
User Award   Larz 04-Sep-2008
I haven't awarded this?! What a shame!
This track shows how nice and funny the platforms can be used!

It's such a fantastic flow in this track, which can't make me stop playing it!
Brilliant track Arild And sorry for this very late award...
-> <-
User Award   GHoST_RyDoR 04-Sep-2008
check me page
User Award   SabineGoth 30-Oct-2008
Crazy track, really ... Hard to find the way, but once found, it is kinda fun ...

Played on PPO !
User Award   mp.Zver 31-Oct-2008
User Award   X-yz 11-Nov-2008
I took me some time to learn to love it, but then its perfect

User Award   Stamp 13-Nov-2008
What a amazing unique track
i think it is a very good online, wr hunting and tech track
amazing parts
User Award   BB|Per 18-Nov-2008
User Award   aenima 08-Sep-2009
What a spot on trackname
Amazing track!!!
User Award   mr.hubby 17-Sep-2010
OMG! I've heard that your platform techies should be one of the best out there but I havnt imagined such a perfection o0. You know, Im trying to build a 100% concrete track ( except start & finish ofc ), so even more strict than yours & I actually thought that only matto could inspire me but I've been wrong with this presumption! Anyway, I really really have to thank you for building this one & your previous one because these tracks are a bigger inspiration I've ever imagined and if you dont mind to be my betatester, tell me please...sorry for that spamming but you seem to be the master I've looked out for quite long now^^ because this track is just perfect! Well working & flowing slides in a compact shape with several levels & some cool drops & jumps. wow arild, this is genius..


ps; I write such a long award because I know that youre foin to read it
User Award   TM Tube 28-Dec-2015
very Nicer Track. For me

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