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Name: Download liriQ
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Lia - OFF tracks
Version: 25-Oct-2009
Released: 25-Oct-2009
TMX id: 1889852
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 15,967
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: Normal
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: 45s Diffic.: Intermediate
Mood: Sunrise
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0:46.69   SPN'«+ 0:00.2115,534
0:46.82   mr.hubby+ 0:00.3415,266
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Author Comments

LiriQ. 25.10.09
hi there im back with a new track ^^ and this time its a smooth FS
one and a half month ago i came up with the idea to make a smooth fs track ...
and i think i did a good job some new transitions that u have never seen from me ^^
and again a good mt packet ...
here are some infos

- MT -

the madiatracker is quite inportant to me some nice vieuws and text effects are always awsome ... thats whas i added in this map
in the intro there are some nice angles and then some Quick spots changing to an overvieuw of the map with a car on the inflatable
nothing new i guess ^^ but it fits
the ingame mt are just the loopcams ... a backwards gps and a nice gps sign

- Road -
smoothness is the deal here ... some nice smooth drops and jumps
including with 2 wallrides and no - slippery parts the way isnt that hard
and there are some new transitions what u didnt expect from me

- Scenery -
a good atmosphere is very inporatant to me normal signs and much rooftops including with an awsome atmosphere and a clear way
it isnt an overkill like my last map ... but it looks very good in my eyes .. hope it is in your eyes 2 : -)

- Track info -
style ~ FS
mood ~ morning
coppers ~ 4456
lenght ~ 45 - 47 secs
AT ~ 46.77 Breakable i aint the best driver tho
blockmixin ~ yes .. one piece
dirt ~
road ~
flow ~
fun factor ~ +++
jumps ~
drops ~
walls ~ 2
loops ~ 2
intro ~
ingame ~
outro ~ :work:

- Screen -
this sick masterpiece is ofcourse made by Vgr
i really love the angle with a nice field of fiew ... colours are outstandingly nice just sickness ...
i also like the font

- betatesters -
~L7 RockzZ
Brennii » School ..
Hubby [v2]
CwT»spn o.0
Chris <3

- Trackspam -
first of all Vgr for the wonderfull screen !

Kinetic Energy by   NonStoP

a superb map by mr zogger u gotta try this !!
so damn underrated
Extinct Trust by   ZoggeR

well , i guess i said evrything ... i hope u enjoy this map!!

and one more thing I WANT TO SEE THE HUNT!


User Comments
Showing 16 user comment(s) ... Add Comment
  Lia - OFF tracks 25-Oct-2009
  ZoggeR 25-Oct-2009
thx for showcase

gonna try now again
  Lia - OFF tracks 25-Oct-2009
  .wesc 25-Oct-2009
awesome screeny
  Lia - OFF tracks 25-Oct-2009

plz submit a replay would be awsome
  mr.hubby 27-Oct-2009
for you always
  PN`Azkme 28-Oct-2009
nice map, going for 44.0x or 44.1x

edit: that seems a little bit too fast 44.2x will be ok
  Lia - OFF tracks 30-Oct-2009
just try ^^
  mp.Zver 30-Oct-2009
bad track:

-- crappy flow
-- bad design
-- dirty manifested author
-- too dark screenie with bad angle

Zipperke you like unsleep 24/24 ?
  Lia - OFF tracks 30-Oct-2009
u just cant drive fs i think ... or build fs
  mp.Zver 30-Oct-2009
for drive fs no need skill - just 2 punkts:
-- time
-- boring

about a build fs:
-- look up
-- all fs have one bad part: guy more time play track - always win, it's stupid. ==> random&lucky factor

  Lia - OFF tracks 30-Oct-2009
thats your opinion about fs so now leave the trackpage and go spam somewhere else
  mp.Zver 30-Oct-2009
rules this site no have rules about stop discussion in track comments if like author.
comments - it's free territory for small wars
  comedY_xT. 31-Oct-2009
ah, come on, go home, learn some englisch, and keep your opinion next time, because this is not fair
  Lia - OFF tracks 01-Nov-2009
thx mate
  El Cid.esu 06-Nov-2009
+7 .comedYstreet | GeR'
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User Awards
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User Award   comedY_xT. 31-Oct-2009
Great track, with a superb smoothness, cool ideas and curves, perfect flow in a beautiful scenery, introduced by a nice MT !
Perfect Fullspeeder with a big funfaktor, because the route is very easy to learn !
If I have time, I'll get u a time !

>> co.-
User Award   El Cid.esu 06-Nov-2009
Great smooth fullspeeder lia .
I remember a fs of you before i went inactive , it was already nice but seems that you improved your skillz ^^

Very smooth and good for hunt.Also an easy track, good for beginners; maybe just the curve before the last loop is a lil bit harder with nice speed.
GG for this track , take your 22th

...and i love vgr's screen
replay coming soon ^^
User Award   Heroe 15-Nov-2009
hey lia
awesome map here
think its underrated

greetz, heroe
User Award   Moo Man 13-Dec-2009
:DDDDDD!!!! i loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!
very well done mate
well deserved award
User Award   c0ve 13-Dec-2009
really cool fullspeeder...
easy to learn with an awesome flow
and nice calculated loops and wallrides
User Award   DMW 13-Dec-2009
i really enjoyed this map, extreme high speed and smooth jumps it's the best combo for a fun ride! good job man!
User Award   Type|ES 31-Dec-2009
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