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Name: Download WCG09-Laguna-1
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   WCG09
Version: 06-Oct-2009
Released: 06-Oct-2009
TMX id: 1849330
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 16,542
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 1m Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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0:58.11   sloidiot.Qm+ 0:00.0016,542
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0:58.30   ChillerSide.+ 0:00.1916,217
0:59.04   TaLa+ 0:00.9314,953
0:59.09   HardDance+ 0:00.9814,868
0:59.72   the last "Hell Bear" on earth+ 0:01.6113,792
1:00.20   F! EVG+ 0:02.0912,972
1:00.66   laguna+ 0:02.5512,186
1:00.98   kingdan+ 0:02.8711,640
1:01.28   Calketh+ 0:03.1711,127
1:01.88   DominESL+ 0:03.7710,102
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Author Comments

Wolrd Cyber Games 2009 Laguna-1

Style: Tech
Modd: Day
Coppers: 1634
Intro: Yes
In-game: No
Outro: Yes



User Comments
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  kingdan 08-Oct-2009
I am charmed with this track laguna an impressive tech has skidded speed and the changes of area and blocks is very worn out laguna like that continues and haver if you do to us one for the esl

Good luck laguna !!!!
  Khone 08-Oct-2009
impressive screenshot btw. good idea even when its a little bit similar to bornlivedie from aenima
anyway it really looks great!
  laguna 08-Oct-2009
Since I do not see absolutely any
similarity with this track.
It is more, you should not go saying this
type of comments so carelessly
  Korre 09-Oct-2009
Didn't know speedmaps with loljumps were allowed in WCG
Someone explain me why this map has the most awards till now???
  F! EVG 10-Oct-2009
sheep as per usual but seriously thouhg its a nice map and deserves awards, just dont think its wcg style,but i cant talk once i upload my entry lol
  laguna 10-Oct-2009
Korre, your hypocrisy betrays you, But I accept your critique of good pleasure
  Haze 11-Oct-2009
It's a great track, every thing in its place, smooth and with cool slides, however i'm not awarding it because it's too easy. It has very fullspeed parts and the lenght is below 60 secs I think you have the skills to build a competition map, you just need some more experience (That is what I guess, because I haven't seen any track from you in competition)

Anyway this is an helpfull criticism and I hope you build something more hard the next time. Although it would be rude if I didn't deserve you, good luck!
  laguna 11-Oct-2009
I will bear it in mind for my following creations in competitions
ty for the comment, Haze
  OWN|moNsi 14-Oct-2009
its a good track, but seriosly.. wcg is the tournament ment to decide the best tm racer in the world.. they need some challenge, and this track aint got none.. speedmaps is not for compos.. compomaps are ment to be difficult!
  laguna 15-Oct-2009
The one that is good it is in all kinds of tracks..

The best players are those who are capable of winning in
any type of track.
  Djoszee 16-Oct-2009
Ok here's my opinion after driving your track for a short bit:
- it's too easy
- it has too much boosters (causing it's too fast)
- theres not enough variation in the use of blocks.

a good map for tmx, but not for a league...

some feedback on my track is apreciated:
"WCG09-Djoszee-1 by   WCG09"
  laguna 07-Jan-2012
Tech for a dream by   laguna
  sloidiot.Qm 09-Feb-2014
geez i failed dat 57.xx ffs xd GOO hunt it
Screenshots are loading
User Awards
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User Award   Evolution.SyLaR 09-Oct-2009
really noob track.
User Award   Div!ne 11-Oct-2009
great track. could be a little bit too easy ..
User Award   Ekox 11-Oct-2009
Nice map
User Award   Mayhem 12-Oct-2009
Nice Map m8
I like the screen.
It is amazing
User Award   cyrilw 15-Oct-2009
great track
User Award   sloidiot.Qm 09-Feb-2014
Awesome mapo for hunting ! Fuck the haters If you are good then you should drive this one with ease Anyway, job well done 57.7x possible definetely
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