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Name: Download Omaha-Beach [RPG]
Pack: (no track pack)
By:   Big Al.xT
Version: 16-Oct-2009
Released: 16-Oct-2009
TMX id: 1890780
LB Rating: Main Leaderboard Track 9,880
Track Details
Game: TM Nations Forever
Type: Race Style: RPG
Envir: Stadium Routes: Single
Length: Long Diffic.: Expert
Mood: Day
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11:52.70   oiram456+ 1:46.440
12:22.48   Realized2+ 2:16.220
12:50.46   Xerox.+ 2:44.200
13:48.98   igntuL+ 3:42.720
16:47.12   ALF.esu+ 6:40.860
17:05.18   Tecfan+ 6:58.920
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Author Comments

Omaha Beach


Wait till You downloaded
- the MOD (
- the AUDIOFILE (james_ryan_l.ogg)
- and the CANON SKIN (
THEN RESTART MAP or if You´re on a server REJOIN THE SERVER!



Own mod:
Intro: short but

June 6, 1944 - Omaha Beach: D-Day

The Allies come to fight against the Nazis in the Normandy.
You are a soldier on his way out of the boat to the beach.
The Nazis shoot at You very sharp. Try to deactivate the 2 Towers.

Action map! Many speed parts with jumps. Some may be lucky but with some practise u can do most with skill.
The way of driving is not very evolutionary, although i added some new challenges.
The exterior area is full of action.The interior part is more calm.

Blocks: ~5.800
Mixes: ~500-1000
Building time: ~60-80 hours
Mediatracker-Timelines: 153
Canon Ghosts: ~20

The mod:
Its my first mod. I used as basic the Asphalt Tango mod and changed the textures. Just the sky i liked and kept it.
Feel free to modificate the mod, i think there are some very nice textures like rust, concrete, wood and stones in it.
It was not especially made for the map, but it fitted very nice. ~ 14MB

The ambience:
Although the map plays in 1944 and its the war between the Allies and the Nazis, I tried to keep the signs and symbols very similar but I didn´t want to overdo it. Cos we play Trackmania and no war game. But a little environment had to be for the authenticy and the feeling.
Pesonal note: I dont like what happened in that time, so plz don´t get me wrong with that scenario!! Its just a story, nothing more!

Personal experiences:
As every Story-RPG I started with the idea: D-Day/Omaha Beach.
Cos of the scenery I needed:
- much water
- high towers

So I started at the very bottom of the map (failure #1).
I used every space of stadium (failure #2)
I used the whole capacity of the stadium.
But it got very hard to work at the edges of the stadium and even the work with the dirt in the water was very difficult.
If I would satrt again, I would start at the heigth of 2 and put the dirt and the water up. And I would also leave at least one block space around the map.

I did 47 perfect fitting ghosts (for the flying explosives) and implemented them in the finished map. I did the MT work, sounds and so on.
Challenge Editor didn´t work anymore with my map, cos it had now the size of 645KB (!!) (Challenge Editor just works with maps about 100KB i guess)...But okay i was finished with the map anyway we tried first betatest with ghosts+MT on the test server:

Map added: Error: Maximum Tracksize 256KB
Oh no! I had 645 KB! Okay i checked aseco and changed the max. tracksize to 1024KB...

Map added (it worked)...Skipped challenge: Nothing...the next but one was loaded. But not Omaha Beach...

I was checking all the used files and found out: One single ghost is about 10-17KB....and i had almost 50 of them...

Okay I was doing almost the whole MT-work again with less ghosts, about 20. Now the map has a size of 250.501 Bytes. (256kb max. ).

Thanks to beta-testers:

Also try this quite new RPG of my clanmate Lucker:
[bad track link]

If You like my map I don´t say no to an award


Now have fun playing

User Comments
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  BX3 TinTin 22-Dec-2010
worst rpg i never bothered to finish
  papa_coin_coin 18-Feb-2017
all locators is dead we can't play this map
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User Awards
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User Award   MfG Forster 08-Nov-2009
Very great and amazing Track
I am sure that this is your
Masterpiece in RPG-Trackbuilding

Nice new tricks & hexing
awesome story just resourceful

here`s your B G
User Award   >Katodik< 17-Dec-2009
Another great track of yours. You really managed to create an intense "battlefield-like" atmosphere with all the great MT work. And that giant german shepherd dog suddenly appearing in front of me was quite a shock !
There's also lots of nice (and hard) challenges, too.
User Award   deus.esu 02-May-2010
amazing rpg! the scenery is killing me
creative parts which aren't luck if u drive it about 3 times
i played offline and suddenly i got this time and i got many restarts..
so the hunt will go on

User Award   igntuL 29-Jul-2010
i did a heavy mistake judjing this map bad from the first time i drove it... yes i liked the scenery but i thought every cp was annoying and luckbased... but now that i drove it 5 more times, and finally had a satisfying time^^, i apprecied every trick and every spot of this map, and the real feeling of the adventure
keep on building such masterpieces!
User Award   w2 20-Sep-2010
Very nice track.
Great work.

Some jumps are insane !
It took me 1h to finish for the second time.

Scenery is great, great sounds and atmosphere

This map deserves this !
User Award   baumann 02-Mar-2012

this track is soo creative and really makes a lot of fun!! While driving, you forget, that you are playing trackmania
User Award   Anthrakas 28-Jul-2012
User Award   Xerox. 14-Jan-2015
Nice one
User Award   nunni 25-Jun-2016
User Award   papa_coin_coin 18-Feb-2017
really nice !!!
good job
User Award   szentvik 06-Nov-2017
Great one!
There are some irritating spots, but it is fun to drive in general
User Award   PrimaveraMasterSound 19-Apr-2018
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